Saturday, May 31, 2008

ESWC DotA Qualifiers Match @ Gizmo Gamers Cyber Cafe

Ever wonder how ESWC runs around Malaysia? It has just started at a few states taking part on this great DotA Tournament which will grant you the chance to battle at San Jose, USA ! As a spectator and friends of some competitors participating, i had then took photos of the current event. You will see things you will really be anticipated on!

ESWC DotA Qualifiers at Gizmo Gamers is held on 31st May, 2008 and that's today where it has finished the tournament schedule! Off to the Malaysia National Final battle!

Yes, Mr. RollsRoyce appeared as a spectator in ESWC ;( !

ESWC DotA flyers!

The LCD screen on the wall built is made for the Gizmo Gamer's DotA TV. The purpose for giving spectators and competitors to view the current DotA match that is going within the 8 teams participated!

The Final battle was indeed interesting. Coming up schedule with photo taking sessions and the announcement of the winner of ESWC @ Gizmo Gamers !

1st Prize Winner : F.Days
(Cozee Cyber Cafe)

2nd Prize Winner : DumDum
(Dotcom Cyber Cafe)

As stated on several forums and web links, this is the announcement to congratulate them for winning the qualifiers match DotA!

The top 2 winning teams from each qualifiers will then proceed to the ESWC 2008 Malaysia National Final and stand a chance in representating Malaysia to San Jose, California 25 to 27 August for the ESWC 2008 Grand Final.

Hope you like this latest blog update! Stay tune :3

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ragnarok Box Packages

There is always a good reason to collect Ragnarok Collectibles & CDs. Firstly, you get to install the game files anytime you want as long your getting a new PCs or reformatting your current one. I do hope that the Ragnarok Online box packages at Episode 12 later would be the same so it'll be deem fit to be kept at a storage or a small shelf. I guess the next coming update would be the Moscavia City patches. Stay tune for more game and products to be talked upon!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tekken Tag Back In 2001

It was a wonderful experience reaching the Finals in this PS2 organized tournament at Star Cruise Virgo ship. Yeah, if i do remember, they had pretty few game tournaments held for holiday guys and amateurs as long your on board the cruise! Anyone could have joined it if you are on a trip to somewhere else etc Pulau Langkawi, Phuket Island or so...You still have to pay a small fee to enter this tournament though. Come to think of it, i wanted to post my medals i had achieved ever since it was around my Primary 5 level and being the champion of the event that made unforgettable.

Let's talk about the old game event!

The contestants was about at least 16 or 24. I recall about talking to one of the contestants that wasn't pit against me but we had some good talks about Tekken game series. Well, I did shook hands with one of the semi-final player and quarter final player before we engaged in the tournament. Man! It was so intense. I don't own a PS2 back then but i did threw my game efforts into beating them one by one. I remember using the character named Law to beat the finals against a person who was the age of a daddy! Yes, indeed it was a daddy battling against me! Imagine the final round, all we do was evade and attack at will. I managed to do some interesting simple moves to outwit my final opponent. The nicknamed " Big Daddy " a.k.a the 30+ years old dad was then defeated by me to claim the Champion title in this PS2 Tekken tournament!

Pretty good, i must say. Until then, i never had been been seeking for more PS2 tournaments regarding games like King of Fighters, DoA and so on. If i were to had a chance again, of course I'll participate!

Owh yeah, i'll also be posting the screenshots of the certificate of PS2 Tekken Tag Tournament along with the medal with the logo "Star Cruise". Hopefully, it'll be part of my game awards & achievements blogged in the blog. Most of my game awards & achievements can be tagged at the section "Contest" but not the usual awards by leisure stuffs!

PS2 Tekken Tag Tournament back in the year 2001's

For 7 years of holding my memorable gold medal and a piece of certificate, I'll thank to Star Cruise and the game organizer for this! Even though it is part of my game career achievements, this is a memory that i won't forget! xD!!!

Got any game experiences and stuffs to share? Then your free to drop by my chatbox to talk about anything! Thanks for reading ^.^'

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ikariam And Travian

There's a few great web-browser games that will make you play every once a few days or weeks within a month to ensure the longevity of your account in-game. So as to say, i played a recent of two web-browser games that seems sort of addictive. Why? The answer lies to the patience and time needed to upgrade and stabilize your very own base!

I'll just go straight to the game photos for easier explanation.


In my opinion, this game is sort of the web-browser game with some unique 2d like building structures and are mostly of cool designs. And of course, the game has some similiar system like the ones from Civilization PC-Game series. You get to start building your town hall from level 1 up to the highest which i am not sure of it yet. But as far as i know, i played for like 2 weeks and now having the 2nd town for me to strengthen my town to a great empire! Yes, recommended web-browser game Ikariam for those who love ancient technology based units like Steam Giant and powerful catapults for putting fires to your enemy!

You can find me by the name, RollsRoyce as usual...Kappa Server. The "Highscore" on the top of your own game account shows the search system and the top ranking of a player and their own alliance highscore. Be sure to track on your pals and gamers in this game for helps and raids!!!


It was then been introduced by a friend who is playing Travian. Well, i must say it's a whole lot different from Ikariam(my above post) but then it still has similiar buildings such as the Barracks , Hideouts and so on. You get to choose from 3 different races and that's Romans, Gauls and Teutons. Each groups mentioned has their own advantages and disadvantages. It's up to you to play and decide how to handle your base.

I'm currently on the Server 2 (Big Icon when you login) . Name's RollsRoyce as again and will be playing Ikariam more than Travian though. Have fun in Travian!

Friday, May 23, 2008

DotA Allstars 6.52c Released!

It's been a few days and not a week before the latest version of DotA map is released. Make sure to get DotA Allstars 6.52c map from GetDotA !

I know that reading the changelog will make you get more informations about the fixes and bugs provided. So it'll be an ease for me to post here... Do invest some time on new tactics after 6.52c !!!

Note : DotA screenshot on single player test maps are provided below after the changelog !
6.52c Changelog
* Changed some bounty values on Transmuted neutral creeps
when using Hand of Midas
* Significantly lowered Ancient of Lore and Temple of the
Damned's armor and increased their HP regeneration
(15->5 armor, 2.5->20 HP/sec)
* Fixed a minor bug with Juxtapose
* Fixed some bugs with -pm
* Fixed a bug with capturing a rune using a Bottle from a
* Fixed a minor bug when trying to form Satanic on courier.
* Infest now properly dispels buffs when you go in a unit
* Fixed Marksmanship hotkey
* SinglePlayer's test commands -lvlup and -refresh now work
for multiple heroes
* Siege units now get a minor bonus when the respective range
rax (Temple of the Damned/Ancient of Lore) is destroyed
* Fixed Meepo with Aegis of the Immortal
* Fixed some aggro problems with one of the scourge neutral
* Fixed an issue with buying an item on a unit as it was
dying that resulted in a tome version of the item appearing
* Fixed multiple Dagons with different levels not sharing
* Fixed a bug with Sandstorm that caused various game
glitches with Blackhole and Spectral Dagger
* Fixed a potential suicide issue with Fatal Bonds
* Fixed a minor glitch with Maelstrom triggering
Perseverance's cooldown
* Improved cast range and cooldown on Plague
* Changed Soul Rip allied damage to hp loss to prevent
it from dispelling consumables
* Improved damage progression on Slithereen Crush
* Fixed a bug with Morphling in -dm when spawning with
melee bashers
* Fixed the recent Morph not transfering stats at proper
speed at levels 2 and 3(DonTomaso)
* Increased Howl's duration
* Fixed a bug when combining -sd and -du game modes
* Fixed -music from affecting other players
* Removed leaver hero icon when using -kickafk
* Lowered Bounty Hunter's Wind Walk cooldown
* Fixed an exploit with Time Walk
* Fixed an old rare bug involving Sprout and Spirit Bear
* Fixed a potential bug when healing with Bottle near
the fountain
* Fixed a bug with captured rune not expiring when using
allied shared Bottle
* Fixed a bug with Spirit Bear dying with bottle in -dm

DotA Allstars 6.52c's Test Map

Just some funny -noherolimit mode where you can totally control 89 heroes! Back in DotA Allstars 6.52 map has this mode already, just testing it out in the latest map!

You chose 12 heroes at level 1 to fight Roshan . What you get? :3 Spawn time!

Enjoy DotA Allstars 6.52c!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Portal Final Level

Recently played Half Life 2 : Portal and finished it within a day. Yes, the game consists primarily of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player's character and other simple objects using the Portal Gun. It is said that you are challenged by AI named "GLaDOS" which will be the final boss of all the puzzling levels.

Portal's game screenshots

Test chamber level 15 where you need to have the skills of super jump or double fling. One of the proceeding stage where it's becoming difficult.

Exploring around the map and grabbed the keyboard and threw it around >.>"

Test chamber level 19 is the final level of Portal where you fight the boss of this game GLaDOS. You'll have to grab the miniature sized robot and throw it into the incinerator. Once you took out at least 4 mini robots, then you have just beaten GLaDOS as well!

It looks like the final boss you fought in Half Life 1 whereas in the forms of similiar destructive effects... Congratulations to all Portal game players that reached GLaDOS!

If you have beaten the game once, the background of the Portal game will have the famous cake that is shown in Portal. That's all there is!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gears of War : PC Version

Let's take a look on the minimum requirement for this Gears of War first...

Minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz or AMD 2.0 GHz or higher
  • HDD space: 12 GB
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI X700 or higher
  • Online multiplayer: Broadband Internet connection and Games for Windows LIVE Silver Membership (included)

Yes! You need to at least have these minimum requirements so that you will not be lagging all the way in games or either graphic distortion. Well , my previous entry did showed newly bought CPUs so it can cope with all the specs above but just differently.

sniperzreborn's Tech Solution

Usually, you might still face some minor bug issues such as :
1. Gears of War's cutscenes might restart your PC or ended up being black screen.
2. Audios will not function properly through co-op mode.
3. Even if your specs are good, there are things that the game is not compatible with.

So in order to get a solution to the above issues,
1. Do restart CPU and play the game again. It'll work fine.
2. Update sound drivers and test your sound volume again.
3. Depending on what 3D cards your using, ATI or Geforce series need to have some update from the drivers if possible.

Now straight to the Gears of War's screenshot taken through gameplay.

The start menu in Gears of War

Gears of War's option for changing graphic details and controls

Your very first campaign mode "ASHES" chapter.

Grenade throwing cast bar

Troika means stationary machine gun. Press "E" to use it after taking out the Locusts
(enemies in Gears of War)

One of the chapters in ASHES scenario leading to a two way road battle

Cover yourself and aim the Locust!

Seeder. Large bug-creatures that sent ultra-sonic waves into the air to block
radio frequencies. Only the Hammer of Dawn can bring one down.

As you see, i just burned a Seeder with Hammer of Dawn. Nice view isn't it?

Enjoy Gears of War : PC Version ! There's an upcoming Gears of War 2 which will continue the story of our hero Marcus Fenix! Control him well through Casual,Hardcore,Insane modes!!!

Rating for Gears of War :

Graphics : 10/10
Story : 7/10
Gameplay : 9/10
Difficulty : 7/10
Sound : 9/10

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dual Core Unleashed

Been using Acer Aspire 2.8 GHZ with 512 MB RAM for quite a long time as stated from the above title, alongside with Radeon 9550 @ 256 MB , i was able to maintain till the very few days ago. It came to an end my motherboard has 6 transistors that was "boom-ed". So as i was saying, i have just recently upgraded this thing into a new machine that has the par standard into the PC industry yet! (No CabalSEA, DotA, CS and so on games to play for just a few days!)

It came to the day of the upgrading moments!

Upgraded it off at SAMCOM shops which has ACER products as retailers. Enough said. Here's what you will meet one of my three PC's for gaming uses. The very 3rd PC is just a normal 2.8 GHZ which i won't be showing it here though. I will plan to get at least more than 5 PCs for home and LAN gaming usage. As said, 3 PC's currently being owned are desktop PC's platform.

Let's just get straight to the gizmo thingy.

6 years Acer Aspire CPU side view and it has just changed into...

The new CPU built is the former above CPU's upgrade over...
Check it out below!

A newly upgraded casing with 1GB DDR2 RAM with powered Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHZ and the old 80 GB hard disc that was still safe and sound ! Total cost of the upgrade was over
RM 840!

Wait!!! Hold on a sec?

I have also planned to buy a new CPU that cost at a very decent price around RM 1788 !

(If you ask me, it's more than enough to be used for gaming and for the more competent users is qualified to compete against higher-end CPUs user in gamings. GG.)

My latest CPU that has the followings below :
Intel Dual Core E4500 2.2 GHZ
160 GB Hard disc space
Geforce 8400 GS
Logitech mouse , Logitech stylish keyboard & Logitech stereo speakers
17" CRT Monitor

Added with free packaging :
Lexmark Printer Z1320

The total amount of upgrading the old CPU into a freshly new Dual Core with the added amount of the new Dual Core CPU with CRT Monitor along costed more than RM 2628!!!

Well, if you ask me, it's a efficient buy and upgrades for me to say!

Nuff said. ASUS driver (uh, i mean real driver) drove my 2 CPUs as package senders. I'm just around in the ASUS van too. o.o"!!!

Now at least 3 PC's with competent gaming performance and for school assignments and basic programmings as use. Looking forward for a medium priced gaming laptop around RM1999-2599 and another desktop PC's would be a final end to my 5 line ways of PC & Laptop collection!

Stay tune for more updates! Not just CPU's of course lah.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Magic World Online

Here's something you should be interested on IF your about to find 2D MMOs that are free2play called "MWO Online"

There will be no more server wipes between now and when the game goes live, so any characters created during phase two of closed beta will continue on into open beta and commercial release of the game. Take this opportunity to be one of the first to try out the New Concept MMORPG Magic World Online!

Total game files are at least 2.2 GB when i checked through. So if you find this game to your liking, just download and play!

Magic World Online's Screenshot

MWO Screenshots @

If you ever played Gulong Online, Diablo II and such MMOs or normal 2D RPGs, this is the game you'll wanted to play!

Stay tune for the latest update and introduction to a MMO's game that is an actual resemblance to Diablo II!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gundam Exia Super Edition 1/100

Found this Gundam model screenshot from internet sources , i must say this is one of the model you should buy if your a real Gundam fan! Looks very stylish and sports a handy GN-Sword and so... Woot! Here's the pic of Gundam Exia!!!

Gundam Exia, exterminating target!

*Chops and slices cucumber apart*

May the GN-Arms be with you *.* !

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Garena Counter Strike

Ever wondered the best place to play Counter Strike 1.6 nowadays? That leads to the very GGClient's program which has recently been changed to Garena! Also, i'll be hosting CS maps available etc awp_map , fy_iceworld and such when i'm online at Garena of course! Just this very few screenshots taken in-game.

Currently finding as much players to play in Garena and to play along with [DoP]RollsRoyce in the CS server rooms provided. I'm trying to promote CS in Garena so therefore i hope for more players including clan leaders,members to put forth and join my room sometime!

Yeah, i'll be welcoming everyone to play and have fun! CS screenshots are provided below! I prefer highly skilled players to bring in some challenges along with me, that's all i guess ^.^"

Iraq's CS Server i joined long ago, the map's aim_duztec . A pretty cozy looking map with two outpost on both opposing CT's (Counter-Terrorist) & T's (Terrorist) location.

awp_map is one of the most popular AWP playgrounds ever. Do get a chance to challenge me of course in Garena!

2_rooms is a very simple map where you'll just engage the enemies just next to your room! Prefer 5v5 on this very little map, it's all the focus on guns spraying and accurate headshots!

Get Garena's client program for LAN at here ! Your place to challenge professional gamers around the world!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Colonel's Latest @ KFC

Just eaten this around this weekends! :3 Owh this camera shot is taken from the official KFC websites itself!

Ooohh.. you touched my a la carte! *Change*!

Weekend's KFC Meal? The Real Deal!
(only taken the meatball soup and chicken photos!)

Juicy little meatballs with chicken soup!

Now that's my box of KFC chicken! =3

My rating to this KFC meal : 8.4/10

Overall, a very considerable price for one or two person! And the 2 pieces of chicken can be either hot and spicy or originals, whereas the rice is what you name it "fragrant chicken rice style".

Now! Don't miss your chance to eat this colonel meal dish!!!

35th Anniversary of KFC @ 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

MMORPG Days : CabalSEA & WYDGlobal

Hmm it's been a long time since i have blogged on CabalSEA stuffs. And I have yet to show my warrior which has just obtained Completer Rank few days ago in CabalSEA. I'll be posting up some screenshots of CabalSEA and also my transknight in WYDGlobal!

I have been slowing my progress in CabalSEA's leveling (level 112 currently) due to DotA, web browser game "Ikariam" and so on forth. So anyway, hope viewers can enjoy the game footage below!

CabalSEA : Venus Server

Casting Seismic Wave ! (Warrior's Completer Skill Rank)

Burst the ground and collide with the skies!

Forced my skills to attack the ground! >.>"

Note : CabalSEA's max level cap is currently at 130 for quite some time now, no raising of max level cap yet and the max skills rank peaks at Completer
(the one i posted is an example) !

WYDGlobal : Suns Server

(There are only two server in WYDGlobal, do keep in mind that i'm on the 1st server not 2nd o.O!!!)

Fighting Fallen Troll around level 90s...

Before reaching my current level 110, i was usually wandering around the cities :3 !

Underground! The map where I'm currently leveling at. Level 110 currently and i have yet to play back WYDGlobal but will be pretty soon...

REMINDER : There's a warrior guide that i have made to contribute for PlayPark forum and a CabalSEA blog that credited me (sniperzreborn) . Do have some time and read through if your a warrior user! Thanks!

Link to visit : sniperzreborn's Warrior Guide

Saturday, May 3, 2008

E Play 线上游戏杂志 !

Bought it recently at Popular Bookstore. Anyway, it's one of the few magazines I have collected besides PCGamer, GameAxis and chinese-based game magazines like this. So here's a few game that I'll introduce to play with!

Check it OUT!

Front page of the actual game magazine title " E Play " !

仙魔道 Online ! Search it up for more infos! It's very similiar to World Of Warcraft but also has it's own unique system. Play and know it!

Shaiya Online, very cool MMORPG with all the dual wielding characters and awesome and tight warrior like equipments! Just pray for the English-based version of this pretty cool game!

Lastly! Zodiac Online! o.O Sounds quite funny but YES! It's all about quests to quests and cute characters! You could say it's the RO2's competitive challenger on being the " Top 10 Cutest MMORPG Ever! "

Owhh...kay.. that's all for now! :D !