Thursday, February 28, 2008

CabalSEA Opening Details

Three photos of CabalSEA above is credits to !

Close Beta To Open Beta CabalSEA NEWS:

Dear Cabalists,

Today marks the end of Closed Beta, held from 22nd February - 27th February 2008.

We will like to thank everyone who were invited to the Closed Beta for their feedback and support.

We regret to inform you that there will be a character wipe in Closed Beta but your Login Details will remain the same in Open Beta!

Please do show us your continuous support in CABAL Open Beta slated to arrive soon in early March 2008!

Stay tuned to for the release date of Open Beta!

- CabalSEA Administrator

Can't wait to rumble at this game =) Stay tune for more reviews and informations of other games! I'll be usually on food galores and arts update but as long there's new games..I'll post as possible o.O!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Politic Songs 2008

DAP's Just Change - DAP 2008 Election Campaign Song (English Version

改变 - 民主行动党全国大选竞选主题曲 (Chinese Version)


SUPP's Say "NO" to DAP - MP3 Song

Enjoy the songs for the Malaysia Campaign 2008!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Restaurant Only Mee

Located at the 1st floor of the airport. There you have it! Restaurant Only Mee!?

This section is more on breakfast/supper types of meal. (Sandwiches,burgers,French fries and such)

The chicken rice and normal lunch & dinner section!

Fast food section!!!

Need chicken rice? Order then!

Owh "Yea right"! Where's the usual "Watch us make fresh noodles" when there's empty machine waiting for you n.n!

I ordered the plain chicken rice costing over RM7.90 i think.

Nice formation?! Quite...

Yeah... and again i posted the location in a better view! See the ramen bowl figure? XD

Itadakimasu!!! Chicken soup + steam chicken = *bites*

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Advertlets The 30 DON Package

The winner package has just arrived!

Made specially by Buena Vista International (The Disney's Affiliation)!

Given an XL shirt which is very cool indeed ^_^

30 DON's CD Pouch! It looks like steel!

A photo of the 30 DON Flask and 30 DON CD Pouch...

Wah!!! Too many stickers to stick le!

CD Pouch glares at you!

So far in this Buena Vista's winning package, i obtained a t-shirt, flask , torch light , cd pouch , lots of stickers from Adverlets o_O!

Arigato gozaimas to our community, Advertlets!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chap Goh Mei

Few days during Chinese New Year, i had been to some occasions such as open house and invited steamboat meal! Haha... even though not much i take due to "Pai-sehness" , so i just took a few of photos. Check it below!

Uhhh yeah! 20 cent chocolates! Had a bet with it with friends playing Blackjack 21. Whoever gets Double will eventually take most of it. So as the photo above says, i did win it. Meh =.= !

Coca-cola!? -_-" It's a steamboat meal with my friend's Hao Jun & Heng as we ate a lot with a few of their family members. I was just invited to eat it all! Oops! Forgot to take the steamboat pic! :O !

See what we cooked? Beefs, chickens, sausages and few seafood stuffs... The best would be eating lots of "Steamboat Chicken!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First 8 to answer these Advertlets related questions correctly get RM88!

I'll try my best based on informations and intelligence made through internet tracking. Here goes !

1. Advertlets has a new ad campaign for a new client that will run in multiple countries. Guess how many countries will it be running in?

Answer: 8 countries. That new ad campaign is Countries include China, Hong Kong , Australia , Singapore , India , Japan , Malaysia & New Zealand!

2. February 14 is a significant date. As I am single this year, what will me and the Advertlets team most likely be spending the next few late nights working on, and announcing/launching on Feb 14? Hint: Most relationships are based on one person and how many parties?

Answer: Advertlets will announce the next version of Advertlets of 2.0 at the very same date and also Advertlet's club for all members signed into it especially those celebrating Valentine's Day will surely look on latest news at Advertlets!

3. When was Advertlets founded, and what will we most likely launch on our first anniversary?

Answer: The answer would be 9th March 2007. It's already on the Archives Link as a hint. First anniversary should be around 9th March 2008!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone around the world!

Gundam Dynames - First Grade

2nd Gundam Collection!!! Yes!!! Bought another Gundam model for RM26.90! >_>" More expensive than Gundam Exia though~

Gundam Dynames!

1/144 Scale Model...

Finished building this nearly the same as my 1st Gundam model xD!

Gundam Dynames : "Yo, wanna get sniped?"

I'm ready to burst my rifle!!!

That's it for my second ever Gundam model i collected so far. Stay tune for more good stuff to check on!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Gundam Exia - First Grade

It's been a long time since i attempt to buy some Gundam models just to be my game and figures collection. Well, just think like I'm going to start to slowly buy some Gundam figures =) Gundam Exia from Gundam 00 series is now mine! The start of collecting might come again! It starts now~!

Bought for at least RM22.90 !

Buying Gundam Exia makes me think of buying the others next time...

Woah! Time to build Exia up!

Got this? The common catalogue you would see in Gundam model's package.

sniperzreborn's Gundam Exia is built!

My very first record and foremost the fresh experience cost me to build this Gundam Exia in about 58 minutes to 1 hour 5 minutes at least!

Hope to assemble as quick the next time lol... Might be buying Gundam Dynames,Kyrios and Union Flag Custom next time for real!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What Do You Do During Chinese New Year's Lunch & Dinner Break?

KFC around Choice Premier supermarket

KFC's Colonel Rice Combo Is T3h Win!

Mix with your colonel rice for gravy and juicy feel!

Celebrate eating sessions with KFC's Chinese New Year? xD!

Chicago7's fast food outlet

Chicken burger at Chicago7 is delicious!

=3 Two cucumber looking at ya! Eat them all!


Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese New Year Homemade Cakes

Which do you think is the tastiest o.o? It's the one with yams and sweet chocolates!

Chinese New Year "Sneak Peek On Relative House"

Been to visit several times since 2005... (Hint: Catcity's Datuk houses)
Me can bring you there o_O!

Yeah...yeah... the sausage dog gangs again... Lol... one of the sausage gangs have nice eyes (due to my SE phone's Light function)

Another visit of my other relative's house... No time to took special photos of their mansion xD!! Just one of the corners of the living room.

Well! That's all the little sneak peek of my relative's houses! Happy Chinese New Year ^_^

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year Angpaus

Angpau >-<"

How much is inside? Me no want know ._." Well it's a secret xD~

Before CNY 2008, here's a video on the situation in Catscity area!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Banquet Restaurant

To celebrate Chinese New Year differently, a whole new dish with seafoods and mix varieties of ducks and mushrooms are added for dinner or lunch!

Banquet Restaurant's RM250++ food consisting of seasoned mushroom, gigantic size mushrooms and so on... It's a nice dish to enjoy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008 T-Shirt Obtained!

Yeshhh! Finally got my hands on the T-shirt i ordered from friend Kiam. Heh... Here's the photo of it. And of course that's for today o_O! Gomen! Will update on games and other stuffs pretty soon... Hint : *Chinese New Year!!!*

It's a shirt! Really! =) Just took the trademark and yes it's a fitting shirt for most members who bought it. Around the cost of RM20+++ and you could get yourself one!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Catcity's 中原 Restaurant

Yup another chinese restaurant that i'm gonna show in Catscity! Last time, i reviewed on 陈记 restaurant and for today, it's a new one where the Choice Premier shopping market is nearby!
Let me show you the photos of the restaurant's background and foods i ate!

The small yet cozy chinese restaurant view... That's the cashier counter in front if you noticed!

Table designs are black o_O!

中原's menu list

Me ordered soya-bean drink and there you go! A glass with a black straw xD!

Soya sauce hohoho! Traditional huh?!

I took a photo of 三杯鸡 that I'm eating.

Ate a lot until left one more beancurd -.- It's a rather unique style of making this braised beancurds. It's delicious IMO...

Finally! The most expensive dish out of all the dishes i took. The 清蒸 fish dish! RM38.00 and the sauce and the fish is absolutely delicious!

Say hello to the 清蒸 fish I'm gonna eat! *Chomped*

Lol! that's all about Catcity's 中原 restaurant!