Saturday, October 27, 2007


Softnyx is a great company that host Gunbound, Rakion and finally WolfTeam. In my own opinion, this game company is one of the best out there despite some lags in between the 3 games.

So as said " The company generates revenue by selling in-game items for real money" that significantly enhance one's in-game characters. " quoted by some websites. I respect their ways to earn our money and we can be sure to just throw in some for better goods :P~

Enough for the little talk, nows time to show you my historical screen shots that was made! Yes, i just played the game recently and it's a nice FPS if without lags of course =\ So you could see how far i can progress, i'm a amateur FPS who plays CS,Battlefield 2,Unreal,Quake,Doom for a long time so... You could expect the same theory =p Here's the screenshots finally...


Blood Wolf streak kills for new players to WolfTeam is considered owning o.o"
Here's the streak killing bonus title:
Baby Wolf (200 WP)
Battle Wolf (225 WP)
Elite Wolf (250 WP)
Blood Wolf (275 WP)
Monster Wolf (300 WP)
Death Wolf (325 WP)
Master Wolf (350 WP)
Perfect Wolf (375 WP)


Hohoho~ Death Wolf streak as for my 2nd day playing and thus gets me nearer to Perfect Wolf streak pretty soon. So practise! If you have skills obtained from playing other FPS like CS,you'll definitely advance here faster. My ranks sort of higher rank by now...


4 Combo Deaths =D


The addition to this FPS is that you have Wolf Transform ability which rocks. It's best you explore the features in it =) . Getting the form of Guardian Wolf will let you have 800 Hitpoints but with a relatively slow movement speed.


Two enemies down! Snipe your enemy and don't camp! >_<"

Shadow Wolf... Another immense form of the Wolf Transform which makes you invincible at certain parts like when your crouching and backstabbing your enemies. It's also very weak due to it's same amount of HP like normal Wolves. But it could get lots of kills if you practiced and manage your controlling well!

Enjoy playing the game if you could! That's all to my latest update!
WolfTeam, you go!!!

My IGN as usual : RollsRoyce

Friday, October 19, 2007

After Dark

Can't deny the fact this is one of the 2nd to 3rd best Bleach's Openings ever! =) The tune is catchy and it actually relates to Ichigo's power and the others while invading Las Noches. The Huenco Mundo arc has just began...


The allmighty Asian Kung-Fu Generation's latest song has brought the spirits of Bleach back again...let again the last 6th Opening's Alone, both kicks serious butt as collections of top Bleach songs!


Yea...why i'm showing this? Well basically all of this are zanpaktohs and quincy bows which was animated for the song's opening. Anyway i don't have much to write out but i hope you will get catched to the song's tune. It really rocks!~

Thanks for reading on latest Bleach's Song entry! ^_^ v

Saturday, October 6, 2007


This is one of the best simulator eversince O2Jam's Unofficial O2Mania was created. This was based on the Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan ! There's also more than just this... Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 was the 2nd version to this great top selling game for Nintendo DS. But now since some good old programmer's created this based on the game itself. Why not try it? ^_^ Here's some photo taken throughout my play.