Tuesday, September 9, 2008

赤壁 Online - Battle Of The Red Cliff

赤壁 Online is a chinese based online game that follows the popular movie title named "Battle Of The Red Cliff" . So far, there's no english version of this. But i prefer chinese languages as this game is naturally based on chinese mythologies afterall. I can bet you this game has features similiar to WoW like game interface wise.

I started playing this for nearly just a week already while also handling on games like CS,DotA . Let's get back to the game point. The game server itself has been opened for at least more than a months already. My history into this game has started around just a few days. Had a few friends that has reached max level already. Level 60 to be exact of reaching max cap! Currently for my progress, i have joined my friend's guild which is part of my university's alliance.

Gotten about level 35s already. Caught up with those who played 1 months eversince the server itself started. Most of my guild members are ranged from level 30 to level 60. And i'm proud to be in the guild. It's a pleasant experience in Chibi Online <<赤壁>> !

My journey in the game has still a long way to go. Plus, my in-game would be basically made to be known 上帝罗斯劳 . Using a mage-based character, i'm enjoying what it's like to be a wizard as of other games which i never actually focus on it though.

As i reached 西凉 city, i have grinded partially to the the level where you get to ride horses to travel around!

This is like the 2nd guild i joined a while but not my friend's alliance yet! When i joined, i'm amazed that i just gotten into the highest level bracket as just for level 20s! Pretty fuzzy huh?

When you reach higher level basically level 25s above, you'll get to enter big war maps that needs you to take down powerful boss alike. Usually, all these bosses quest requires a group of 2 to 4 to participate. You can't solo these types of arena posted above. Buy the required items to enter this maps through NPCs.

There was a time that i was on my way to make my quest and saw a bunch of players doing their very own quests too. Level 40s party if i'm not mistaken.

The current progress recently and showing all my fames in-game.

That's all for my introduction to 赤壁 Online !
Remember it's a real hardcore grind game to be focused on!
Be the hero of the ancient Dynasty!

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TNH said...

don't know how the game is but i like the movie lots..really a nice movie..hehe