Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fight of Characters (FOC)

This is considered by far the most popular Warcraft LAN Game map hosted. Why? Reasons goes for it's unique model all designed after few anime series. Famous characters like Ichigo from Bleach , Inuyasha hero , Uchiha Itachi and so on are available to be used. And you will be amazed at how most skills look exactly as what you saw on the anime episodes! Owh other heroes would be Monkey D.Luffy , Alucard and also other popular anime heroes. Just try this map named Fight of Characters! So far there are at least two to three versions of the map being english translated. I'll post the map download link and some in-game screenshots i've played in Garena.

Latest Map Download Link For FOC's :

Fight of Characters 7.7b E

Fight of Characters 7.7b F

There you go! Two available english versions of the map itself! I'm not sure why it's version 7.7b above but it's what you called the most up-to-date series of the map for play. Do enjoy!

Now for the real partayyy!!!

Starts Warcraft III !
And a very few screenshots to make you get hooked on this map!

Bankai Ichigo in action!

Tsukihime's heroine and also the brother Shiki Tohno which is uberly strong late game for this map!

If you managed to combo accurately, triple kills are usually initiated! Itachi's partner Kisame! Owh there's a lot of ways to avoid it, just stay out of range and try different methods to counter attack!

My latest record using Ichigo. 61 frags to be exact... not what i typed 60 -.-" The game usually ends when Team Red or Team Blue reaches the total of 100 from either teams. Remember to frag more and elimination!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Samsung WCG 2008 @ CS Flash Competition

I was visiting blogs-to-blogs until i gotten into something that has interested me. Guess what?!! Just a CS Flash Competition made by WCG for gamers alike. I stumbled upon and registered [DoP]RollsRoyce into the list. Besides the CS Flash, the real WCG CS 1.6 Tournament Registration is placed on the particular WCG websites. Just check it out! I've hope to one day get into a great team to play in WCG upcoming though. Time tells :3~!!!

Anyway, this CS Flash Competition i joined was quite interesting. It's just a "Shoot The Target" style of CS. I've manage to one time beaten all the other scorers in single though. I just hope that the prizes and so on can be sent rather than going for the WCG venue which is far away from my area. But seeing that i reached the No.1 score, the list of scorers will still be updated but i don't mind cause its my first try and based on the skills to Top5 CS Flash Scorings. Indeed, not the real CS, but i've put my skills onto it.

The actual footage of Samsung WCG 2008's CS 1.6 Tournament 5v5 & CS Flash Competition

The main screen of the WCG Samsung Flash websites...

This is what i'm talking about! WCG CS Flash Competition! It requires your registered nickname and some identification to join. Simple!

News & Event based on WCG 2008. Taken a quite big photo.

It's like a shooting range game but all based on accuracy and your mouse clicks.
As you see, that's the score i've achieved first play. I don't care much already but it's something related to WCG so i won't miss this chance!

Ok, that's about it. Awaiting the announcement though, nothing much ahead.

Do enjoy great entries soon. The current few entries are made to inspire readers xD!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Share your FUFU Story

Warcraft III's Fufu Ninja Map's Story Making


Share Your Story About Fufu.
When Did you Start,What did you expected in fufu,What Did You Know in Fufu.
Share with Us and Win.


1. Do not Double Post
2. Don't Edit your Post
3. One Entry Only
4. Need Two Paragraph

Fufu is a Game that have an a Four Ninjas Fighting Blee Bleee Bleee Etc.

Guess what i wrote? My own piece of words.

[DoP]RollsRoyce's FUFU Story

[DoP]RollsRoyce was playing around Fufu United All-Stars Room and was wondering what is this room about one day logged in. Then it all began when people started hosting Fufu Ninja maps from the earliest version to the latest version where most ninja models were improved with more reflexes! Started downloading the latest version of the map and always love to try the 4 different ninja types to pit out the fun! It was very exciting while you get a lot of experiences by improving your APM (attack per minute) ! Opponents and players alike will get knocked out usually in 1 or 2 hits! I remembered the time when a Tree Tag Ninja hides and pawns a ninja walking over by the tree beside the river area. I lol-ed hard too when a triple kill commenced when a fat panda warrior jumps up and whams the area with 3 ninjas. Taking 3 kills so swift with just the speed of lightning!

So the real battles began... I have hosted a few Fufu Ninja's map in history! Usually 8 to 10 players will join and had the fun eliminating each others. My favourite Panda Ninja Warrior comes in the play! Equipped with shurikens, dodge rate & cloaks! I ventured throughout the whole map and bam all the enemies alike! Atchuchan style!!! And also.... giving Barney fans lots of pleasure getting pawn! Aha... The days of the ninja soon arrives with a very few top ninja scores list! The repeats of the Fufu map host never tires! As new challenges are up ahead for newbie ninjas and pro-to-intermediate ninja Fufu's for the reign of Top Fufu Ninja .

So Fufu Ninja nowadays can "HAS CheezBurger" after beating up their opponents like 50 times! LULz!!!

There are also a few participants internationally participated in the FUFU Story contest. Hey! It's funny when you read other player's piece of entry! Also, do enjoy Fufu Ninja map... If you would like to see what others wrote, please visit
Share your FUFU Story (10 GG Shells Prize) !!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gundam Collection @ sniperzreborn's Third Gundam Installment

Now! Just gathered 3 Gundam figures. Haha, i'm quite interested with figurines but most probably i bought cheaper ones lah for sake [V.V] ... It's still something that i've bought for collections as part of mecha figurines.

Yeah, the total cost so far spent on these Gundams would be RM50+++ so far ONLY. Lol i know it's money saving for me though!

(JIU XING) Saviour ZGMF - X23S Gundam 1/144 Model Completion!

That's all for now ^-^ !

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Excapade Sushi

The one and only famous japanese cuisine restaurant at Kuala Belait, Brunei. Get your chance to eat there!

Shell Tank carrying bunch of sushi and tamago, juicy seaweeds! Explode yourself =)

Do be smoked!

Fast capture! It's some common dish you can grab!

Excapade Sushi tissue? Don't burst it with a poke ~.~

A very good place to visit around Kuala Belait, Brunei.

Sushi Empire in Brunei goes to
Excapade Sushi !

Having at least two restaurant of the very same name, another place located at Bandar Seri Bagawan. Just been to this and it's a wonderful meal there!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kingwood Hotel @ Mukah , East Malaysia

Kingwood Hotel's Restaurant

The restaurant's menu with the name of the restaurant.

There are no buffets yet for early to afternoon as accommodations are still low. You either choose from the menu list of American Breakfast or Malaysian Breakfast. I have picked American Breakfast and it cost RM18+++ Nett. You won't be charged if you stayed at their hotels for few days or even 1 day least. Tickets voucher are given for free if you stay at the hotel.

This is what you get in the American Breakfast's menu. It is selectable in fruits and juices but others are preset menu.

Saucy mash potatoes , grilled sausages , soya sauce & hams.

Like cheese? Spread it.

Kingwood Hotel's Room

The actual entrance of this hotel. It currently has 200 rooms for booking. And it's newly built in the center of Mukah area. Btw, Mukah can be explored thoroughly under 5 hours at least. It ain't a big place but for people who loves fishing. :>

Any rooms will have Plasma TV, cool? Naw!

The high quality toilet of Kingwood. The beds and pillows are as same as any hotels like Genting , Mandarin Oriental and so on...

This is the only one restaurant available in Kingwood. If you remember the foods i mentioned above!

The reception center of Kingwood Hotel. It has 4 floors. Quite fast huh pressing on elevators? Well it's new and good quality services!

So take your time to decide for a stay at the hotel! To this destination at Mukah.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sri Melur Jaya Nasi Briyani

Big Updates of sniperzreborn's Foods & Places review soon!

The great stuffs starts here...

Around 15th July 2008, this was the menu ordered onboard AirAsia. Priced at RM8 with some appetite for gaining some energies around your trip!

The actual look-in of the meal.

Sand squish! Erh, i mean sandwiches! RM6 in total.

Yes, it's quite the good choice so try to eat something during your trip at AirAsia flights ! It's still considerable in price tags. Notice
" Pay for only what you want " !

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DBIS Semester Four

It's the coming of my studies in Semester 4 soon but it's still 1 weeks plus ahead... Quite frankly i just broke a record while on vacation & hardcore gaming... Muahaha!!! I obtained 2.92 CGPA which broke my past CGPA records around 2.50 to 2.70 range. Nothing much, but i'll try my best for the next sem until the 3 months holiday year end for Bleach 3rd Movie release! I had gotten a better CGPA if for comparison though. But i hope next round, getting around the "ok" result will be satisfying. Cause i prefer gaming! Naww!!! I never believed in high scores in studies cause all in the end goes to real business mind and plan. Studying is just a gap for getting jobs as we all know. There are many ways practical for getting jobs slowly up to it's hike. Anyhow, take your time well eh hardworking students around :> !

> : ) ebil


Game Factor Calculated :
DotA + RO + CS 1.6 + ROHAN + Ikariam + Travian => Study

Sort of laughing because of this... Forget the above that I've mentioned, better wait for the great updates on foods and hotels around Brunei & other states of West M'sia !

Monday, July 21, 2008

3rd Job Class Sprite

Based on informations given by Doddlercon, it is said that jRO of Gungho Entertainment had unleashed the sprites of the 3rd job classes in Ragnarok Online. It is not the final version of all the sprites but it could let you imagine how it would look like. As of a clearer view, this sprites below is the things most RO players are anticipated about.

3rd Job Classes of Ragnarok Online

The current 3rd jobs 2-2 classes sprite has yet to be given out through the internet. Wait for it then =3 !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Solo King 1 vs 1 DotA Tournament Season 6

Before my vacation for at least a week, i had managed to advance for the higher stage of competitiveness in solo DotA . Seems like i'm near the end but the road is still far ahead! Well anyway, just an update so i can remind of my Garena's gaming progress. I started participating tournaments of 1v1 in Garena Season 6 as far as i know. The old past seasons had been done long ago since Year 2007.

If i were to crowned champion in Finals, what i expect is to fight another champion of another group to claim the ultimate no.1 champion of this tourney. So, maybe I'll be anticipating for very good matches if i were the winning champ in my bracket.

And thanks to the organisers and co-helper to update the dates of the tourney. I will surely be back around the time rescheduled and it was around the moment I'm back to hometown. Also, my draft teams and fellow friends... I'll make the comeback to play again in Clan War DotA Room!!! >.<" Lastly, all hail to the DotA map & creator for being so great in making things happen. >3 IceFrog

Updates at July 22nd 2008 : Reached Semi-Finals of this Garena Tournament but then gained lots of experiences from skillful players that are now around Finals. All the remaining 2 players in the tourney bracket will compete for the finals as champions.
Hope to see a new tourney yet again! And might try a better chance next time to aim for the Finals if possible...

That's all for this entry of DotA competitiveness!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ragnarok Online Version 11.3

Ragnarok Version 11.3 in Malaysia Unleashed!

The box of the latest version in eRO Malaysia. This will be at least more than 10th of my RO versions collectibles package!

The Ragnarok box includes a mail and postcards made of RO trademarks. Nice!

Behold the power of this latest RO updates!

Monday, July 14, 2008

After Three Restaurant

It's located around the every year's Food Fair area, MBKS Auditorium region and further abit. I'm sure you'll drive through and see it along the roadside. Enjoy it's delicacies!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2 Info

ZOMG!!! I had just recently checked on the sources and links related to Gundam 00's Season 2. Guess what? The main official website had announced four pilots which will be airing at Gundam 00's Season 2 at October!

Allelujah , Setsuna , Lockon & Tierra is all back in action!

Stay tune! The poster above is meant to show you the grown-up Setsuna with his awesome Gundam Exia ( New Gundam 00 Version) !

Owh, Lockon and the others are getting their new mobile suits. You can search up for infos related by then! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Solo King 1 vs 1 Season 6 Tournament Group Stage and Bracket @ Garena Quarter Finalist

I started to participate in tournaments at Garena 1v1 at Season 6 currently for the start!

News Coverage : I have actually reached Quarter Finals but it could be earlier reaching that stage but due to some slow management in Garena. I was only able to see the updated list by voicing out my own rights. Cause the tournament was sort of delayed, and i never saw my name list updated for my advancement. But anyway, I'm still grateful for being a quarter finalist after the group stage battles i had. The participants was started at the group stage matchups until the Top 16 Elimination. Total of 64 participants were registered for this game, however a few DQ(Disqualified) players & FF(Forfeit) players had occurred. So things still go as smooth in Garena matches!

Though, I would like to participate other tournaments for another heat up battles as of course. This will just be part of my progress. Godspeed, participants of ADC(Asian DotA Championship) Matches and other game tourneys in Garena!

Hmmph! Since i'm going on a holiday trip around the scheduled date, i may have to forfeit around quarter finals or semi finals of this tourney. But next time! It'll be my game play again!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

ESWC Malaysia 2008 Has Reached Grand Finale!

There were at least a few games that was being hosted as part of ESWC Malaysia's Tournament. Guess what? The following games are what some you may least expected! All the games and participants of top team players had just played their finals at 6th July 2008 !

Trackmania Nations Forever

Warcraft 3/DotA


If your wondering who are the winners in each of these games, i'll list it out since it's one of eletronic game sports widest moment ever!

Trackmania Nations Forever

1st Runner Up:
Syefri Zulkefli
2nd Runner Up:
3rd Runner Up:
Mattchong 5000

Warcraft 3

Champion: Paul Yan
1st Runner Up: M1-NOX

Warcraft 3 DotA

Champion: Kingsurf
1st Runner Up: Cybertime

Counter Strike

Champion: Hybrid
1st Runner Up: LZ

Guess that's it for the news update on ESWC. There's a lot of news announced at , MYM and such. To participate in ESWC or WCG next time, all you got to do is sign up with your team's name and your members with contact details.

Good luck to all players of Malaysia in San Jose, USA !

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fufu United Ninja All-Stars 0.9c

This map offers the fastest EXP gain in GARENA (GGClient). It is used to level up fast and to boost EXP.

Side Effects: Exciting Free-for-all Action that may get you hooked.

Garena's Fufu United Ninja All-Stars Room
(Malaysia War3 Room)

Lastly, the scoreboard of the map will shown after getting 50 kills! Out of nowhere, i got 51 kills and it's actually over the limit. Hahaz. Fun map anyway!