Friday, February 6, 2009

Unstoppable PC DVD Games!

My Left4Dead DVD has successfully installed but in the process of installing theres a few wav.file issues that needs to be ignored. It took quite a while to finish installation. For CoD4, the DVD is as good as originals with 100% installation and the quality is better than my other 2 in fact. And lastly, Bully : Scholarship Edition needs to be changed as it sorta has bad files in it which makes the installation process bad. So by then, wait for upcoming screenshots of certain game will be revealed!

Games Title Bought :


Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

Bully : Scholarship Edition

Here's my Left4Dead first try 1 hour 56 minute screenshots with Normal mode!
[DoP]RollsRoyce on No Mercy campaign

Rooftop Finale aka the last campaign mission which is the 5th and the most epic moment where you grab your seatbelt to the helicopter!

Ready for Versus? More then ready please! xD!

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