Sunday, May 4, 2008

MMORPG Days : CabalSEA & WYDGlobal

Hmm it's been a long time since i have blogged on CabalSEA stuffs. And I have yet to show my warrior which has just obtained Completer Rank few days ago in CabalSEA. I'll be posting up some screenshots of CabalSEA and also my transknight in WYDGlobal!

I have been slowing my progress in CabalSEA's leveling (level 112 currently) due to DotA, web browser game "Ikariam" and so on forth. So anyway, hope viewers can enjoy the game footage below!

CabalSEA : Venus Server

Casting Seismic Wave ! (Warrior's Completer Skill Rank)

Burst the ground and collide with the skies!

Forced my skills to attack the ground! >.>"

Note : CabalSEA's max level cap is currently at 130 for quite some time now, no raising of max level cap yet and the max skills rank peaks at Completer
(the one i posted is an example) !

WYDGlobal : Suns Server

(There are only two server in WYDGlobal, do keep in mind that i'm on the 1st server not 2nd o.O!!!)

Fighting Fallen Troll around level 90s...

Before reaching my current level 110, i was usually wandering around the cities :3 !

Underground! The map where I'm currently leveling at. Level 110 currently and i have yet to play back WYDGlobal but will be pretty soon...

REMINDER : There's a warrior guide that i have made to contribute for PlayPark forum and a CabalSEA blog that credited me (sniperzreborn) . Do have some time and read through if your a warrior user! Thanks!

Link to visit : sniperzreborn's Warrior Guide

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