Monday, September 15, 2008

SMMDotA Sarawak State Qualifiers Event

There you have it! A few screenshots taken based on the event itself! So i'm sure you'll know where the competition is held basically at the 2nd floor of Gizmo Gamers! Check the screenshots below =) !

A swift photo taken of Intel Core 2 Duo and SMMDotA's poster!

The winner's will take the big cards consisting of cash rewards. Yes! It's placed on every state's SMMDotA event. For the leader and team to grab hold when they reach top 4...

The competition room lies here... Comfy and sealed within the room!

A wider area of the 2nd floor in Gizmo Gamers.

Only referees, marshalls and brave participants are allowed to come to the 2nd floor to watch and wait their game matches. It's pretty cool i must say.

Let's get on to the next e-gaming big tournament someday yet again =) !

SMMDotA winning teams as shown below :

1st - GgMix
2nd - Goat
3rd - F'Days
4th - DC2

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