Monday, December 29, 2008

Battle For Memento Mori

Haro wants sum Shield Bits!!! Give him Pringle's Chip!

Setsuna : " I'm uberlike! No Trans-Am involved! "

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Digimon Virtual Pet Version 1.1

Found on LYN's Game Hideout and with actual sources, i stumbled upon
" Digimon Virtual Pet Version 1.1 "

Here it is, a recreation of the old Digimon virtual pets that were on little devices that you raised, trained, and battled, except now it is for the computer and better than ever, even in color!

-It will work on pretty much any windows system, since I made it using Game Maker 5.3
-Almost 100 different Digimon!!!
-Start from an Egg (1 of 6) and watch it grow all the way to the Mega level!
-Battle online against an opponent by connecting with their ip address. (even if its your own)
-Why have 1 Digimon? Load up the game in another window and create another file!
-Tired of waiting for it to grow? It lives in the Digital World! Time goes faster there! And with a fast computer, you can speed up time!

Name: Digimon V-Pet V1.1
Category: Virtual Pet
Size: 1.9MB
Version: Game Maker 5
Vista Compatible: Yes
Resolution: 512x512
Changes Resolution: Yes (In multiples of 128)
Mulitplayer: Yes

Zip Download Link:
924.4KB Zip File:

Seperate Files Download Links:
1.9MB File:
42.0KB 39dll.dll (used for multiplayer battling):
9.5KB GMalwaysontop.dll (used to stay on top of all windows):

Credits to TwilightHero in making the game into PC but surely do hope he'll be back to program this masterpiece into the final version possible!

As there are certain bug issues that occur during savefiles and etc, but still it's a nice game to play with! Leave your Digimon AFK-ing and set the Game Speed to X4 by using "S" button and you could get a very fast evolved Digimon type in no time! Blogged this to share with all Digimon old school players and also people who like to experience and try it!

: It's still pretty buggy with lots of error issues for this up-to-date version but just try it for fun at the moment!

RollsRoyce's Digimon Virtual Pet Version 1.1

You can spam all the Digimon meats you want but only one is enough to satisfy your Digimon's hunger!

The Digimon Battle system uses the Host & Join which means you can battle using Direct IPs! Not tested yet but i hope gamers that encounter less errors in the game and manage to get Rookie Digimon level can try this...

Punimon! It's a Fresh level Digimon... You can pick different types of DigiEggs and they pop into different new digimon.

Tsunomon walking around Desktop!

Status System to check your Digimon's name, hunger, power and so on forth.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bleach Chapter 339

I do expect this 3rd matchup between Ichigo & Ulqiorra gets the final battle conclusion! As there's chapter 340 which is supposed to be posted around 2009... For now, i am looking forward to how Ichigo can actually use new techniques besides all his Bankai! Ulqiorra will have no choice but to Arrancar Release as well. Stay tune for more!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Garena Christmas Countdown Specials

Merry Christmas! Garena has a special gift for you...

Have a great gaming holiday in Garena~

That's where i countdown for Garena Christmas Specials!

Access your avatar profile and get yourself a cute snowman!

That's how your avatar would look like added with 888 EXP! Only for the earliest 15 minute and anyone that managed to get this!

Merry Christmas to the WORLD!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Counter Strike During X-Mas

It's nearing 25th December once again! What i do during holidays includes Counter Strike spree-ing... Well below shows some screenshot of Zombie Plague mod 4.1 which is modified version of Counter Strike's up-to-date Human VS Zombie matchup! All CTs & Ts are under one team and either one of them will changed into zombies that could turn you into one as well and only either sides will survive! Beware of the zombie Nemesis as it doesn't turns you into either zombie but frags! Make sure to aim Nemesis at a safe place! Other than that, normal classic HE Grenade memorable throws made in Garena CS 1.6 Malaysia Room.

Double pawn with Raptor Zombie... This shows Valve's latest game product Left4Dead inspiration i guess!

As a Human, your HP would be around 150 and the zombies have 10 times more your health but your ammos are nearly unlimited! What you do is headshot them in every techniques you have!

Zombie Plague mode is specialized in normal maps and the textures would changed into some nightime atmosphere to suit the mod's gameplay.

Usual walk-n-snipe at Terrorist base at cs_assault!

Expect your enemies coming up and load your guns tight.

As mentioned, a pretty nice flames coming through the vent ends up with 2 frags!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Garena Forum Christmas Event

Christmas in the DotA World

Select a hero and create a story about him at the Christmas time. Be creative!

Rules and Information:
- Everyone is welcome to participate in this event.

- The theme is Christmas.
- Each member can submit only one entry.

- You have to select a DotA hero and write a story where he/she is the main character.
- Your story can’t have less than 300 words and more than 700 words.
- Your story has to be written in English.
- Originality, creativity and a good grammar will be important in the judges.
- Copy pasted materials will lead you into disqualification.

Running Period:
From 22 to 4 January

Organizer: GG.Ms

1st Place: 2 weeks premium membership and 7000 Experience
2nd prize: 5000 Experience

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:


[DoP]RollsRoyce's Entry Submission to Christmas in the DotA World

On a side note, I have done this through a bit of thinking and making some common sense in the DotA world basics. So what i wrote about Boush , The Tinker and generally submitted my essay for Christmas in the DotA World. This story would have some humors in around with Tinker's best friend Clockwerk Goblin aka Rattletrap. So it involves a lot of heroes and also Roshan's Snowman occurence in my story. Hopefully to achieve something and let the world knows my essay is part of my quality!

Enjoy reading it!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tang Yuan Festival Delicacies

Bought a few varieties of food specialities to enjoy with relatives and of course some oversea cousins as well! All foods are served with the "full boost of energy" which you may need 2 rounds to finish them off...

Pork mixed with seasoning vegetables and spicyness.

Curry chicken with fragrance leaves.

Ngo-hiang as in Hokkien's special dish of pork rolls!

Mini sized sweet and sour fish with spicy sauce.

Lastly, the usual steamed duck chicken ready to be eaten with it's duck sauce!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tang Yuan And Wantan Soup

Near 25th December, chomp some Wantan Soup is somehow nice.

Like my previous year's blog entry, here comes the 2nd version of Tang Yuan!

Roamnet Cyber Cafe

Roamnet Cyber Cafe's Overview

It was a very nice ride to Roamnet Cyber Cafe. As usual, I have no complaints about mouse or keyboards whatsoever and used them as normal. I expect the surroundings were pretty nice as well with a Christmas Tree decorated at the entrance.

Owh yea the main reason I came to Roamnet was also to play against a full 5 main member team which is named Ex or something. I was invited by Cozee player ViN and usual online Garena players to form and play against them. The results was great for 1st and 2nd in terms of winning advantage although there's some mistake in between.

First game had my Warlock over whickled sick streak without dying and supported more than 12 wards and later ends with "Disconnection occuring in these 2 matches!" Our team has like a 29 - 9 scores in between when we had to change computers for 2nd match.

Second game's score was around 47 - 24 which was our team leading but with the opponent's Luna getting very fully equipped and the only choice in mind was to rax the Scourge's Frozen Throne but all's end in 2nd game disconnection. Overall it's a great experience and looking forward to some great gameplays of real team DotA battles again!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gizmo Gamers Lunar New Year DotA

Coming to you this new year. Gizmo Gamers will be organizing 2009's 1st Dota Competition in Kuching. Rules and Regulations will be uploaded shortly. For more information, please refer to the thread or contact Gizmo Gamers at 082-460992.
Thank You.

Newly improved Gizmo Gamers DotA Tournament Poster!

Now it has come once again! Let's play at Gizmo Gamers! Time to experience DotA gamers! Have fun!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MyGarena Public DotA Tournament

MyGarena is a new based forum under the affiliates of Garena e-gaming platform network. Thus, this related forum is created for Malaysian gamers especially to get easy access to news and updates or any held online tournament organised by high level accounts mods or moderators. Most online tournaments in Garena is approved through the top management in Garena. Expect MyGarena to grow as a network under various Garena grounds such as GarenaSG for Singaporean gamers and etc!

What i wanna show lately is about MyGarena's Season 1 & Season 2's inhouse tournament that was made for fun and "normal games" not the highest level in competitive game series yet. I'm surprised to succeed in winning two seasons held by them so far. So here's a screenshot of the announcement but only taken parts from the Season 2's Announcement List in forum and Season 1 which i won was due to dced but still gaining a double spree! Then after this, there's Season 3 going on soon but i'm not going to participate as i have other things to do as well.

On a side note for gamers,
"Don't even bother joining an online tournament if you aren't fit in lag/delays gaming situation. This is a hindrance and an excuse as professional gamers/amateurs or steady players are more than READY to handle a game regardless CS,DotA,CoD4 till the game ends. Other than that, know your real stands in gaming and identify the real deal in it!"

MyGarena's DotA Online Tournament Season 2 Winner's List (Season 1's my shuffled inhouse team won but due DC so only the replays of each season will be uploaded)

It's been announced at the official Garena worldwide forum for Malaysia section as well.

Again, i do wish more people can surf MyGarena forum and try to restrict from spamming and enjoy the pleasant stay with updates to the current greenish theme that will be changed in future x_X"

Your MyGarena mods,

Gundam 00 Raiser

0 Raiser - a fighter mode which is to combine with Gundam 00.

Once attached to the back of Gundam 00, The Gundam 00 Raiser as Setsuna's Gundam to crush the enemies has arisen! Mobile suit output reaching exceeding 200% over! The power limit is unbearable! Might gonna hunt a cheap price of Gundam 00 Raiser figurine as it is totally immense ownage!

On a second note, whatcha gonna do? A-LawL? Errhh i mean A-LAWS & Innovator? I'll bet the WTF expressions will be coming soon in Episode 12 of Gundam 00 Season II !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Special Xmas Giftbox

Garena's Special Xmas Giftbox

It's that time of the year when everybody starts to write their long wish-list and hang the many red stockings along the chimney in hope to get something special from Santa Claus on Christmas. But Santa has grown older and no longer can travel far and hop around from one roof to another to deliver all these presents. Christmas must go on.

Looks like the time to use up my 10 GG Shells i won from Fufu Story Making Contest. It'll be 8 GG Shells left. It's fine i guess in exchange for Garena's Christmas Giftbox reward!

[DoP]RollsRoyce's Garena Item Box!

Owh... I was lucky to get the promotion cards etc... The merry christmas letters if collected as M-E-R-R-Y X-M-A-S will grant you gold membership or instant level up etc. That's what i saw from the Garena's announcement. All's good i left 2 GG Shells now.

Note: I never intended to go for the Merry Christmas prizes though. Since i never spent my money yet for Garena but served them as referee and forum mods. It's more than satisfied!

Merry christmas to Garena as well!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

SAMS Gathering

In this latest blog entry, I'll let the pics do the talking! Signs out, RollsRoyce!

Swinburne Chibi Con's Overview

Owh ya... Many anime girl figurines are displayed at Chibi Con!

GN-XIII A-Laws Type from Japan which priced from RM80 to RM120.

Ahead from Gundam 00 Season 2. You should know these goofballs x_x !

The ultimate 00 Gundam model! Was trying to buy this next time. Costed around RM40! Your favourite Setsuna's mobile suit! Orewa GUNDAM!

Trans-Am mode Gundam Exia which cost around RM190... Wanna chew on limiter release?

A positioned M16 aiming at Black Monoka.. Hmm due to the shady place, Black Monoka's nyoron eyes is invinsible! Lawl?

Went to ICT PC Fair as well...

Green Heights Mall Shopping Through!

Wind-walk around...

Can HAS strawberries?

OK! I've seen this familiar names somewhere... Where? Yes! DotA Fnatic Team aka member Fnatic.RitteR erh and should this be his favourite chocos? xD!

IT Fusion selling Wii and Apple Mac stuffs...

Back to Swinburne 2nd Anime Gathering held lately at Dec 6th 2008

To start packing up your munch, Sushi Tamago and very few cute round sushis waiting to be eaten at the event!

The actual poster of Taiga please!

Japanese sour sauce or whatever o_o!

Ramen! Taste your japanese style ramen!

Salad made of the Japanese's cuisine.

Yukata girls which includes Serene and Onineko with Tomi talking with the food carriers!

We have the actual singing performance with the overall scenes at Anime Gathering! Anna & Videl singing Japanese style lovely songs! Well done!

Chicken Teppanyaki also named as your common fried chicken.

Guess what? I'm the FIRST to be called out for Lucky Draw Winners due to the card number holder when you participated! Owh know the lucky number? 46! Yes which is basically from my favourite AwP sniper from Counter Strike. I guess it made a direct hit in this event.

You see Snoppy getting strapped with the towel as my reward. Should put fireworks for CNY? n_n?!

2nd round of Sushi Tamago rampage... Can you take the heat?

Everyone at Anime Gathering gets this special mini-gift package with some keychains and name card which has chibi Fuko-chan from Clannad and etc!

As the event is near it's end, desserts were served from Taiwan Cake House!