Friday, August 24, 2007

Swinburne Stepmania Contest

It's pretty much an interesting challenge of music games with keyboards spamming. This event was held by our GameMaster a.k.a SwatWolf. His the real MvP of the game but only on certain song like Love Hina's Joy and that's it! You can only face him at the last stage. Currently, I just managed to get 2nd prize for the contest so that's why I'm still satisfied enough in between the participants. Knowing that there's lots of Stepmania, O2Jammers , SDOers and Auditioners alike. It makes me think that gaming world is very interesting for anyone who's interested. I recommend people to play this sort of music games as it's not related to violence and also it's a way of enjoying musics etc anime genre , japanese genre and so on...

For now, enjoy playing music games and sorts! They can give you entertainment while your studying! You don't have to go for hardcore games! Just an advice from me!

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