Saturday, November 29, 2008

<<诛仙>> Free Gift Pack Cards

Thanks to the game advise by fellow friend from DotCom's Dc`star`z player. I went to Gizmo Gamers as fast to obtain at least 3 pieces of free Zhu Xian Online cards as i know it gives a little bit of boost in EXP & gifts... The cyber cafe boss naturally has the cards so that's why you have to request for it! Gizmo Gamer Cyber has just around 10 to 12 of the free cards. I was able to obtain 3 and took photos of it. The card is made of holographic materials. Impressive =) !

Triple Zhu Xian card in a row!

Actual screenshots of the items that will be sent to the in-game for usage.

Zhu Xian Online's Progression

Impressive skills effect isn't it? It's part of the Family system's stats boost skill for every members in the list that has joined the part of the alliance.

Just Level 26 and still ongoing... Not sure when to retire but it's fun to play while it last!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Celestial Destroyer

Zhu Xian Online has opened during 26th November 2008. I've managed to play it during 28th which is 2 days after. To compare it with Chibi, Zhu Xian may have better range of unique skills and effects that may shock gamers alike! 5 character jobs to be chosen once you reached Level 15! I will continue posting my highest level achieved if possible... And there's two MMORPG which is Chibi and Rohan which i would share with too!

Zhu Xian Online

Beating up a boss when Level 15... He Huan job which is naturally Assassin type. Zhu Xian's 5 jobs equals to many different destructive skills. Best if you play one and maximize it's potential!

Chibi Online

I have partially retired from this game as i reached max level. But still doing some quest for fun with any gamers passing-by the area i'm whacking around at. Chibi is still fun whereas the fun starts at Level 60 where all people gathered and prepare for wars!

ROHAN Online

Retired from ROHAN when i reached Level 30. Pure STR based Dhan Assassin. I will never forget my Assasin in the game. This will be part of my history of the characters i used! Strong, agile is what Dhan Assassins are made of!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chicken Rice Is Nice Ft. Pizza Hut Strikes

It has been a few weeks i have eaten all the delicious foods and meals! In exchange for that, i had coughs for few days already but recuperating fast to eat more fried stuffs again! Hmmm, I can so far eat yummy homecook meal bought outside such as 梅菜扣肉 and porridges which is very nice. Soothes the coughing days... Anyway, skip the crap! Let's see some foods instead!

Garlic bread for the munchers!

Pan sized pizza! Hey, everyone loves it once in a while!

Soya bean drinks? Teh C Peng? You name it!

Curry Chicken soup with rice!

Steam Chicken Rice a.k.a traditional chicken rice menu...

Garena MHLR October Season's Live Streaming

MHLR also known as Malaysia High Level Room is made for similiar league plays every few months. Approximately a 1 or 2 months, there'll be MHLR hosted eversince 2008 January. The purpose of this league is to award teams and members with Membership of Garena! Giving them the ability to get into rooms without waiting, ban powers and etc...

I have mentioned MHLR as in forecasting one replays before by Vs2 team which is also SMMDotA's Grand Final powerhouse that was able to play with Kingsurf on the very same bracket. Well for this! MHLR streaming will be announced like any other leagues or tournament such as KODE5, MYM , DL or any other tourney like LAN with streamers across worldwide. The ability of streamers are as high as platinum members. Well, you have to be qualified to be streamers too. The requirements is that of applying a real job interview. Not much to say! Try to enjoy this few online tournaments! It'll bring lots of experiences and also for LAN tournaments! Join when necessary!

Well known players in online teams giving out the best fights at Finals! Be sure to be active at Garena everytime to witness this very few matchups!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Interview DotA player SovietXz of former DNA-WnG

RollsRoyce : How long do you join DNA-WnG?

SovietXz : 3 months.

RollsRoyce : What team are you currently at by now?

SovietXz : Teamless.

RollsRoyce : Do you hope to join future tournaments in LAN or Online?

SovietXz : Currently without a team. I have nothing much to say at all.

RollsRoyce : So what team do you wish to join in future for DotA tournament?

SovietXz : Not really sure. Still thinking...

RollsRoyce : What does DNA-WnG achieved in the past?

SovietXz : I think WCG Malaysia semi-finalist.

RollsRoyce : So, what's your favourite hero and role the moment you play DotA?

SovietXz : Tormented Soul, Lion , Warlock, Necrolyte and so on. My roles should preferably be supporter and ganker role.

Is there any divisions in between DNA DotA team?

SovietXz: DNA-SK , DNA-RsT & DNA-WnG as 3 divisions of DNA DotA i guess.

Are the divisions of DNA DotA still ongoing?

SovietXz: DNA-RsT & DNA WnG has been disbanded so far in within DNA DotA division.

Ok so i guess that's it for the interview now. Enjoy your gaming days fellow MHLR referees! Glad to have you as my 2nd interviewed gamer!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

SMMDotA Grand Finals 2008

Final Standings:

Gold1st China EHOME
Silver2nd Singapore eVo`XtC
Bronze3rd China CaNt

Following is the confirmed prizes for SGNDT'08:

· 36,000.00 Cash
· 5 x Seagate Maxtor 120GB external Hard drive
· 5 x Steelseries Siberia Neckband Headset
· 5 x Warcraft Battlechest

· 18,000.00 Cash
· 5 x Seagate Maxtor 120GB external Hard drive
· 5 x Steelseries Fullsize Headset
· 5 x Warcraft Battlechest

· 10,000.00 Cash
· 5 x Seagate Maxtor 120GB external Hard drive
· 5 x Silverstone Tower Case
· 5 x Warcraft Battlechest


Kingsurf although not reaching Top 3 gets 4th placing with Fnatic at 5th!

Teams such as Survivor (MkvL) , W4si & PGA has done well in reaching Top 8 !

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Old Tournament Bracket Setup

I had recently made my free time to build up a table of brackets which was for the purpose of remembering my 2 game tournament/contest that I've entered and won significantly. I roughly estimated my opponent in these 2 brackets just to remember what I've won in the past gaming years. I guess this was what inspired me to enter lots of small to big online tournament/LAN in around 2008 ongoing... Yeah count in DotA and CS in advance!

Tekken Tag history updates yet again!!! At 2001, managed to get a Champion and i was quite well played with Tekken series but not for now haha... Basic maneuvers and tactical movements is what i used to smoothly take away the title... This was finished at Singapore's venue @ Star Cruise Virgo which organised this... And they had the Sega Rally championship as well which I've not participated... The days still calls for my awake and announcement in this very blog. RollsRoyce awakes in that moment.

For this... I have managed to reached the 2nd place and managed to played one very good match with Ryu in one song which i couldn't remember already. And the champion is really experienced with his arrow keys... I'm more like an all-range genre gamer so I understand that his really adept at music games... So I don't seem to know his nickname so I placed Spec Guy as his name to record my 2007's Stepmania progress in bracket.

Friday, November 21, 2008

SMMDotA 2008 Grand Final

In a week's time, a DotA tournament with one of the largest prize pools, SMM Grand National Dota Tournament (SGNDT) will be held from 21st - 23rd November 2008 (Friday - Sunday) in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



SMMDotA 2008's Overall Team Listings

Invited Teams:
1. Fnatic
2. Rush3d
3. Ehome
5. SG.Mineski
6. Impreza
7. Evo-Xtc
8. PMS Asterisk
9. PMS Nyx

Qualified Teams:
10. Kingsurf
11. Cybertime (Hiphop)
12. Cybertime (Achilles)
13. v2'mKvL
14. U.C.P.R.O.'tBun w4si
15. Penang ICE
16. Gizmo Mix
17. ENSP-Freedom
18. NGL
19. PGA
20. Vs2
21. Fn'Bkt
22. Imbanology
23. WLY2
24. Glow
25. DNA-SK
26. Bazooka
27. Surf Empire
28. Ftz
29. BGL
30. F'day
31. Say-Thanks
32. Fishnet Miao
33. Show Net
34. Survivor.
35. Re'
36. FC
37. VrDb
38. V-Gust
39. NC1
40. Ice-butter
41. gp2
42. The Net
43. Ice 2
44. Epic
45. Fishnet Eternal.

All the best to every state DotA team qualifiers as well as the world's international popular teams! You name it! They got it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Samsung King of The Hill Season 4

SKOTH 4 Online Tournament includes DotA , Call of Duty 4 and Warcraft III which are now open for registration! Watcha waiting for?

The actual logo of SKOTH

The current signups for SKOTH 4's DotA team list and from the above graph there's still more teams and this is just part of the actual team list... You'll see various Malaysian team such as NsP , TNT Gaming , Frekuensi G Malaya , Survivor , Penang Ice and so on listed. New teams and also experienced teams that are going competitveness is always on line for future tournament! Stay tune as SKOTH 4's 3 different game title tournament will start around holiday periods!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gizmo Gamer @ Counter Strike Spree

Lately, my new modem Zyxel is installed but seems like Streamyx is down for the area connection. I went to Gizmo Gamers for nearly 2 days just to play CS, DotA , HighStreet5 etc... Well it was nice ! =) Counter Strike Spree below =x!

Gizmo Gamer @ CS

Just for fun! Never played cs_cock for like 8 months the least! It gives me the old time favourite... TNT bombs blasting on center map! Made Gizmo Gamer's membership !
Now i'm a "quite" regular player at DotCom & Gizmo as their membership card holder... So far only Gizmo Gamer Cyber Cafe has the membership card to keep but DotCom is based on the system records so no cards. ;P Fine to me anyway...

RollsRoyce's Gizmo Gamers membership card

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

KFC + Hong Kong Noodle House = Dual Food

Lately, went to KFC for lunch as well as other days at Hong Kong Noodle House. Overall nice!

Colonel Rice Combo...

Taken at Hong Kong Noodle House.

Plain Chicken Noodle which cost RM3 and pretty nice to chew! It has the Hong Kong style of course!

Surroundings at Hong Kong Noodle House , Saberkas.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Red Alert 3

Whatcha get from playing Red Alert 3? Of course! New units, more superweapons per 3 major forces namely Allied , Soviets & Empire of The Rising Sun! Showcasing some screenshots taken from the in-game and let's you know how it feels like to touch "epic" RTS game. My rating for RA3 will go around 81% out of 100% rating. Overall a pretty nice masterpiece upgraded from the RA2 we have played 5 years or least ago...

RA3's game menu!

You don't want to mess with Empire of The Rising Sun's troop... Or maybe YES!

Soviet's mission where you use Natasha in early campaigns to take out enemy units.

The tutorial consist of 3 different tanks with their "robot talks" under 3 different country. You'll see funny quotes and shots from either tanks. They are the Tutorial Mode's instructor!

PeaceKeeper : Allied's new soldier unit with shotguns.

You'll hear "Kirov Reporting" yet again with the original Kirov Airship back in action! The smile on the big fat baloons!

Each campaign's victory will access you to the score graph concerning your commander's name with your co-commander feature which helps you through campaign mode. Pretty nice feature! Commander 1 : RollsRoyce (that's me) while Commander 2 : Oleg (the AIs) your co-commander's overall progress...

Command & Conquer : Red Alert 3 immerses you into a new battlefield of 3 big nations you can't miss!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

DotCom Cyber Cafe

Never actually blogged at DotCom Cyber Cafe before... Well, i made a membership under DotCom so as you may know that your gaming time cost will get lesser. That's the sort of benefit in it. So anyway, DotCom new member "RollsRoyce" arisen!

The actual OneClient's for DotCom Members Only!