Monday, November 24, 2008

Interview DotA player SovietXz of former DNA-WnG

RollsRoyce : How long do you join DNA-WnG?

SovietXz : 3 months.

RollsRoyce : What team are you currently at by now?

SovietXz : Teamless.

RollsRoyce : Do you hope to join future tournaments in LAN or Online?

SovietXz : Currently without a team. I have nothing much to say at all.

RollsRoyce : So what team do you wish to join in future for DotA tournament?

SovietXz : Not really sure. Still thinking...

RollsRoyce : What does DNA-WnG achieved in the past?

SovietXz : I think WCG Malaysia semi-finalist.

RollsRoyce : So, what's your favourite hero and role the moment you play DotA?

SovietXz : Tormented Soul, Lion , Warlock, Necrolyte and so on. My roles should preferably be supporter and ganker role.

Is there any divisions in between DNA DotA team?

SovietXz: DNA-SK , DNA-RsT & DNA-WnG as 3 divisions of DNA DotA i guess.

Are the divisions of DNA DotA still ongoing?

SovietXz: DNA-RsT & DNA WnG has been disbanded so far in within DNA DotA division.

Ok so i guess that's it for the interview now. Enjoy your gaming days fellow MHLR referees! Glad to have you as my 2nd interviewed gamer!

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