Saturday, December 8, 2007

SAMS Anime Gathering

Our SAMS Anime Gathering on 7th December 2007 started with setting up around 8 AM until 4 PM. O.O" That's quite long don't you think? It was a great day -.- Well and of course it all happen in the campus! Let the pictures do the talking XD! It's a long photo of gallery ! Btw i have upgraded my upload photo function, so you'll not see highlighted green words anymore XD (was intentionally using as i'm used to it but now changing!)

The preparation starts! =0 Paper cups and plates

To the road of food!? Who's that!?

Sarsi bottle pack =x

Sneak preview! Was walking along the cafeteria... 3 friends playing Moo Moo 1.5 Warcraft map

Juggernaut or what -.-"

Kardel Sharpeye in Moo Moo? Nah.. different names different story XD

Ice Golem hero user on his leveling spree!

Moo Moo needs help!!!

Back to the gathering sessions, balloons are set up around!

Figurines being displayed at the gathering...

And there you had it! Haruhism and Shakugan No Shana figures!

Step right in this detour,sir!

Air Gear's Simca figurine =D Nice shot isn't it?

This is my bankai's zanpaktoh sword =p Real stuffs that can be used as weapon :D

Imagine your playing CS with a light saber , what would you do?!

It's being prepared around 5 PM. The show has just started o.o"

Packs of juicy sashimi's meatball are inside o.o Whatever you call it!

Photo taking of figurines and chit-chatting around....

Recorder guy a.k.a Kiam and also the food tables are behind!

You have been seduced to the dark side,brotha @.@"

So cute that you won't resist =D! Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicles!

One of the maids with her prince and Snowfish taking photo XD

A-Jay fabulous butler XD!

Lance VS Melvin VS Anwar in a katana, lightsaber and gun fight o.o!

It's finally getting to an end and those being called up was to dance Hare Hare Yukai!!! It ended with Eichi singing and then a debate between 3 v 3 guys on Anime VS Manga issues. Then it all ended today's gathering!

Woot... =D Hope you guys like it!

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