Friday, September 19, 2008

Web Alert Online

Legend once told that the civilization of mankind is a vicious cycle of collapse and rebirth. 9650 BC, the kingdom of Atlantis was such an advanced ancient civilization that the technology is beyond the comprehension of our generation, the wealth of knowledge and resources within the border of Atlantis has created marvelous technology and military power. As technologies continue progressing, the hunger for resources has fuel the desire for the people of Atlantis to expand and conquer. Due to prolong period of reckless expansion and underestimating the wrath of nature, giant volcano eruption and tidal waves brought doom upon this once proud nation in just a brief moment! Perhaps it was the benevolence of mankind's creator, a small group of survivor luckily survived such catastrophic events, and thus decided to rebuild its former glory.

However, all the accumulated technology and research were completely destroyed along the calamity, the survivors must start all over again, but now the lack of resources is becoming apparent, conflict between several world powers has gradually increased, filled by the greedy need to obtain bigger living space, warfare is on the verge of breaking out. Being familiar with basic scientific theory, as soon as basic resource gathering has been developed, mankind quickly moved on to strengthen its military power beginning with basic infantry tactics, into gunpowder, missiles, assault tank, rockets and aeroboat.... and many more destructive weaponry, as a result, the race for military superiority has started, to possess massive destructive machinery becomes the pride of each and every nation. Being a part of this, do you think you have what it takes to survive and dominate the battlefield with scientific and military superiority?

Web Alert Online is one of MyCNX's top web-browser game! Try it out!

Overview of Web Alert Online's player buildings.

World Map - where you check your position and there's options where you can scout, attack , send reinforcements or trade in the web-browser battle.

This allows you to exchanged resources with the system merchant, the exchange ratio is strictly fixed at [Timber: Steel: Oil= 3:2:1]. You can input the desired amount into the input box, alternatively you can also use the scroll bar to designate the amount to exchange. Once the desired amount has been set, left click on the type of resources you desire to exchange for, the image of the selected resources will light up, finally click on [Transact] to perform the exchange.

There's also the option for Alliance system where you get the opportunity to join an alliance or form one! Note : You can search for my nickname WsP`RollsRoyce for clan invitations and so on...

This web-browser game may look similiar to others but more or less this is a modern-based click and play strategy game! Have fun in Web Alert !

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