Monday, November 26, 2007

WolfTeam Pawnage

Today... i'll start posting photos of ROFLness in WolfTeam... But first I finally grasp on some cool and funny ownage which you will see soon... Yeah.. Perfect Wolf Streak comes in every once a while >_> LAG 1337!!!


Ok... this starts with the streak going like nuts... Those two campers didn't spotted me :(... Too bad for them... Though with my hitpoints at 13!


Uhhh... after pawning 2 guys who just camps earlier on... i was alerted that some players would have reach my place... u know what i did? -.- A narrow jump & slash swing and he was done for...


Oopps... Perfect Wolf!!! Maximum streak =.= Just for a 2 minute rampage on their base camp site....

Kaka....was quite enjoying the match @@" Anyway,thanks for surfing round here!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cadaver Calculator

$6250.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

Honolulu Dating

This web is basically calculating your afterlife's body =.= Just searched it over at some guy's blog. =D Pretty cool...i must say.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

KFC Runover

2nd mini dining table for the KFC's

Yummy little things.. you want to chew?

Final Exam Or Not ? There's some sleek preview of a player who is a lone-wolf of Counter Strike... :P Nah not showing... XD

Owh yeah, you could actually expect my favourite guns (AWP,Scout,USP,Glock,AK47) and so much more.
More games to play soon as it's sort of holiday time!!!
The list of games I'm playing as followed below :

Ragnarok Online
Counter Strike 1.6

Woot pretty much could go on for the long run of holidays eh? Hope you all having holidays at any colleges a happy day! And SPM students who got the free time surfing here. Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fried Noodle The Second Coming

Maggi's Fried Noodle Package!! Take the soya sauce and crispy seasonings and start to mix it!

Cook your noodles and wait for 3 to 5 minutes.

Try mixing package seasonings with the noodles!

It's ready to be served! Once again! Saucier than my first stage mastery noodle guide! Bwahahaha! *Chomp*

Saturday, November 17, 2007

How To Cook Fried Noodle

Not much details to explain. Here's my guide on how to cook your own "Fried Noodle" Using the instant fried chicken noodle "Presiden" for the guide on cooking noodles. Let's start by following up the photo guidance given below!

Firstly, grab your saucey little thingy out of the package. Mix it in a bowl so you could mix with your noodles after it's being cooked.

On second step, get the package seasonings out and mix it in a small bowl. Make sure the soya sauce and noodle oil are mixed until it is stacked.

On the third phase, watch as your noodle gets steamed for around 3 minutes in between.

Later, mix your seasonings with your cooked noodles... Mix Mix Mix is all you need!

Enjoy your very own fried chicken noodle! Add some steamed chicken you cooked if necessary!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Retro Games

Ok... just for instance, i started playing games since 1994? What!? This Is Madness!!! No... This is GAMER!!! >_< (cut off from SpARTAA!!!WooPS : > ) Anyway.... ever since the reach of 90's, cartridge games are always famous in that decade, including 70's and 80's where most electronic gaming devices are made out! This began..... the power of games such as Contra,
Mortal Kombat ( You like Fatality, aren't you ? ) , Mario (in his very own 2d template XD ) .... and so on...

So.... what i'm gonna say today is what you see and believe!

Woah what do u think it is!?




................. Verifying cartridge game (the so-called)

......................... Transmitting bytes (yea get a move on already!)



Contra 4!!! For Nintendo DS.... You like it? Support Nintendo then! Play and know the classic of Contra series o.O!


Spoiler Alert! Stage 7's boss revealed :P played by the SwatWolf =3 You should guess who this guy is then XD


Heheh... with Contra 4 game, you can scroll to the "EXPLORE MODE" where you can scroll through lots of Contra series from the SEGA Genesis, PS1,PS2, Gameboy Color series of it's very own. The one i'm viewing upon is the.... old PS1's 3D version... Been there... Do-er the boss already XD!

OOOOooohhh. And now.... i'm gonna show you something interesting that'll spill your excitement (Hint: Dance Games? What you mean!? O.o )

Guess..... try guessing... it may be O2JAM or it maybe not....

Or it could be the SDO!? What's SDO? (Super Dancer Online!)

Stepmania? =3 Nahh

It's.... actually just a surprise of PSP's Audition!!!!


Hey.... get a PSP and this game's all yours somehow.... I prefer you buy this game if you liked the original AuditionSEA or whatever online =3 ! Have fun.... Guess that's all for my "Surprised Game"

Stay tune for more... need cool games? Comment is all you need brotha! XD

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sony Ericsson K550i

Not much updated due to that phone seller... I do think they lack management skills and also the way to please their customers. In my mind, they have a LOT to improve. Basically, they mentioned Monday (12th November) would be the day that'll arrived, but in the end, it's like night-time and then i got my phone around Tuesday.... But noticed a faulty in the Zoom + , - of my handphone... Geez... so i called back the phone seller and they decided to pay back another new K550i... It'll better be 100% good! Or i won't be buying any phones from them anymore! Hint : This T-Mobile shop is somewhere around BDC. You might know which... man i'm disappointed really.. But it's ok not to have a handphone on my pocket for like 2 days!? (During college period)... I really REALLY hope that the shop improve their skills in pushing people to give their customers the warranty they want (new handphones) as fast as possible. I'm still here waiting.... waiting.... So this is my latest entry which sort of "disappointed" me and drops faith in buying at that "so-called shop" .

That's all for today! Soon, if the K550i is a full completion without faulty keypads or so, i'll definitely show lots of photos and cool stuffs soon. But by then, D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T !!!
Nuff said.

Friday, November 9, 2007

N-Gage QD

Well, guess it's time to say farewell to my 3rd collection of my hand phone. My very 1st hand phone was Motorola C350 and then Sony Ericsson T610. Finally, N-Gage QD was considered my 3rd used phone. Yeah, i know i don't go for fancy types of phone eh. I spend more on PC Games and other stuffs. So you know ^o^" So um mm.... Can't wait to grab a great featured hand phone from the SE series. You will see sooner enough XD~ Therefore, here's memories of my phone! Actually, i never traded in my phone for a new one. I simply just collect but times changed.... My 1st phone was given to one of my relatives side cause they need it especially the no-use uncle(don't even want to mention). Found out that my Motorola C350 was spoilt too just as with my Ericsson's t610 which happen to spoil earlier than my first due to long term use or just basically sold off. Don't remember... But anyway, my upcoming 4th hand phone history will be revealed! It will be a hand phone that i won't change for like for 3 till 4.5 years! Trust me! It's Sony Ericsson at its best! It has all the camera softwares,3d games, big memory space , nice camera features , cool stereo mp3 player. It's at a relatively cheap price also as it's selling early ever since the 1st quarter of 2007.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

30 Days of Night with Advertlets

Stumbled upon this contest, i began researching on this movie's rating and also how it is like. To my point of view, it is better for strong-hearted people to watch. Argh, and if you wanna see this movie furthermore, believe in your holy self and just watch it out! Ahh.. anyway, here's the advertisement on the latest film from the makers of Spiderman The Movie!


What would you do if you were stuck in Barrow, Alaska, for 30 days of night?

Well, if i were to be stuck in Barrow, Alaska, for 30 days of night, i would actually grab myself a chainsaw as my weapon and aims any vampires that lurk alone. One by one, i'll slice them out with my head shot skills. And if any other vampire came in to ambush me, i'll quickly dodge and just get to a nearby deserted house to hide and wait for another counterattack!

Ahem... the chainsaw i mentioned is something like this!


The most famous zombie/vampire killing weapon you ever seen!

And also, while surviving the 30 days Of Night in Barrow, Alaska , i'll grab up any nearby guns and pistols once my chainsaw will be rusted by killing off hundreds of vampire and not effective to kill them off! So i'll be rushing to small houses and cottages to acquire sufficient amount of bullets and weapons to clear off those vicious vampires slowly. And of course! I'll grab myself a lighter so that i can target certain areas of Barrow and light up with a barrel of gas waiting to explode among those freaky vampires! My tactic to use lighter is to burn up a huge area of location where the vampires would have lurk and once i burn the ground, most zombies will be incinerated gradually! While dodging some who survives, i'll grab any guns available such as magnum revolver and shoot their head steadily! HEAD SHOT !
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Guns like this will surely be found from any deserted houses what!? It's just like your playing Resident Evil ! XD!

Not just that, i'll also grab myself a torch light so that i can see clearly in the night while i hunt for more vampires ! Yes! Of course! If i'm stucked into some place filled with vampires, i'm certainly more than enough with my shooting skills learnt from FPS games. Real guns are nothing to me! So anyway, if i obtained torch light, i could light out suspicious vampires who are sleeping or either not looking at my direction, so i'll just smash in 1 of my magnum bullets to poof their head off!

I'll also be on a lookout for Kevlar vest left by some deserted police stations and equip it as my survival battle set! And once i felt that the vampires are gradually decreasing, i'll just hid under my secret made tunnel where it's more or less like a mountain cave to hide and sleep while setting up a alarm set on the hidden tunnel's entrance!

Definitely out of all this surviving tactic and method acquired, i'll definitely survive myself out of the 30 Days Of Nights against vampires! And also to escape once any choppers have arrived after i reached a designated point where i create a flare so to signal the choppers and carry me away while planning an Atomic Bomb to destroy the places filled with vampire! That's more or less the end of those vampire's hunting ground! Once the other parts of country will launch the Atomic Bomb after i'm being rescued after the 30 days of madness, i'll have to say " Ala vista, monster!" The sun has finally acquired the light to burn off all the vampires after 30 days of Night! Mission Accomplished!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Bleach's Chapter 298 Overview

Anyway, i'll be posting the manga dialogues and what's gonna happen : ) Some photos uploaded from the latest manga! Intruderz 3 !!! =3 Kenpachi is having his "Show-Time" literally >.>

Ichigo: “Is this really Zaraki Kenpachi!?”

Kenpahci: “Eh? What happened to you, you're falling apart."

Tesla: “Who are you?”

Kenpachi: …

Tesla: “too lazy to reply? Then I will make you disappear”

Nnoitra: “Idiot!!! Get out of there Tesla!!!”

Tesla is cut by Kenpachi

Tesla: “Nnoi..tra sama.”

Kenpachi “next”


Kenpachi: “Well bring it on, I will finish you next.”

Nnoitra and Kenpachi glare at each other

Ichigo: “Soul Society members have come but I thought this wasn’t your fight..”

Kenpachi kicks Ichigo aside.

点でジイさんから幾つか指令が 出されてた その一つが黒腔という穴倉を安定させて万全の状態で隊長格を虚圏へ通行可能にすること 」
Kenpachi: “You are in the way. That Urahara Kisuke. The idiot decided not to wait for the winter as decided by the General Commander and let you through to Hueco Mundo therefore we were permitted to enter.

Back with Szayel. He turns to the rear.

剣八「最初は三ヶ月かかるって話だったその仕事をあの野郎は一ヶ月で仕上げると言ってたらしい んだが
Kenpachi: “When your friend was taken away the old man said we had 3 months but why wait when we can do it in one month.”

Yachiru: “YAY! An so because of that finally Ken can come through also!”

Kenpachi: Yachiru! You leave it! Really..”

Szayel: “and who are you?”

Kenpachi: “Well me alone would have been enough but it’s not the case.”

Over two pages we see Unohana, Bya and Mayuri. (the guy forgot their names).

From here the scenes keep changing from one to the other.

Le Roux: “And might I ask who you are?” To Byakuya.

Unohana: “I am the 13 divisions 4th division captain Unohana Retsu.”

Isane: “And therefore that makes me assistant captain of 4th division Isane Kotetsu.”

Exqu guy: “Captain!”

Szayel: “Judging from that haori you are a captain I suppose.” To Mayuri.

Le Roux: “I am the 7th Espada Le Roux. Identify yourself Intruder.” To Byakuya.

Mayuri: “kukuku…this guy…there is no need to answer you if indeed it was a question?”

Byakuya: “I need not answer, naturally as ones older brother I will seek revenge.”

Le Roux: “Indeed..” To Byakuya.

Unohana: “We are simply here to heal injuries. We have no intention of fighting with you.”
To the execution guy.

変態博士w「破面・・・破面・・・破面・・・ククッ、十刃!ククククッ面白い!実に!虚圏は宝 の宝庫だネ! 」
Mayuri: “Arrancar…arrancar…arrancar…kuku an espada! Kukuku how amusing! Hueco Mundo is filled with treasue!”
To glasses

Byakuya: “I the older brother have just one question. Are you the one who did this to Rukia?"
To Le Roux

Le Roux: “I am not. However…I was going to finish it.”

Byakuya looks intimidating

Byakuya: “I see.”

The scene changes back to Nnoitra and Kenpachi. Nnoitra lands a blow on Kenpachi.

Kenpachi: “Finally he strikes and it’s not bad.”

Nnoitra: “What is your name shinigami?”

剣八「十一番隊隊長 更木剣八!」
Kenpachi: “11th division captain Zaraki Kenpachi!”

Nnoitra: “I am the 5th Espada Nnoitra Jiruga!”

The end

Originally by spacecat translation.