Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Royce` is now the current vice president of ESS E-Sports Club (Sarawak) and also ex-Cyberline event crew!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bukit Mata Seafood

OneJaya Shopping Mall
4th Floor

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sarawak E-Sports

Electronic Sports, abbreviated e-Sports is used as a general term to describe the play of video games competitively. Other terms include competitive gaming, professional gaming, cybersports and V-Sports.

In Sarawak, there are clubs that are formed to promote and improve the scene. I have joined so far two so I'll be talking about it. Firstly, most of the gaming clubs are made so that tournaments can be organized smoothly and schedules to be set properly. Other things do involve sponsorship and collaborations with big organizers such as SMM , ESWC in order to go further. My roles were promoting and also to survey the scenes that made the glory with our Malaysian refined professional players which mostly situated at Selangor state. But for Sarawak due to it's East Malaysia border region, it's already carved similar steps and will still go on until everything's up to standard.

Gizmo Cyber Cafe's T.R.U E-Sports Club

Cyberline side-based ESS E-Sports Sarawak Club

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Malaysia DotA Clan War

Just some end-game screenshots of my favourite few game in the past and present for DotA. Utilizing roles such as pusher , semi-carry and ganker is what I've been playing in clan war mixed game and sometimes battling against full team opponent. I posted for the sake of remembering the times I've spent in Malaysia DotA Clan War Room at Garena. In games of a different level than public games, expect that any decent to skilled players stand a chance to win and lose with the mix within for experience. Have a look!

IGN : MY.RollsRoyce

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swinburne Prom Night 2010

The Swinburne Prom Night: The Walk of Fame

It is a one night only event where final year students and guest will gather to dine and dance with their friends in a grand environment of the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK), the host of this year's prom.

The theme of this year's Prom Night is the Walk of Fame : Celebrity Night.
It is theme where it gives students the opportunity to dress elegantly like a Angelina Jolie, cool like Johnny Depp or dress Gaga'ish like Lady Gaga.

In this prom, the students are going to experience a cocktail dining style, a style where food and drink will be provided at the corner of the hall and there is no designated place for students to sit or dine, instead they are free to move around to interact with each other and have fun. What awaits them at this event is The Dance.

Their will be tables and chair on the side for the student who wants to sit and enjoy the evening But the greater part of the evening will involve student participation. The main idea of this arrangement is to involve the student to have FUN.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SUPP Open DotA Championship 2010

Event by:
SUPP Pending Branch
Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA) Sarawak

Champion - RM 1,200 + Trophy + Gold Medal
1st Runner up - RM 600 + Trophy + Silver Medal
2nd Runner up - RM 300 + Trophy + Bronze Medal
3rd Runner up - RM 150

Certificate of Participation for every participants.
Every team advanced to 2nd Round will entitled RM 30 as reward.

Lucky Draw Event @2nd Day Before Prize Giving Ceremony.
Lucky draw prizes include :

1 Razer Mouse DeathAdder
1 Razer Mouse CopperHead
1 Razer Mouse Abyssus
10 Logitech MX-518 Mouse

SUPP finalized tournament bracket!

The venue's floor plan showing gaming booths and competitor's arena!

Registered Team List:
1. xCeon-|
2. Gizmo Gaming Mix
3. Djan
4. Ghost Shadow
5. x|GL
6. z`Team
7. ResurrecXion
8. Mars
9. Got Super Power
10. C.B.L Marketing Co. (Team BB`)
11. Devastationz
12. D&C Accesorries
13. Genki
14. E|OG
15. V.Ghost
16. S N Y
17. N(we)(are)B
18. Shine
19. R V G
20. D|Spirit
21. 1 Malaysia
22. First-Timer
23. I-Gamer
24. Don't Laugh at US
25. EPIC
27. x|ao
28. Dr3@m3r
29. L x R
30. P2P Gaming
31. Nameless
32. Enyalius
33. C R Z
34. CL.Kidz
35. 4ever Team
36. 8 POINT
37. Mad Death
38. Pikachu
39. Kabuterioz
42. N L C
46. LCK
47. Lazer Team
48. OVer
49. Vanquisher
50. G|L
51. J 4 F
52. DMC
53. GSW
55. ProFeeD
56. SoShi
57. AP
58. Mochi
59. S.M
60. Gnotuts
61. Ex-oDus
62. BZ
63. Bliss

Who shall emerge as the semi finalist top 4 and champion? I have my bets on team xCeon-| , Gizmo Gaming Mix , P2P.Gaming & Enyalius etc. Winners on the actual 13-14th November of this tournament will be shown across Lowyat.net , Facebook and my blog entry of course.

The actual tournament winners are:-

Champion - Gizmo Gaming Mix
2nd Place - LCK
3rd Place - xCeon-|
4th Place - Enyalius

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tempura King Prawns

Cheesy lava stuff crust Hawaiian Chicken flavor

Crispy golden brown for the chew!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Revival Of Team

I have made and joined several teams locally in Sarawak to make myself progress and show my skills in few tournaments but there is still a long road for me to satisfy my records and winning achievements. But regardless, I'm very happy that I can battle against all senior and strong teams alike. My dream is to be a international/state DotA player as for electronic gaming sports and it is already on it's path but due to my degree studies and stuff. I may have to struggle between various stuffs which hinders my full prowess. Reasons for me to write this was to record teams that I have joined officially in tournaments and played my role as semi-ganker and supporter.

Team OMG was one of my earliest first succesful team I formed to battle at Cozee II's tournament and reached 8th placing.

Team Inner/PTK was my second team officially that lasted for two and a half months where we fought remarkably at Gizmo DotA Fever weekly tournament and went for finals at least once. Was the best formation that beaten Cyberline's team consisting of veterans whereas ours were half veterans and new potentials.

Team SDT was my third team officially that has proven to several teams we can compete on any university and local tournaments as long we trained hard. But we never put in effort to trainings due time constraint but at least clinched 2nd place from Swinburne DotA Championship to mark our team's name in history.

Hopefully I will form or either be joined with a consistent teams that requires me as main or substitute! I have many roles in e-sports so I would not just stick to just playing. Most importantly, to make more of the teams I played with more successful and stronger! In the year 2011 to come, I have decided to reform several teams and go as far as possible. As for now, I am invited to be a marshall in a prestigious DotA tournament called SUPP to witness new teams and powerhouses that yearns to compete in Malaysia for quite some time.