Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ragnarok WoE Video On The Run!

Been making WoE Videos a.k.a War Of Emperium videos for Malaysia's RO Free Server Prontera for a month already... Inspired by our Mr.O, a bard of our guild, i made it in my very own style...Mixing with programs like Microsoft Word's WordArt,Fraps Recorder,VirtualDub or even the usual Windows Media Maker... I had made my own varieties... =) So... if your interested in WoE videos, today is the day i upload all my creations. It started off with me experiencing the WoE video's frame and such... so in the end i improved through every wars recorded. Of course! I had to find a safety position or stance while i record, once you press a button, it's off you go to demonstrate in within the video O_O" It's still a little bit of hard work to manage through. So i'll end my introduction... Check it out!!!

Currently 6 compilations of my WoE video is listed here! Download the latest is what i recommended! Enjoy! The dates of each WoE video is shown! So pick one and download right away!
6/11/2007 WoE
9/11/2007 WoE
13/11/2007 WoE
20/11/2007 WoE
27/11/2007 WoE
30/11/2007 WoE

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