Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Xiaomi Mi 4i

It's about time I announce myself as the true fans of Xiaomi brand. Let's talk brief about my preferences. I started off sawing Xiaomi promotions and advertisement through Facebook and social medias link. To amaze me, the price of their phones were very affordable. So back in 2014, I started to purchase Redmi 1S as a kickstart back in July with Redmi Note 3G in advance. I had a longer span of using them for around a year until recently. I did sold off Redmi 1S around November as I did not used it for around roughly six months. But Redmi Note 3G has been with me until then, Mi 4i will probably be my next mid-range flagship phone. I called it my own flagship but it's not to be confused with the global audiences! Enough for the talk. Let you see my 12th smartphone I am using for almost a decades plus! In future, I might just post screenshots with relevant descriptions for eyecatching tidbits.

The pricing of Rs.12999 leads to approx. RM749 in Malaysia!

Hugo Barra with his famous Xiaomi speech giving ceremony

The wide variety of color for Mi 4i which is somewhat comparable to iPhone 5c but better

The benchmark of smartphones in 2015 proved Mi 4i being dominant

The global launch in India and it's presentation slide referring to the benchmark score surpassing 40,000 above for Mi 4i with Antutu is a plus

Hope you enjoy this short but simple post. It will launch at South East Asia region this coming May 2015. Keep yourself ready!

Signs out,