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SAMS 1st Anniversary Dinner

Our daily meeting of Anime Club was around Friday. As always, in that special day, lots of game consoles were brought by SwatWolf and the gang . You could see Wii , PS2 on play XD~! Nothing much to share but it's all about "Yam Seng" for the 1st year of the club. Great stuffs happens the next day after Friday... Saturday!! =) I'll upload Saturday's dinner photo when i get a hold of it from a friend. Basically i used Kiam's handphone N73 to took the nice pictures below =)~ ! Hail~!


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Ragnarok Online 2 Summer

Ragnarok Online II
The Gate of The World
(some edits by me from the info by

The Novice class is the starting class for every new Norman player. It has the ability to advance to the other classes and offers new players a chance to learn the game and decide what course they want to take before committing to a class. They are generally a weak and short-lived playing class, with players advancing after reaching a job level of 10. They have no notable skills for damage dealing and likewise for abilities or advantages. In RO1 the novice had the ability to learn skills to fake death and first aid, but it is unconfirmed if these skills will carry over into RO2. It is also unconfirmed if the Super Novice, an advanced form of the Novice with the ability to learn the basic skills of every 1st job class, will be carried into RO2 as well, though it is estimated Gravity will implement this class in a later update instead of having it available on release.

The identified "tank" of RO2, the Swordsman class is a melee class dependent on close range battles. They are generally the first person to take damage and deliver damage in a battle, fighting on the frontlines of a battle. A Novice can become a Swordsman after a certain requirement, at this time unknown, is met. The Swordsman relies on damage skills, though it also has several powerful defensive skills. It can successfully fight high level monsters much higher than its level due to its high HP and damage ratio. Most of its attacks center around dealing damage, though some are geared towards dealing damage towards more than one target at the same time. It is severely limited in ranged attacks, however. In RO1, a swordsman could advance to either a Knight or Crusader at job level 40-50. The Knight, which is an improvement on the Swordsman's damage dealing ideal, relies on high damage skills. A Crusader, who is more of a battlemage, relies on a balance of both damage skills and buff skills. It is unknown at this point if the Knight or Crusader will be introduced into RO2.

The main healer and buffer in RO2, the Enchanter supports the other players in battle to maximize damage and keep players alive. They have access to very powerful healing abilities, as well as resurrection skills to bring life back to a dead combatant. Their skills also allow them to buff, or power up, a player in the game to increase his skills or status. They can even debuff, or sabotage, an enemy by slowing them down or making them weaker to specific elements. Enchanters are not damage dealers. Though they have a few damaging holy spells, their main purpose is to support the other players. The only high damage an Enchanter can inflict is by using holy on an undead, such as a Heal spell. They are well known for their ability to train easily on undead type monsters. It is currently unknown as to what the advanced classes of the Acolyte, the Priest and the Monk, would be in RO2. In RO1, the Priest furthers the skill line of healing and support, while a Monk learns more combat effective skills to deal more damage. It is worth noting that a few players believe the Enchanter to be the RO2 version of the sage since it could also buff and debuff. The official description, however, contradicts this idea by stating that the Enchanter's powers are more religious, like the Acolyte, than scientific, which would be the Sage.

The Recruit is the supposed replacement of the Archer from RO1. Yet, from the official description, its role varies from the Archer and more like the Hunter class from World of Warcraft. Regardless, the Recruit is the long-range attack master, with many of its skills using long-range attacks to deal damage. The Recruit more closely resembles the Gunslinger, a new class released in RO1. Unlike the Archer, the Recruit uses weapons similar to modern day guns, rifles, and gatling cannons. This weaponry is known as a "Dampf Flinte" in the RO2 world. The Norman race advanced heavily in technology to attain guns to make up for their shortcomings in their physical and mental abilities. A large difference from the RO1 Archer is that Recruits can also engage in melee effectively. Footage has been released of a Recruit attacking an enemy using their gun as a melee weapon, hitting them with the butt end of the gun. The advanced Archer classes, Bard/Dancer and Hunter, are again unknown of continuance in RO2. The Hunter advances on the abilities of the Archer, increasing use of damage skills with long-range attacks and enabling the player to use traps to trick enemies. It has been concluded that Bards and Dancers will not journey to RO2, as the Clown class will receive their abilities.

The Thief class in RO2 specializes in causing chaos and disorder for their enemies, as well as stealing items and money. Unlike their RO1 counterparts, which were a more direct attack class, the RO2 Thief is more centered around confusion-type skills designed for silent strikes and mayhem. Thief skills will revolve around causing problems with their enemies. Attacks that poison or inflict other aliments are said to be their main way of attacking, though they can also use skills to hide or disorient the enemy. Abilities such as the double attack ability from RO1 may also make a transition into RO2. The Thief is weak in long-range attacks, like the Swordsman, due to it not having any long-range abilities to counterattack with. It is significantly less able to defend itself, but balances itself out with high agility, making them a hard target. The Thief advanced classes, Assassin and Rogue, are undetermined as to being in RO2. The Assassin improved on killing moves, while Rogues move into more mayhem causing skills or even using a bow. There is good support for their existence, however, as the official description makes a note of citizens employing Thieves to use their skills.

The Clown class is mainly derived from the Bard and Dancer in RO1. Their skills are in the same general area: Singing songs and supporting in combat. Though the official description is very vague, the idea is that the Clown will relax and increase players' stats for battle. They will sing during battle too, "soothing" front line fighters. The Clown's combat abilities are not defined well, though there is an example of the Clown employing deadly poison on its enemies when they least expect it. In RO1, bows are the weapon-of-choice for the Bard and the Dancer, using the skills they learned as an Archer to supplement their damage. They also need a musical instrument in order to use their bardic skills. Because their description is so vague, not much can be said for the Clown class until more announcements are made.

Some Maps that you'll see in RO2 :

Cognito Nobless Area

Cognito East Area

SouthEast of Prontera

Prontera City

More infos of !

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Starbucks @ Blogger Gathering 15/9/2007

Advertlets, Starbucks Coffee

ALL KUCHING BLOGGERS WERE INVITED! :0 Here's some screenshots below,edited for the better goods XD!


You would love drinks! It's Coffee Frappuccino® blended beverage (Blended Coffee)

@_@" I know lots of them are drinking this till empty. Lolz


The view of Starbucks Coffee taken by Kiam and the gang =p >_<" If you know who they are XD


Signatures placed upon Starbucks Coffee's pillar @_@"

Check out more photos at Kiam's Blog or either Sheng's Blog !

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Memories Of Nobody


My aftermath opinion :
BANKAI!!! The extreme power of Kurosaki Ichigo and his gangs to thwart the evil "DARK ONES" begun! The movie emphasizes on Ichigo and a girl shinigami called Senna. Senna was actually a Memory Rosary made to record histories and any sorts of memories of any of her long gone human body... Dark One requires her to be a sacrifice for a huge power to collide the worlds between the human and Soul Society world. This puts Soul Society on alert mode where few shinigami captains and vice captains were ordered to invade the Valleys Of Screams. The place where all the shinigami battles began.... Ganryuu is Dark One's leader and his about a captain level on par... But other of his henchmen are rather weak. Anyway enjoy Bleach The Movie... It's the 1st ever movie for Bleach but remember... this was aired early on 2006 December... The subs came in late is due to the release of the DvD quality of this Bleach Movie.

Stay tune for the Bleach Movie 2 at 2007 year end!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Restaurant Talks!

Ha ha... you know i'm gonna promote this wonderful Japanese's restaurant? It was sort of inspired by some Ragnarök Online gamers with that sort of nicks. First things first! The sushis provided at this restaurant rocks!

This is their very own history:
Sushi King Sdn Bhd was established in 1995 to introduce the unique "Kaiten Sushi" or "Revolving Sushi" quick service restaurant concept to Malaysia. It offers Sushi and other Japanese food at affordable prices in a friendly and cosy environment.


1st place... the famous Sushi King restaurant at Genting Highlands...As long you reached many western foods/cuisines restaurant.... You will actually see Sushi King logo while walking around.. (psst..Genting Cyber Cafe is just somewhere nearby :P )

Nevermind that... there's actually a few branches of Sushi King restaurant throughout Malaysia such as Klang Valley, Penang, Johor and so on... I only "HOPED" that Sushi King can reach Sarawak states someday... I'm longing to try it again somehow =\ Sort of ate the dishes there when i have holidays in Genting long ago...

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 3, 2007


Those unworthy players who sworn to scam for life and to ruin the game play is simply to no avail. Their pitiful acts are nothing to be proud of and also it's an act of evil. Why would you even scam when you have both your hands to play a MMORPG? Truly.... I don't understand their motives but partly for earning money or just making the dealers in RO (Ragnarok Online) suffer through their "so called Scams" They should be banished! Who cares if they are your friend,relatives? If they do such useless acts of evilness, they should just stop gaming and repent for their own "online gaming sins" . There is nothing better than "pawning these sorts of losers of games" and make them feel the real professional gaming ways should be...

In fact, I'm not very satisfied with scamming activities. No matter what... when you hear this "scam" words, the moment you think or thought of it... you'll just get frustrated enough to find out who the heck "scams!? " Right? So in my very own opinion, be doomed you lowly scammers! Play like a pro, not play like a cheater!

Basically, scammers are nothing but a fool. So don't be easily fooled by their useless plans. They had no pride that's the reason they do so. All hail the mighty thunder ZEUS and bring forth the thunders to strike them with BAD LUCKS > Scammers !!!
So in this way... my words are voiced out... all the pure gaming players! Be at ease and play any games etc RO by your fairness qualities!

The photo here states the latest fakers of famous guild... put on Hall Of Shame worth their unpopular status! I bet...


A clearer view of the fakers of the current Prontera Server. There's more than just this sort of players... Be on alert! That's my piece of advise!

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