Sunday, November 4, 2007

30 Days of Night with Advertlets

Stumbled upon this contest, i began researching on this movie's rating and also how it is like. To my point of view, it is better for strong-hearted people to watch. Argh, and if you wanna see this movie furthermore, believe in your holy self and just watch it out! Ahh.. anyway, here's the advertisement on the latest film from the makers of Spiderman The Movie!


What would you do if you were stuck in Barrow, Alaska, for 30 days of night?

Well, if i were to be stuck in Barrow, Alaska, for 30 days of night, i would actually grab myself a chainsaw as my weapon and aims any vampires that lurk alone. One by one, i'll slice them out with my head shot skills. And if any other vampire came in to ambush me, i'll quickly dodge and just get to a nearby deserted house to hide and wait for another counterattack!

Ahem... the chainsaw i mentioned is something like this!


The most famous zombie/vampire killing weapon you ever seen!

And also, while surviving the 30 days Of Night in Barrow, Alaska , i'll grab up any nearby guns and pistols once my chainsaw will be rusted by killing off hundreds of vampire and not effective to kill them off! So i'll be rushing to small houses and cottages to acquire sufficient amount of bullets and weapons to clear off those vicious vampires slowly. And of course! I'll grab myself a lighter so that i can target certain areas of Barrow and light up with a barrel of gas waiting to explode among those freaky vampires! My tactic to use lighter is to burn up a huge area of location where the vampires would have lurk and once i burn the ground, most zombies will be incinerated gradually! While dodging some who survives, i'll grab any guns available such as magnum revolver and shoot their head steadily! HEAD SHOT !
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Guns like this will surely be found from any deserted houses what!? It's just like your playing Resident Evil ! XD!

Not just that, i'll also grab myself a torch light so that i can see clearly in the night while i hunt for more vampires ! Yes! Of course! If i'm stucked into some place filled with vampires, i'm certainly more than enough with my shooting skills learnt from FPS games. Real guns are nothing to me! So anyway, if i obtained torch light, i could light out suspicious vampires who are sleeping or either not looking at my direction, so i'll just smash in 1 of my magnum bullets to poof their head off!

I'll also be on a lookout for Kevlar vest left by some deserted police stations and equip it as my survival battle set! And once i felt that the vampires are gradually decreasing, i'll just hid under my secret made tunnel where it's more or less like a mountain cave to hide and sleep while setting up a alarm set on the hidden tunnel's entrance!

Definitely out of all this surviving tactic and method acquired, i'll definitely survive myself out of the 30 Days Of Nights against vampires! And also to escape once any choppers have arrived after i reached a designated point where i create a flare so to signal the choppers and carry me away while planning an Atomic Bomb to destroy the places filled with vampire! That's more or less the end of those vampire's hunting ground! Once the other parts of country will launch the Atomic Bomb after i'm being rescued after the 30 days of madness, i'll have to say " Ala vista, monster!" The sun has finally acquired the light to burn off all the vampires after 30 days of Night! Mission Accomplished!

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