Monday, September 22, 2008

Kingsurf.DotA 8TV

3 of Kingsurf.DotA players Ks-YamateH, Ks-x|aOmA, Ks-Sakura will be attending a LIVE TV show tonight with 8TV of Malaysia in the programme: Quicky around 11pm(GMT+8). Please stay tune to support us!

Do enjoy this latest e-gaming world news ! For replays of the 8TV event, i suggest surfing 8TV's Official Website .

Kingsurf.DotA's interview screenshots by
Have a look at the best teams that gets 2nd place in world ranking DotA history!

The introduction of Kingsurf's 3 members and the other 2 wasn't at the interview which is Ks-papaxiong , Ks-xiaogui.

Yeah... heard of it? It's an old news basically. PM wishes good luck to Team Kingsurf before going for the grand finals DotA challenge at San Jose, USA.

Slideshow moments aired by 8TV's Quicky of ESWC Grand Finals.

Interviewing Ks-Sakura.

Ks-x|aOmA takes the lead in answering all the questions provided. Like how long they train per day... It was like 10 hours as stated at least!

Ks-x|aOmA talks about DotA requirements of teamwork and tactics needed to make interesting games.

Ks-x|aOmA laughing while others were listening about the opinions of DotA.

After 10 minutes around of interview, the show starts to end.
Ks-YamateH, Ks-x|aOmA, Ks-Sakura waves goodbye along with the girl host!

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