Monday, November 26, 2007

WolfTeam Pawnage

Today... i'll start posting photos of ROFLness in WolfTeam... But first I finally grasp on some cool and funny ownage which you will see soon... Yeah.. Perfect Wolf Streak comes in every once a while >_> LAG 1337!!!


Ok... this starts with the streak going like nuts... Those two campers didn't spotted me :(... Too bad for them... Though with my hitpoints at 13!


Uhhh... after pawning 2 guys who just camps earlier on... i was alerted that some players would have reach my place... u know what i did? -.- A narrow jump & slash swing and he was done for...


Oopps... Perfect Wolf!!! Maximum streak =.= Just for a 2 minute rampage on their base camp site....

Kaka....was quite enjoying the match @@" Anyway,thanks for surfing round here!

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