Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pure Shield Sader Build


Did you see that?! I'm calculating the possible amount of skills for my crusader at eRO Prontera...Ah nothing much... it's just a photo of my skill trees consisting of pure shielding and 2 shield attacking skills to aid in WoE/PvP/PvM.

I hope some of you crusaders are out there do have some builds as same as mine. It's pretty common as crusader job class was introduced during year 2005. What i like about crusader as always is that im inspired by Ragnarok The Animation's Roan The Crusader whom made me wanna make a crusader for this Free4Life Server of Malaysia's eRO.

Cool stuffs eh...But my stats will be pretty much a hybrid as it reached 80's in level. My crusader is around the gap of 70s... Ummm... what i mean about hybrid stats is that it consist of the following :

1. Highly hitpoints and super fast regeneration rate
2. Decent attacks and steady accuracy to launch a skills attack
3. Defend and act as a tanker for the WoE/PvP
4. A bit of speed in the AGI stats area where your aspd might reach 159-160.
5. Totally defensive crusader that rocks the WoE!!!

O.O~~~ I guess that's it... Have fun in playing RO!!! I'll update on new games if you loved too...

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