Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tekken Tag Back In 2001

It was a wonderful experience reaching the Finals in this PS2 organized tournament at Star Cruise Virgo ship. Yeah, if i do remember, they had pretty few game tournaments held for holiday guys and amateurs as long your on board the cruise! Anyone could have joined it if you are on a trip to somewhere else etc Pulau Langkawi, Phuket Island or so...You still have to pay a small fee to enter this tournament though. Come to think of it, i wanted to post my medals i had achieved ever since it was around my Primary 5 level and being the champion of the event that made unforgettable.

Let's talk about the old game event!

The contestants was about at least 16 or 24. I recall about talking to one of the contestants that wasn't pit against me but we had some good talks about Tekken game series. Well, I did shook hands with one of the semi-final player and quarter final player before we engaged in the tournament. Man! It was so intense. I don't own a PS2 back then but i did threw my game efforts into beating them one by one. I remember using the character named Law to beat the finals against a person who was the age of a daddy! Yes, indeed it was a daddy battling against me! Imagine the final round, all we do was evade and attack at will. I managed to do some interesting simple moves to outwit my final opponent. The nicknamed " Big Daddy " a.k.a the 30+ years old dad was then defeated by me to claim the Champion title in this PS2 Tekken tournament!

Pretty good, i must say. Until then, i never had been been seeking for more PS2 tournaments regarding games like King of Fighters, DoA and so on. If i were to had a chance again, of course I'll participate!

Owh yeah, i'll also be posting the screenshots of the certificate of PS2 Tekken Tag Tournament along with the medal with the logo "Star Cruise". Hopefully, it'll be part of my game awards & achievements blogged in the blog. Most of my game awards & achievements can be tagged at the section "Contest" but not the usual awards by leisure stuffs!

PS2 Tekken Tag Tournament back in the year 2001's

For 7 years of holding my memorable gold medal and a piece of certificate, I'll thank to Star Cruise and the game organizer for this! Even though it is part of my game career achievements, this is a memory that i won't forget! xD!!!

Got any game experiences and stuffs to share? Then your free to drop by my chatbox to talk about anything! Thanks for reading ^.^'

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