Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prontera Server Update


It's been more than the 17th or 19th war ahead in our nice Free Server Official Prontera. What's great is the challenging guilds between guilds battle them out to defend their beloved castles! Most of the pictures are basically old to new ones... Just plan to post them for memories and a record of history.


You can see from this war is that we're currenly battling KOS guild and we managed to pushed them around Friday and it wasn't resulting in good achievements. So... on the very same castle, our heat up alliance of mRO's top guilds joined in to put a big and exciting battles in between this very WoE.


This is one of our high level knight's photo and we're all raiding the weakened down castle on LAZRIGEES of the Prontera's Mid Castle. It was quite a success and we got EC(emergency called) to another castle to prepare another big raid.


Our allies of Reincarnation on their separate ways at other castles... Trying to play around o.O!


And this assassin i knew =.= He didn't put his skill bars to cover up his overall statements... So lol.. the LV71's sin GGing in our photo taking haha ^_^


Our allied KAOS and NEOS have made history of alliance and get along with us to make fortified challenges to other guilds! The history has now been changing!

Friday, August 24, 2007

EXP Event

1st Runner Up

Stepmania participants amount to 16 players and this was the 1st round screenshot

There goes the music challenge!! Most of the song being randomized for the match was Gundam Seed's Pride! That song was made for at least 3 rounds!!! I even manage to play Mosaic Kakera from Code Geass. In the end, the organizer changed the music pick for the match! More than 16 participants in this Stepmania Contest. It goes with 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round and then the semi-final, final match and also bonus stage with Game Master.

Another match-up which is quite interesting! The guy on the right packs lots of handful experience in the game.

And particularly the last 3 winners from the competition gets a keychain prize a "Keroro keychain" as a small gift to all SAMS member!

Champion - Spec Guy
(Prizes worth RM20 of soft drinks and chips)
1st Runner Up - RollsRoyce aka RoyceZz
(Prizes worth RM10 of soft drinks and chips)
2nd Runner Up - Keh Shiun
(Prizes worth RM5 of soft drinks)

Swinburne Stepmania Contest

It's pretty much an interesting challenge of music games with keyboards spamming. This event was held by our GameMaster a.k.a SwatWolf. His the real MvP of the game but only on certain song like Love Hina's Joy and that's it! You can only face him at the last stage. Currently, I just managed to get 2nd prize for the contest so that's why I'm still satisfied enough in between the participants. Knowing that there's lots of Stepmania, O2Jammers , SDOers and Auditioners alike. It makes me think that gaming world is very interesting for anyone who's interested. I recommend people to play this sort of music games as it's not related to violence and also it's a way of enjoying musics etc anime genre , japanese genre and so on...

For now, enjoy playing music games and sorts! They can give you entertainment while your studying! You don't have to go for hardcore games! Just an advice from me!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Byousoku 5 Centimeter

One of the poster of the wonderful and quite sad and touchy ending for a romance anime.

My opinion towards the anime itself:
It's a pretty good and well made anime where it portrays the main character's relationship that's quite distant with a girl whose thought to be his girlfriend... In the end, they had to move on around themselves due to time and distance relationships... Pretty nice story at chapter 1 where they are together and having such romantic times... I only hope that there would be an OAV where she breaks up her marriage and goes back to the main character. I really can't bare the song in the end of this anime when it's all about moving on their lives and give up their loves and find another even though their memories of their young ages is still in their mind. Personally, what i liked about the main character is that his very kind, a guy which i always respect even if his a "real life" person. But the point in this anime is about far distance love which is hardly ever to reach.... WELL, put aside Romeo X Juliet cause that anime is just too romantic that their distance keeps on getting near no matter what... Uh back to this .... I really do wanna cry after the end of this movie... I hope they could make another romantic comeback for this anime or just leave it this way... Most of us who are amazed by the romantic plot given... keeps on just watching this anime's ending with all those flashbacks of the main character, well his name is Tohno-kun... the girl he loves is Akari..... too bad that Akari had engaged with another guy for such a long term.... Tohno himself became a computer programmer and later quit after hearing some news from the last part of the anime, you'll notice Tohno again meets Akari through a railroad crossing but when they both wanna look at each other, a train passes by and there goes.... Quite nostalgic... I hope that the guy portrayed will begin his live with some other girls if that is truly gonna happen...


I guess pretty much my opinion and feedbacks are said above... If you asked me, i'll really cry after watching the movie... Rate as one of the best Japan's Romance Anime Movie for Year 2007. Let the real love spread through this lovely anime yet sad but a feeling of memories that'll somehow bring back something in between a boy and a girl's relationship where it's distant is far...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Taman Sahabat

Nothing but posting a photo of our Sarawak's one of the few tourist attractions =D I took using a webcam. Lol... Just look at the scenery then @@" Enjoy!~

Monday, August 13, 2007

O2Jam Ongoing


Remember this Free O2Jam Disc!? The installer CD was made to send to any houses but it was officially out of stock around year 2005 already!

The O2Jam has been made into Free2Play around November 2005 thus making lots of music jammers to play!


The T-Shirt has been made with 350 EP and then you need virtual cash in order to buy the shirts. I wanted it T.T for years , i only hope that some shops will finally design a shirt with the logo of O2Jam. Blek.... I'm not so into it though but i would like to collect the shirt as part of my game collections.

This is the daily card used to buy avatars, cool musics and so on...

So here's a few of the songs being played at O2Jam...

Over 75 songs i had played in O2Jam was amazingly fast paced, the notes keep jumble in groups to make you confused.. =P The more you play , the more efficient you handle the crazy notes that dropped down... Compared to SDO's River Note, it is possibly the same.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Swinburne's Speed Line

I guess you never thought of it. My home's Streamyx has just the speed over 38.7 till 57.9 kbps per seconds and the highest would only reach the gaps of 60.1 kbps or so. My college's line is like WTF high speeds. Know why!? You'll get 400 kbps to 500 kbps per second!!! Omg! Imagine downloading over 10 videos each 250 MB's .

Did you just see that? XD!!! I'm downloading Lucky Star's Episode 17 and it's just downloaded under just 5 minutes or something!

Say any experiences of your very own college's line speed? Do tell!