Thursday, June 4, 2009

Counter-Strike Gathering @ Gizmo Gamers

There'll be a CS gathering at Gizmo Gamers by 20th of June 2009 9pm-12am.(You can come anytime during the gathering)
The objective of this gathering is to revive Counter-Strike community at local scene,and also to socializing with other gamers to share more gaming experience.The activities of this gathering are playing CS in public or mix-matches in a larger scale.
It doesnt matter who you are,what clan you're from.As long as you are interested in Counter-Strike.YOU ARE ALL Invited to this gathering.Let us all work together as a team to revive Counter-Strike in Sarawak.please leave your name or teams here if you are interested in joing this gathering.
For more information,please visit Gizmo Gamers Forum

No entrances fee needed,just pay as you play !

P²» RollsRoyce a.k.a RoYcE will be heading forward to this event!

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