Monday, December 17, 2018

Bantuan Sara Hidup 2019

It's been a while back to my blog. Just to share with you guys is that BSHR 2019 has yet to be announced. You may only "Kemaskini" your current BSHR 2018 which was then the old BR1M led by the government that has been overthrown as of 9th May.

So, all Malaysians have to wait for the next actual BSHR 2019 announcement before we can check-in and get our incentive from the current government "Pakatan Harapan". All the best, this is just an announcement prior to many other websites not showing the actual new date of BSHR 2019.

By all means, just hold on and do your job / part-time and earn for Christmas.

Royce (The Sarawak Gamer)