Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cozee II Tournament 2009 *FINAL UPDATE*


1st Gizmo Mix
2nd Cz.Gs
3rd cL.CrZ
4th x|ao
5th LsC
6th cL.Go
7th Circus
8th OMG

Team drafter and manager for OMG!

Team OMG's Overall Progress

OMG 1st round walkover.

OMG LOSE CoZee|Reborn




OMG WIN IgS-Gaming


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Left4Dead Idled Gameplay

Left4Dead's AFK Feature :
1st You are able to watch as the intelligent AIs take over your character!
2nd Wanna take a break? Eat some meals, take some rest? Press ESC and click "Take A Break!"
3rd It's fun to watch as your friends play under your host while you are in the IDLE status.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge

I was pondering on what's special on NuffNang lately and saw a post about Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge! It was a quite unique look onto the future of Castrol's synthetic oil and performance. Well, i would say most of the videos are attractive as part of the contest itself! You'll get a chance to win something as stated below!

No this is not the prize information stated! This is Castrol "Jumper" =D !

Burnout Paradise PC Game? Castrol showed it in REAL?! x_x Omigawds! Nitro Burning!

List of prizes by Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge

1 unit Sony Bravia 37” LCD TV
User with the closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

1 unit Sony PS3
User with the 2nd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

1 unit iPod Touch 8GB
User with the 3rd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player

4 X Weekly Prizes for Guess & Win
1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player
Users with the first accurate or closest answer for weekly videos.

6 X Prizes for Blog & Win
1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player
For bloggers who write the most creative post about the Castrol EDGE Speed Challenge.

Plus exclusive Castrol premiums for all winners!
1 unit WRC Car Model
1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport Umbrella
1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport T-shirt

Also not to mention, support Castrol EDGE if you are a car lover or enthusiast! Remember to set up a blog in order to compete! To qualify for this special event, log on to Castrol EDGE !

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gizmo Gamers Scrimmage

Before going for Gizmo Gamers, went out for a haircut lately at Jack's Hair Design! It's at the 2nd floor of one of the building blocks. Behind the building blocks of the shop selling DVD's , Haircuts, Cyber cafes... There should be a block of shops which has a staircase up to the hair salon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Samba Zone Returns! Aim For Nice Foods!

Samba Zone

  1. Ambrose Chicken Rice
    - Assorted chix rice
  2. Sizzling Hot Plates & Claypot Rice
    - Assorted hot plates & claypot
  3. Anjung Tris Javanese Noodles
    - Assorted mee
  4. Sweet Toast House
    - Taiwanese Delicacies, assorted toasts
  5. Apollo Chicken
    - (
  6. Fresh & Taste
    - Fruits, lok-lok
  7. Young Su Korean Specialty
    - Korean Sandwich, noodle, kimbab, ice-dream, corn pizza
  8. Kung Foo Express Junction
    - Assorted Baked rice, French fries, mushroom soup,
  9. Aneeqa’s Kitchen
    - Halal stall, assorted fried noodles, keuhtiaw, beehun, etc. assorted soups, porridge
  10. Double Star
    - Local delicacies, fried, canton, tomato mee, bihun, kuehtiaw, etc. “tip zai fan”
  11. Secret Ingredient
    – fish fingers, chix finger, chic pop-corn, fish-popcorn
    - Chix steak, calamari tempura, shrim tempura, fish tempura, fish & chip

Besides the last post about Samba Zone's roasted chicken rice, I'm going to try their other stalls someday! Here's just a list which will let you choose what you like!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mcdonald Coupon

When you look upon this variety of McD goodies, what's the first impression you had? *yummy*
So let's just say the breakfast meals and dinner are so great that you couldn't resist. Hope to eat them the next coupon day @.@" Coupon is said to expire around 28th February 2009. Eat while you can!

Breakfast Meals Favourite - Sausage McMuffin

Dinner Meals Favourite - Spicy Chicken McDeluxe

Friday, February 13, 2009

[HGC8 Entry] [DoP]RollsRoyce's Tidehunter Simplified Guide

[DoP]RollsRoyce's Tidehunter Simplified Guide

Support me as you wish by the link above! I did this and was proud to finally make a version of my own Hero Guide! What's more to say! Thanks to Garena for giving me this chance! Took me some hours just to finish it swiftly! I always take challenged ahead for the sake of e-sports!

Experiences of creating guide was started from the old stories below :

I remembered joining IceFrog's Model To Hero Contest : Faerie Dragon in DotA-Allstars as well it's similiarly considered as a guide but more of a suggestive idea to make the one and only Puck , Faerie Dragon! Yeah, i was so close to winning but in the end i lost due to lack of votings. It's ok anyways as there's like thousands of Faerie Dragon at the losing entries and it's still kept as memories of participation.

Here's a screen capped of my post at DotA-Allstar's forum! I took some time looking it back.

My first ever Model To Hero ideas given to create Puck long ago! Pretty cool although not picked! I called it Cornetti due to it being ice cream shaped!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

3D Cards Revolution

I have remembered a few I used and some are quite worthwhile, efficient and performance. You don't need a really high-end graphic cards to play a game. A good gamer can also play games with budget types 3D graphic cards GPU or even a medium type. Below shows a few 3D card I have used in these years ongoing!

From 2002 to 2015, a change is impending for graphic cards!
  • Geforce 4 MX440 64 MB RAM (AGP)
  • Geforce FX 5200 128 MB RAM (AGP)
  • Radeon 9550GE 256 MB RAM (AGP)
  • Geforce 8400GS 256 MB RAM (PCI)
  • Geforce 8600GT 256 MB RAM (PCI)
  • Radeon HD 5750 1GB RAM (PCI-E)
Current 3D Card Used (Updated 2.8.2015)
  • Radeon R7 260x OC 1GB RAM (PCI-E)

As you see this is what I naturally had in the past few years excluding the 1990s CPU I had like 3 to 6 PCs at least! These 4 graphic cards above I listed shows what made my gaming performance a wonderful stay! Some are being sold online with some posted memorable photos and one of them are currently in the Core2Duo CPU I have been using just for roughly a year! So my advise is appreciate all the 3D Cards you had bought with the CPU and make full use of it! You will realize that even old cards etc Geforce 7600 and below are still able to play games like GTA IV , Call Of Duty 4! So remember to know how to set details of a game to the lowest for performance and also tweak your resolution! Screen resolution is factor to performance and as well a proper smooth gameplay.

After 6 years of graphic cards and how I looked back my old blog post, things have changed a lot. I am now owning one of the medium-tier graphic card led by Radeon R7 260x! Compared my previous budget gaming graphic cards which was quite long lasting enough, I behold the power to play all games up to high quality or subpar based on the current year of 2015! What more can you ask for revolution? A gamer will always be a gamer.

[DoP]RollsRoyce (2008) / KMG.Royce (2015)

In six years of time, my NovaBench benchmark is different and 20x times more powerful! (2008)

The magic of gaming never ends. I myself have upgraded my gaming rig into the beast it is today. Despite not being the most expensive one's out there, it is capable to do Medium to High quality settings without a sweat! Some games are even greater at Ultra quality and vice versa. So I'm enjoying my next-gen games such as Dota 2 , Assassin's Creed , Battlefield 4 with good playability. (2015)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tank The Basher

This is not the TANK singer that sang songs like 专属天使 or 非你莫屬 ! Basically Left4Dead's hulky Infected side namely Tank! He crushes, smashes and also has one of the highest hitpoints in-game! Watch [DoP]RollsRoyce using Tank in Left4Dead below =\ !

Some Call Of Duty 4's Tidbits with mode Sabotage! Rampage all the way!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Eatery Buffett Promotion

Four Points by Sheraton Kuching is running a series of buffet promotions at its signature restaurant, The Eatery. Located at Level 1, the stylish yet functionally designed restaurant aims to offer city dwellers and food lovers a daily buffet spread of international flavours as well as pan-Aisa favourites.

RollsRoyce's Choice Of Food

1st Round of food grabbing! Baked Chicken Macaroni with some potato fish etc.

2nd Round of the same macaroni but with beef steak!

3rd Round of Char Siew Pau, Siew Mai and Pizzas!

Turkey & Ham Pizza counted as forth round of eatery =.="

Lastly (5th Round) , some marshmallows with the glass of choco chips dipped in jelly! And ate some fresh fruits. Guess that's it for The Eatery.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Walkthrough

Finished the overall campaign based on CoD4 : Modern Warfare which is released quite a years half ago... I must say it is one of the most epic storyline it ever delivers! It may took around 5 to 6 hours to finish the overall single player campaign which is worth the play.
RollsRoyce presents you some random in ordered game screenshots!

My nickname for CoD4 with my Level 55 ranks =)

Ooohh... i see rockets!

To the extraction point and we got companies of troops to fight with!

Using Sgt. Paul Jackson, you'll witness a strong soldier enduring his last moments after nuclear strike... R.I.P this is one of the most epic moment and eventually "Soap" MacTavish the other hero manage to end this madness of terrorism acts!

Where the nuclear flew right through...

You aim the tank!

Khaled Al-Asad is being negotiated but he is eliminated for not co-operating. One boss down!

Mile Highs Club. A special mission loaded after you finish the game. Just save the V.I.P and jump right off the plane!

The last epic final battle against Imran Zakhaev when our hero "Soap" MacTavish is downed and all he does is the last resort and to be rescued thereafter!

Pop some justice shots with the gun thrown by Captain Prince and shoot the boss alongside his 2 henchmen to win the game! Enjoy as S.A.S & USMC forces came in to carry you guys away... Game ending is quite epic!


The Spring , new China garden @.@"!

Hmmph McDonald's Ice Cream stand at Sarawak, Kuching Airport. Ordered the chocolate flavour... RM2.20 or around.

Hock Lee Centre's long visit to Initial D 3rd stage Arcade. Managed to create my 2nd ID which is mixed with my 1st original that i never brought to the arcade to use.

Cute stuffs for you to grab at Hock Lee Arcade =.=

Chui Siang Garden's menu list...