Monday, June 30, 2008

Epicenter Grand Prix

I'm sure that some of you may noticed about maps created by "RollsRoyce" . Well, indeed i had made maps in the past 1 and a half years as part of my free time! To my awareness, I had then noticed in Garena where they show their own forum of map creations and i was shocked enough to see my maps posted by ButcherTheGirl. Thanks for reminding me as it's one of my map creation through editing and some originals made by me!

To download the map, just go to Epicwar where you can download the maps at once!

And most importantly, have fun wiggling your tails with Sand King kart racer!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diablo III Announcement

For more informations, visit Diablo III Official Website.

I just captured some footage from the official link itself. It's the masterpiece of Blizzard!

The reigns of Diablo III unleashed!

Diablo III strikes back with better graphics and gameplay!

The old classes Barbarian is back for players to cope with...

Witch Doctor is a new class for Diablo III . Just wait for the upcoming release of it!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Ragnarok WoE Free Server Prontera of 27/6/2008

It's been a while playing back Ragnarok Online Malaysia's Prontera Free Server. Had some good times with my guild yet again! It's one of the few guilds that's known throughout the server for quite a long haul already...

With Reanimation guild as one of our allies, SOS guild also strives hard enough to maintain power and real game arena throughout the server! And there's a few screenshots to have a look at the in-game wars ahead!!!

SOS + Reanimation Guilds WoE Days !!!

In later posts, I'll be on my way on talking about DotA and some online games that readers might be interested on! Stay tune yet again.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Saves me from a recent malware & spyware attack. A quick solution of various methods into thwarting the stuffs into nothingness! Thanks to Kapersky program as the traditional Gigabyte collection's of anti-virus programs! Currently, you get Norton or Kapersky original installations through the purchase of Gigabyte motherboard series!

Your favourite all-time partner, Kapersky!

It scans file, mail and web for anything that bugs your PC! Eliminate them!

Owh wait!!! It's very "PRO" active indeed !

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spread Firefox | Download Day 2008

Download Firefox 3 now and enjoy increased security, blinding speed and cool new features that will change the way you use the Web.

Why not?! Let's join the Spread Firefox campaign or whatever you call it! Use Firefox 3 !

Firefox 3 Total Downloads
16,955,695 !!!

Firefox 3 Certificate For Setting World Record!

Quoted from Spread Firefox web link :
  • New Features

    Firefox 3 sets the innovation bar very high with exciting new features, including one-click bookmarking, the smart location bar and lightning fast performance.

  • Security

    Keeping you and your personal information safe is our top priority. Firefox 3 includes phishing and malware protection, plus our new instant site ID info.

  • Productivity

    With features like built-in spell checking, session restore and full zoom, Firefox 3 makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently on the Web.

  • Customization

    Your taste and needs set you apart from the rest. With Firefox 3 you can choose from over 5,000 add-ons that help you customize your browsing experience.

Spread Firefox and fire at will!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Snack Attack @ AirAsia's Delicacies

Stumbled upon the food menu sections at AirAsia and it reminds me of KennySia's few posts commenting on AirAsia's food quality and services. Awww.. Skip that though! They had various snack attacks which i think will attract customers to visit the "onboard dine & shop" at Malaysia. Quite frankly, i do enjoy surfing food webs when i'm tad bit bored with gaming and chatting sometimes. So! Anyway, i'll be listing a few AirAsia's food and hope you'll get a chance to enjoy their menus!

Snack Attack Galore!!!

foods in the price of Ringgit Malaysia...

Maggi XtraDelixious
Curry Bowl
RM 7

Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak
"...Word has it that one of the best nasi lemak to be had is on AirAsia's morning flights..."
New Straits Times,
28th January 2006

RM 8

Sri Melur Jaya Nasi Briyani with Curry Chicken


Sri Melur Jaya Roti Canai


Hot Dog
1901™ New York Chicken
RM 7

Maggi XtraDelixious
Curry Bowl
RM 7

Wait!!!! There's few more foods to be shown!

Big Bruce's BBQ Chicken
Tender boneless chicken leg, marinated, rubbed, barbequed to perfection and served with Big Bruce's secret spicy BBQ sauce. Served with seasoned roasted potatoesand mixted vegetables.
Pre-Ordered Hot Meal RM20

RM 25

Let your tummy steam roll with the foods above! :3 Nyo~ron~!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ROHAN Online : Blood Feud

Rohan: Blood Feud is a MMORPG that allows players to control a character within the game world, explore lands, kill monsters, perform quests, adopt a pet, get a mount, and interact with NPCs and other players. The game emphasizes on a Player Killing environment. Players can track up to 50 players that had previously killed them by a button on the interface called the Hit List.

I currently played this game at Akhma Server ( there are at least 5 servers and this is the very last server on list) . Playing DHAN's Assassin character currently. It's quite smooth and less laggy even though being international MMORPG. A definite try for online role-playing gamers.

Akhma Server's Game Screenshots!

Just started for a while, not onto power leveling yet...

Overall, it's as good as Cabal Online gameplay and it's own unique effects and wide range of skills also put ROHAN Online as another competitive MMORPG to play with.

Enjoy ROHAN!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Garena DotA League 1 vs 1 Season 2 Starts Today!

Woah it's finally one of my free time to participate in Garena's DotA League 1 vs 1 Season 2. Quite exciting i must say, never actually participated online tourneys but instead joined normal LAN tournaments. Hopefully this 1v1 will be different from other 5v5 torney i have played before.

: Joining Garena's Tournament from 1v1 to 5v5 requires your Garena's nickname you used often along with the required account level of 5 to 10. And the organisers will have to choose from 64 to 128 people registered to be put on the tournament. So, that's all for the information.

The Garena's DotA League timetable schedules!

There are players from Ftz cyber cafes and also a lot of country's player participating for it!
The league will start very soon...
I'm one of the 64 participants and new to this sort of organised online competition.

So, all the best to the players in Garena!

:o Including me >.<" Just Play-For-Fun !

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MapleStory Private Server @ AncientMS

Ever wonder about how AncientMS private server looks like? It's something that i discovered and enjoyed playing for fun of course, as it's medium rate in experience but then overall gives you the same MapleStory feel. Hope you have fun!

AncientMS server rates are the following:
500x Experience
500x Mesos
50x Drop
Good Uptime

AncientMS Screenshot!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Big Apple For Lovin

Donuts SPREE!!!!

Hmm, nothing much to say, just enjoy the donuts photo!
Stay updated for some game reviews upcoming!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

CabalSEA's Nevareth Journey

After the hardcore process during March period until May, i felt that it is enough for my warrior to remain at the current level and with the nifty sets of armor equipped. So, I'll only be free for perhaps Guild Wars, PvP, PK and Nation War. That's about the best features of CabalSEA afterall!
RollsRoyce bought EoF(Epaulet Of Fighter) +6 Cape for 20m which i haven't bought capes ever since i reached level 100s! -.- Anyway, i also bought a normal RedOsmium Great Sword to make my character tougher around it's current level.

Nuff said. Here's the latest screenshot which will be finalized and I'll be looking forward for games such as DotA, CS 1.6 and I guess that's all about my gaming days.

CabalSEA Venus Server at 31st May 2008

And I have added a great DotA leader named Sleeper in Venus Server. And CabalSEA is better than ever! You can login as freely as not much congested servers to login anymore!
CabalSEA is still a good MMORPG to hang out with although the game item inflation and stuffs! So do play as much while it's hot! Enjoy this post and bear with it for a while until the next extraordinary update!