Sunday, June 17, 2012

Easy Drink Easy Go

Monday, June 11, 2012

Anime Dai-Fan 2012

Sponsored by KimBay Restaurants

●      Registration Period: Now until 08 June 2012
●      Event Running Period: 8 June 2012, 2.00pm
●      Results of Competition: During Kyanime Convention 2012 (Same Day). Prizes to be awarded during the Closing Ceremony on 10 June 2012

●      Anyone & everyone who are able to comply with the rules and regulations as stipulated. And anyone who loves Anime and think that they know more about anime than other people in Sarawak and should be crowned as Kyanime Convention 2012’s Anime Dai-Fan Master (Sarawak). No age limit.

This is a competition to test your knowledge on how well you know or remember each anime series you have watched. Also to prove that you are the anime biggest fan in Sarawak.
This is a SOLO competition.
Divided into 2 rounds consisting of Anime Shiken (Round 1) and Anime Quiz (Final Round).
Round 1:
a)      Anime Shiken is an Anime exam. Round 1 will be an exam based task where each contestant is given a set of Anime Exam paper (Multiple Choice Questions). All questions will be based on a mixture of popular anime series, old anime series and latest anime series.
b)      Contestants will be given 1 hour to answer all the questions.
c)      Contestants with the TOP 8 highest marks will proceed to the Final round.
Final Round:
a)      The Anime Quiz. The top 8 contestants will face each other in knock out mode.
b)      2 contestants will go up on stage at each round and answer a set of questions given by the Kyanime Quiz Master. Both contestants will be given 2 answer paddles (A and B) and use it to answer the questions.
c)      Contestants that win each round in that block will move to the next the next block and compete against each other.
d)      This will go on until the there is one last person standing, and that person will be crowned Kyanime Convention 2012’s Anime Dai-Fan Master (Sarawak)!

●      This is a solo competition so you are ONLY allowed to enter as an individual.
●      You are required to report to the Registration Booth on the competition date to confirm your attendance and to make payment for your registration at least 1 hour before the competition starts. If you fail to show up 30 minutes before the competition, you will be disqualified.
●      You should standby at the designated competition area 10 minutes before the competition starts.
●      NO Cheating or Copying! Especially for Anime Shiken. Surfing on internet or bringing your anime note book is not allowed.
●      Absolutely NO VIOLENCE and NO SWEARING at other contestants and our crew members allowed. Doing any of this will immediately get you disqualified.
●      All judges’ decisions are FINAL.
●      Complaining: Any whining, whimpering, yelling, screaming, crying, tantrum-throwing, challenging or contesting the judges regarding the competition rules, items, prize or contest results will result in immediate disqualification.
●      Prizes:  Kyanime Society reserves the right to change any prizes where they see fit, without any prior notification to the contestants and public.
●      Indemnity: Kyanime Society and Hills Shopping Mall and all their affiliates will not be held responsible for any injuries, loses and damages that befall the participants during this competition.

I am the official Dai-Fan Master of KYAN!ME's 2012 after beating very good anime lovers with broad knowledge! I prevail.