Monday, June 29, 2009

Multiplay GTA IV Photo Caption Contest

Hi, RoYcE !

It has been a while since we closed our GTA IV Photo Caption contest. We are sorry to keep you waiting but fret not, you are one of the winners and just won yourself a GTA IV 12" Sticker! =D

PlayInteractive's response :

Congratulation and thanks for your kindly participation.

We are please to inform that we have shipped the 12" GTA IV Sticker to you!

Umm... skip the exclusive stickers part! I will be showcasing my three captions as one of the winner.

Friday, June 26, 2009

RoYcE's Hartz Chicken Buffett

A small gathering of friends Ryan, Dennis , KV , Bryan and ME venturing to Hartz Chicken Buffett and I realized I've ate over 12 pieces of fried chickens of "Crispy & Spicy" category and this is like the highest record I have ate in years! To be frank, just to eat and have fun for a while. Ummm also sneak pics of games I've bought "Demigods" , "Audiosurf" before the buffett session.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Granado Espada IAHGames

Granado Espada, known as Sword of the New World: Granado Espada in North America, is a Korean fantasy MMORPG developed by IMC Games Co.,Ltd., and published in North America by K2 Network. It launched in the summer of 2007. Granado Espada won the 2006 Korean awards for Best Graphics and Game of the Year, with features previously unseen in an MMORPG (such as the ability for players to control multiple characters at the same time). Granado Espada features a unique art style based on the Baroque period of Europe, differing from the standard “swords and sorcery” fantasy themes of the genre.

I started this game out of related IAHGames title "Dragonica" which basically makes me play the other way round! And yes.... Granado Espada had been around for 2 years and which I started after that few years for the lulz so I'm intended to aim for level 100s but let's see about that!

Will be leveling at Granado Espada pretty much as soon my Dragonica characters are around Level 30 to 40!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Champion Of The Wind

Between my 2 characters in Dragonica, the two days effort exploring the game Dragonica has made my Magician into an Acolyte! It's around Level 20+ and ongoing... In Dragonica, you can change job at Level 20 and then Level 40 as for third job.

Updated Dragonica screenshots of Acolyte VS Jester in this entry. The battle outcome was my acolyte with 4 frags while the opponent having 1 frags. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pizza Hut Exotic Mediterranean

When I saw this, I would just say... Eat the pasta, the creamy chicken and the pizza! Leave the seafood for other Pizza Hut munchers! Ok, this is another big deal to eat during holidays!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Started Dragonica of IAHGames lately.

IGN : RollsRoyce
Server : Kaye
Job : Magician

Secondary character at Dragonica!
IGN : HunterRR
Server : Kaye
Job : Archer

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sengoku Basara

It's been a while since I've ever introduce animes... Well here's one that you might like cause it's based on PS2's one of the best hit and slash games compared to Dynasty Warriors! It's still an ongoing series and I'm sure you'll like the arts and battles.

Get ready for a hack-and-slash action game that's similar to Dynasty Warriors. Developed by Capcom, Sengoku Basara takes you to the Sengoku War period in Japan...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ultimate World Wide Ranking © E-Sports

Official website links : U2WR

It is with the greatest pride that the U2WR organization is presenting today its first esport universal ranking !

Nowadays, electronic sport is getting more and more popular, highlighting great champions who confront each other in an increasing number of professional competitions. The U2WR project consists in centralizing every results of the offline and online competitions taking place all over the world, before exploiting these results in a ranking based on the ELO system (system also used by the ATP, FIDE and the Armory World of Warcraft). This ranking shall follow the course of seasons as they appear in the ESWC calendar and shall be reset every year after the big final of this major competition. The website is available at as a beta version. It includes the precise rules of the ranking and all the information you need for a better understanding.

RoYce's opinion : A very good website consisting of records of teams through online and offline e-sports tournament. Still, there's a few lacking informations added to the wins and loses of a team registered in various game categories. But overall, it's a pleasant one! Indeed this website proofs to show that there's a lot of competitive teams across the globe! I've noticed my online ex DotA team TNT.Gaming that was in the list but yet a full proper details of it's winning and losing coverage. But i'm sure the website itself will do more to run it as smooth as possible.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Cool knife arena map. It's so funny that one rows of daring rush may give you either frags or death! Aha... 1hp_acer is the very name for this CS Map!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The All-Rounder

This is basically an update on a new flash website that will jot down all my gaming history and achievements alike. Not to mention, it'll be interactive! Thanks to the provider!

Join RollsRoyce a.k.a RoYcE

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mad.Net Cyber Cafe Tournament

Located at Sarawak, Jalan Wan Alwi. It was my first visit and therefore it's overall fine.

The Mad.Net bracket for DotA.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Counter-Strike Gathering @ Gizmo Gamers

There'll be a CS gathering at Gizmo Gamers by 20th of June 2009 9pm-12am.(You can come anytime during the gathering)
The objective of this gathering is to revive Counter-Strike community at local scene,and also to socializing with other gamers to share more gaming experience.The activities of this gathering are playing CS in public or mix-matches in a larger scale.
It doesnt matter who you are,what clan you're from.As long as you are interested in Counter-Strike.YOU ARE ALL Invited to this gathering.Let us all work together as a team to revive Counter-Strike in Sarawak.please leave your name or teams here if you are interested in joing this gathering.
For more information,please visit Gizmo Gamers Forum

No entrances fee needed,just pay as you play !

P²» RollsRoyce a.k.a RoYcE will be heading forward to this event!