Friday, November 9, 2007

N-Gage QD

Well, guess it's time to say farewell to my 3rd collection of my hand phone. My very 1st hand phone was Motorola C350 and then Sony Ericsson T610. Finally, N-Gage QD was considered my 3rd used phone. Yeah, i know i don't go for fancy types of phone eh. I spend more on PC Games and other stuffs. So you know ^o^" So um mm.... Can't wait to grab a great featured hand phone from the SE series. You will see sooner enough XD~ Therefore, here's memories of my phone! Actually, i never traded in my phone for a new one. I simply just collect but times changed.... My 1st phone was given to one of my relatives side cause they need it especially the no-use uncle(don't even want to mention). Found out that my Motorola C350 was spoilt too just as with my Ericsson's t610 which happen to spoil earlier than my first due to long term use or just basically sold off. Don't remember... But anyway, my upcoming 4th hand phone history will be revealed! It will be a hand phone that i won't change for like for 3 till 4.5 years! Trust me! It's Sony Ericsson at its best! It has all the camera softwares,3d games, big memory space , nice camera features , cool stereo mp3 player. It's at a relatively cheap price also as it's selling early ever since the 1st quarter of 2007.

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