Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Eatery Buffett Promotion

Four Points by Sheraton Kuching is running a series of buffet promotions at its signature restaurant, The Eatery. Located at Level 1, the stylish yet functionally designed restaurant aims to offer city dwellers and food lovers a daily buffet spread of international flavours as well as pan-Aisa favourites.

RollsRoyce's Choice Of Food

1st Round of food grabbing! Baked Chicken Macaroni with some potato fish etc.

2nd Round of the same macaroni but with beef steak!

3rd Round of Char Siew Pau, Siew Mai and Pizzas!

Turkey & Ham Pizza counted as forth round of eatery =.="

Lastly (5th Round) , some marshmallows with the glass of choco chips dipped in jelly! And ate some fresh fruits. Guess that's it for The Eatery.

1 comment:

LauraLeia said...

Oooh, yummy!
I was hoping there'd be more pics of food though. After all, it IS a buffet, right? XD
Anyway, looks like you had a really nice meal there. Now I'm feeling hungry for a buffet... XD