Saturday, September 27, 2008

赤壁 Online Boss Fights

Recently as said i have started playing for quite about 2 weeks already. Level 46 recently and still had some hours for DotA & Counter Strike 1.6 . Expected at least 14 more levels to max level cap but going slowly is a better choice to relax! Well also, i'm pretty amazed that bosses at 赤壁 usually requires a team of two or so to take down. Pretty much some good spamming of skills and there you have it! Good loots from big bosses... So here's a few screenshots from the game itself.
赤壁 Online Malaysia Version ....

That's all for this week's gaming review and stuffs!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

SKOTH III Group Stage Elimination

For more informations, visit e-Sports Championship !

The battle of the greatest DotA teams and new formed players are out to pit themselves online!

SKOTH III DotA Bracket

Group Stage from A to P

Group A's 5 teams include powerhouse from Singapore, Zenith. The other group's powerhouse would also count in like DNA-SK and also Cybertime !

Team Kingsurf is positioned at Group F where the Malaysia's powerhouse is prepared for their battles soon...

Philipine's powerhouse team Mineski is also on the game! Group L is their group bracket list.

And lastly, the last group stage would include Group N's team Fnatic from Indonesia!

There's a lot of powerhouse team and unique teams on this battle. So, keep your attentions up! DotA players worldwide!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SKOTH III © Samsung

SKOTH stands for Samsung king of the Hill, it is an online competition sponsored by Samsung. Gamers compete in various games such as Defense of the Ancient (DotA), Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) and also Warcraft III:The Frozent Throneâ„¢ for an attractive array of prize money.

Main sources from : e-Sports Championship

The following teams/players that have already registered for SKOTH III, please check your email for a profile update form and send it back by 24th Sept 08 :

-Team Zenith
-Team Evo.XtC
-Team One Second Late
-Team PMS|NyX
-Team Dn*
-Team Yakuza
-Team CyberTime-Gov
-Team Radio Wavezxz
-Team Ragnarok.Rsc
-Team Hoo-Haa
-Team ???
-Team Impreza
-Team DA.FTW
-Team Arty.sta
-Team DNA’SK
-Team Synergy
-Team Valence
-Team Glow 1
-Team FateS
-Team fAzeTheMusic
-Team rN Gaming
-KingSurf gaming


- sohai
- TouchMeNot
- TheBurningLegion
First to Last
Snp Bicol
-Death Tavern

-Team eMp.NeXt
-Team bc
-Team [JEDI]Mobster
-Team Fatal Toxic 5
-Team Ra|Chu Gaming


Combat Elite Battle Unit
- LoveMachine
Combat Elite Battle Unit Plus

Warcraft III: FT
- =)




For anyone who hasnt registered for SKOTH III, please register now as slots are limited! Registration will close on Tuesday, 22th Sept 08. Don't miss this opportunity to compete for attractive prize money!

Bankai-RollsRoyce would like to wish all teams in 3 major game titles a good exciting matchup!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kingsurf.DotA 8TV

3 of Kingsurf.DotA players Ks-YamateH, Ks-x|aOmA, Ks-Sakura will be attending a LIVE TV show tonight with 8TV of Malaysia in the programme: Quicky around 11pm(GMT+8). Please stay tune to support us!

Do enjoy this latest e-gaming world news ! For replays of the 8TV event, i suggest surfing 8TV's Official Website .

Kingsurf.DotA's interview screenshots by
Have a look at the best teams that gets 2nd place in world ranking DotA history!

The introduction of Kingsurf's 3 members and the other 2 wasn't at the interview which is Ks-papaxiong , Ks-xiaogui.

Yeah... heard of it? It's an old news basically. PM wishes good luck to Team Kingsurf before going for the grand finals DotA challenge at San Jose, USA.

Slideshow moments aired by 8TV's Quicky of ESWC Grand Finals.

Interviewing Ks-Sakura.

Ks-x|aOmA takes the lead in answering all the questions provided. Like how long they train per day... It was like 10 hours as stated at least!

Ks-x|aOmA talks about DotA requirements of teamwork and tactics needed to make interesting games.

Ks-x|aOmA laughing while others were listening about the opinions of DotA.

After 10 minutes around of interview, the show starts to end.
Ks-YamateH, Ks-x|aOmA, Ks-Sakura waves goodbye along with the girl host!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Web Alert Online

Legend once told that the civilization of mankind is a vicious cycle of collapse and rebirth. 9650 BC, the kingdom of Atlantis was such an advanced ancient civilization that the technology is beyond the comprehension of our generation, the wealth of knowledge and resources within the border of Atlantis has created marvelous technology and military power. As technologies continue progressing, the hunger for resources has fuel the desire for the people of Atlantis to expand and conquer. Due to prolong period of reckless expansion and underestimating the wrath of nature, giant volcano eruption and tidal waves brought doom upon this once proud nation in just a brief moment! Perhaps it was the benevolence of mankind's creator, a small group of survivor luckily survived such catastrophic events, and thus decided to rebuild its former glory.

However, all the accumulated technology and research were completely destroyed along the calamity, the survivors must start all over again, but now the lack of resources is becoming apparent, conflict between several world powers has gradually increased, filled by the greedy need to obtain bigger living space, warfare is on the verge of breaking out. Being familiar with basic scientific theory, as soon as basic resource gathering has been developed, mankind quickly moved on to strengthen its military power beginning with basic infantry tactics, into gunpowder, missiles, assault tank, rockets and aeroboat.... and many more destructive weaponry, as a result, the race for military superiority has started, to possess massive destructive machinery becomes the pride of each and every nation. Being a part of this, do you think you have what it takes to survive and dominate the battlefield with scientific and military superiority?

Web Alert Online is one of MyCNX's top web-browser game! Try it out!

Overview of Web Alert Online's player buildings.

World Map - where you check your position and there's options where you can scout, attack , send reinforcements or trade in the web-browser battle.

This allows you to exchanged resources with the system merchant, the exchange ratio is strictly fixed at [Timber: Steel: Oil= 3:2:1]. You can input the desired amount into the input box, alternatively you can also use the scroll bar to designate the amount to exchange. Once the desired amount has been set, left click on the type of resources you desire to exchange for, the image of the selected resources will light up, finally click on [Transact] to perform the exchange.

There's also the option for Alliance system where you get the opportunity to join an alliance or form one! Note : You can search for my nickname WsP`RollsRoyce for clan invitations and so on...

This web-browser game may look similiar to others but more or less this is a modern-based click and play strategy game! Have fun in Web Alert !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GTA IV On It's Way To PC

Courtesy of

Grand Theft Auto IV is structured similarly to previous games in the series. The core gameplay consists of elements of a third-person shooter and a driving game, affording the player a large, open environment in which to move around. On foot, the player's character is capable of walking, running, swimming, climbing and jumping, as well as utilising weapons and basic hand-to-hand combat. Players can steal and drive a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, boats, helicopters, and motorcycles. Grand Theft Auto IV takes advantage of Natural Motion's Euphoria engine, which combines artificial intelligence, bio mechanics and physics to make NPC behaviour and movement adaptive and more realistic.

Sources by Wikipedia.

GTA IV will be another top title games besides the upcoming Diablo 3 & Starcraft II around next years or so. November 18th 2008 would be the day GTA IV is out and ready to be bought and play!

There has been talks about the PC requirements you need for the game. The official Games for Windows website has released the recommended system specs for the upcoming PC port of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV.

The recommended specs are as follows:
  • OS: Windows XP SP2
  • Processor: Dual core processor (Intel Pentium D or better)
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Hard Drive: 18GB free hard disk space
  • Video Card: 512MB Direct3D 10 compatible video card or Direct3D 9 card compatible with Shader
  • Drive: DVD-ROM dual-layer drive

Well, not to worry! There's also the minimum spec where you can enjoy the game smoothly just with a lower quality and still a decent gameplay. I have searched over the specs. So here it is. Go figure... As long you can play GTA San Andreas well, GTA IV will be a tad bit better for your PC specs. Do remember to have at least 512MB of RAM until 2GB to ensure the stability and loading speed within this marvelous game!

Here's some PC requirements at it's minimum for GTA IV :

Minimum System Requirements
  • 1GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon Processor
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 8x DVD-ROM Drive
  • 3.6 GB of free Hard Disk space for a minimal install
  • 64MB Video Card with DirectX 9 compatible drivers ("GeForce3" or better)
  • DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card
  • Keyboard & Mouse

This will probably make you play with the lowest quality available. You'll probably get some lags through the game but if you have higher end graphic cards like Geforce 8800 GT or sorts. You'll end up having better game i guess.

Minimum requirements from Games for Windows website has yet to be announced but certainly old to decent machines can still play any latest games! Remember that the result would only be the decent yet lower quality processing. That will not actually hinder your gameplay though! Speed it up!


Stay tune for it...

Monday, September 15, 2008

SMMDotA Sarawak State Qualifiers Event

There you have it! A few screenshots taken based on the event itself! So i'm sure you'll know where the competition is held basically at the 2nd floor of Gizmo Gamers! Check the screenshots below =) !

A swift photo taken of Intel Core 2 Duo and SMMDotA's poster!

The winner's will take the big cards consisting of cash rewards. Yes! It's placed on every state's SMMDotA event. For the leader and team to grab hold when they reach top 4...

The competition room lies here... Comfy and sealed within the room!

A wider area of the 2nd floor in Gizmo Gamers.

Only referees, marshalls and brave participants are allowed to come to the 2nd floor to watch and wait their game matches. It's pretty cool i must say.

Let's get on to the next e-gaming big tournament someday yet again =) !

SMMDotA winning teams as shown below :

1st - GgMix
2nd - Goat
3rd - F'Days
4th - DC2

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have played this web browser based game titled "Kuwakchai" quite at least just 3 weeks ago. It's a pretty funny text-based game where you can attack other players and earn some money and experience to boost your level. The more level you have, the more HP a.k.a hit points to endure in the fight. Now it's the Judgement Day. Where all players will fight till everyone is 1 by 1 eliminated. I am still surviving this madness! The quest has funny quotes and sentences etc " You have been dumped by several stuffs or Your Xiao Mei Mei went to see goldfish".

I stopped at Level 15 but with pretty much high stats to fight against one of the top players in this web-browser. I have been serving Fu Tao Bong quite sometimes already. And proud to be in their gang. Plus i have saw many familiar nicknames in this game which seem to be from East Malaysia etc DotA, CS and such. It's good to be in the same guild. Hope this game will be good enough when you have nothing to click!

KuwakChai's In-game

Your stats and level bar will be placed at the top of the browser!

Since it's the Judgement Day or you could call it rumble it out, elimination sprees are ongoing as you can see on the list. When you beat your opponent or you lost to them, you'll be send to the Hospital with certain durations to be released and begin building your character again! But when the game wants to start over the round, all your characters will be defeated and no releasing from hospitals at all!

Another attack list from Kuwakchai.

I do appreciate posting my own game stuffs so that you'll know whose that! Have fun Kuwakchai's !

Here's the big list of all members that made Fu Tao Bang the greatest!
My ID is listed at 1774 under the mid-tier of FTB itself.

A pretty long list of all Kuwakchai players that contribute in the battle of the best! To enlarge the pic, just click it once. I'm inside!

Congratulation to Fu Tao Bang of Kuwakchai ! We rules this web-browser game! Again i salute my gang for being the NO.1 in this web-browser! Yeahhaaa!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

SMMDotA Merchanise

Gizmo Gamer's Pit-stop for SMMDotA T-Shirts & Caps

5 stackable T-Shirts... Ummm yeah any states player that participated in this tourney will acquire this. It's pretty cool i must say!

SMMDotA's cap... Not to miss it! Wear it around sports day or by any chances!

*2nd Major Gaming Tournament visited by Mr.RollsRoyce*

Wish all the DotA teams good luck! And for every states DotA player, let's shine Malaysia's gaming scheme! Experience and slowly improving is one method! Join and endure the wins and losses and one day get the glory in hand =) ! That's all...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

赤壁 Online - Battle Of The Red Cliff

赤壁 Online is a chinese based online game that follows the popular movie title named "Battle Of The Red Cliff" . So far, there's no english version of this. But i prefer chinese languages as this game is naturally based on chinese mythologies afterall. I can bet you this game has features similiar to WoW like game interface wise.

I started playing this for nearly just a week already while also handling on games like CS,DotA . Let's get back to the game point. The game server itself has been opened for at least more than a months already. My history into this game has started around just a few days. Had a few friends that has reached max level already. Level 60 to be exact of reaching max cap! Currently for my progress, i have joined my friend's guild which is part of my university's alliance.

Gotten about level 35s already. Caught up with those who played 1 months eversince the server itself started. Most of my guild members are ranged from level 30 to level 60. And i'm proud to be in the guild. It's a pleasant experience in Chibi Online <<赤壁>> !

My journey in the game has still a long way to go. Plus, my in-game would be basically made to be known 上帝罗斯劳 . Using a mage-based character, i'm enjoying what it's like to be a wizard as of other games which i never actually focus on it though.

As i reached 西凉 city, i have grinded partially to the the level where you get to ride horses to travel around!

This is like the 2nd guild i joined a while but not my friend's alliance yet! When i joined, i'm amazed that i just gotten into the highest level bracket as just for level 20s! Pretty fuzzy huh?

When you reach higher level basically level 25s above, you'll get to enter big war maps that needs you to take down powerful boss alike. Usually, all these bosses quest requires a group of 2 to 4 to participate. You can't solo these types of arena posted above. Buy the required items to enter this maps through NPCs.

There was a time that i was on my way to make my quest and saw a bunch of players doing their very own quests too. Level 40s party if i'm not mistaken.

The current progress recently and showing all my fames in-game.

That's all for my introduction to 赤壁 Online !
Remember it's a real hardcore grind game to be focused on!
Be the hero of the ancient Dynasty!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

September Meals

Cold-dish steamed chicken

Sliced pork with the soya sauce mixed

Lastly... Cheesy Wedges! *Chomps*

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dekaron Southeast Asia Open Beta

Dekaron SEA is now on its Open Beta Test. Several exciting events and promos are lined up for all to enjoy. Check the Events Page for more details.

There's no need to download a new game client! If you already have Dekaron SEA installed in your computer, simply run the client and it will automatically patch to the latest version. Joining is FREE and easy! Register for a mobiusgames account now and activate Dekaron SEA to start playing!

* Azure Knight: Also known as "A.K." focus on traditional melee combat and offensive self-buffs. Knights can choose to either use single-hand axes, single-hand maces, single-hand swords, shields, two-handed maces, two-handed axes, and two-handed swords.
* Segnale: Segnale, a humanoid rage, wield Whips of various forms and have a range of effect spells, including curses to weaken enemies and party buffs. They function primarily as healers yet they provide impressive combat skill when at high level.
* Incar Magician: Magicians focus on 'traditional' offensive spells. They use either Staffs or Wands.
* Segita Hunter: Hunters are an archer class, specializing in both long-range combat and close-quarters combat. They can use Crossbows, Bows, and Daggers
* Vicious Summoner: Summoners have the ability to summon creatures to aid them. Summoners may specialize in either wielding Staffs or dual blades.

Get yourself a new MMORPG smash and leveling game! Fight your way to the greatest battle in Dekaron!