Saturday, June 14, 2008

Garena DotA League 1 vs 1 Season 2 Starts Today!

Woah it's finally one of my free time to participate in Garena's DotA League 1 vs 1 Season 2. Quite exciting i must say, never actually participated online tourneys but instead joined normal LAN tournaments. Hopefully this 1v1 will be different from other 5v5 torney i have played before.

: Joining Garena's Tournament from 1v1 to 5v5 requires your Garena's nickname you used often along with the required account level of 5 to 10. And the organisers will have to choose from 64 to 128 people registered to be put on the tournament. So, that's all for the information.

The Garena's DotA League timetable schedules!

There are players from Ftz cyber cafes and also a lot of country's player participating for it!
The league will start very soon...
I'm one of the 64 participants and new to this sort of organised online competition.

So, all the best to the players in Garena!

:o Including me >.<" Just Play-For-Fun !

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