Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hock Lee Arcade

You like arcade games? I'm sure that Sarawak's finest Hock Lee Centre provides these entertainment at the bottom ground floor. Enjoy all the photos I taken and of course played and get some pawnage! Speed car! Initial D Version 4th rocks!
SVC Vs Chaos where Kyo(me) is fighting Balrog and you can notice Kyo's head was moving so fast that you can't see him.

Soul Calibur - a great game for the PS2 on arcade is great but button keypads which is quite broken will cause gamers to face some trouble creating combos. Yeah... played this!

Initial D 3rd stage is very common in arcade places nowadays and still playing!

Takumi's AE86 arrives to sprint to the heaven! xD

House Of The Dead 4...ugh... need a PC Version plz!

Spectating gamers playing Initial D 4th Version and lots of guys are spectators too!

King Of Fighters in SVC Vs Chaos yet again...

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