Sunday, February 1, 2009

Devil May Cry 4 Benchmark Test Guide

The reason i do "Benchmark Test" is to test the smoothness of the gameplay of certain games especially DMC4. But why?! Of course... To try and estimate the FPS your gonna get at "The Last Remnant" game which i'm experimenting on.

Will be posting up my rigs that processes "The Last Remnant's Benchmark Test" as soon as i downloaded it's 200MB test game file.

bench·marked, bench·mark·ing, bench·marks
To measure (a rival's product) according to specified standards in order to compare it with and improve one's own product.

But here's some definition on Benchmark Test captioned from The Last Remnant's official web :

90FPS = The most ultimate speed in gaming and smoothness! In exchange for buying the top latest 3D graphic cards of course.

65FPS = Very fast and you can play the game as you see from PS2 spec and etc.

45FPS = Normal usual speed. Your gameplay and of course the medium ranged 3D card affects it. It's more than enough.

35FPS = Between normal and slowdown. Usually with low-end graphic cards but still able to play the game as consoles like PS2/Wii types.

25FPS = This is the lowest speed ever obtained if you are using a very decent graphic card but it won't fail in real slowdown unless reached 5FPS which is consider lag.

As you see, mine is between 25FPS - 35FPS so it's considered a green sign of hope for playing some latest type of games etc Gears Of War and so on. With Benchmark Test, you are able to allocate the possibility of your CPU's performance towards all this games. If it happens that your CPU spec is always performing less than 15FPS in between, it's time to at least upgrade a bits of your CPU in terms of graphic card or processor unit so that you can play games at least the decent stage. There are times when your CPU drops to 15FPS in between a while, ignore that and just focus on your game! Some areas of 3D games require a big load of texture and that's the reason why it dropped or big massive battles ongoing.

Games in the past such as Half-Life 2 and so on forth will require less requirements based on the game files itself and i'm sure my spec does 45FPS for HL2 which will work well for Left4Dead!


For those who knew and for those who had not known of this...

Here's a good hint on how to maximize good FPS in great games! Setting your resolution to the lowest will do good! The original 640x480 is a secret behold to smoothen the entire full screen mode advisable!

Here's what i get once i set it in my DMC4 with the 640x480! It's all the same just that the resolution gets smaller a bit?! Brilliant tweak? Thank me anytime! And my test towards The Last Remnant gives me an average FPS of 35 or around which is more than enough in this resolution! You can set it to 800x600 or 1024x768 but it'll slow down the game depending on your 3D card!

That's all from [DoP]RollsRoyce! And enjoy the "Benchmark Test" guide !

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