Wednesday, August 1, 2007

DBIS Results And Timetable

Not much to say, manage to complete all my 4 subjects with certain efforts. So, now i'm proceeding to my 2nd semester for my course. Umm, guess i'll do put in more concentration to it...

The result slip printed by Swinburne Student Admin i guess. Gonna put this out for my collection of satisfying result... Lol.. Perhaps..


Arghh.. My 4 subject i tooked. Basically when i saw the result list, what you'll notice for student's overall percentage is more to "NP" as in Not Pass. Argh...They should try harder,anyway for me, i'm satisfied with my less than 10% study effort for this. Receiving 2.63 GPA out of 4.0 (score the highest grade to get 4.0) Ok... Guess that's it... let's look at my 1st and 2nd semester timetable i made. I did my 1st semester timetable before... but here's a remake thoroughly...

It's big so i have to linked it up to a website to view

My newest 2nd semester for my current year's timetable...

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My old semester's timetable... compare the time haha! Yup my newest includes that i don't have to come during Friday... but i'll go there for clubs naturally.

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That's all i guess, thanks for reading XD~ Good luck to all college students around Malaysia and other countries. Thanks..


~Laura~ said...

wad subject u take ar???

RollsRoyce said...

maths/business/it/english lo T_T diploma de..