Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have played this web browser based game titled "Kuwakchai" quite at least just 3 weeks ago. It's a pretty funny text-based game where you can attack other players and earn some money and experience to boost your level. The more level you have, the more HP a.k.a hit points to endure in the fight. Now it's the Judgement Day. Where all players will fight till everyone is 1 by 1 eliminated. I am still surviving this madness! The quest has funny quotes and sentences etc " You have been dumped by several stuffs or Your Xiao Mei Mei went to see goldfish".

I stopped at Level 15 but with pretty much high stats to fight against one of the top players in this web-browser. I have been serving Fu Tao Bong quite sometimes already. And proud to be in their gang. Plus i have saw many familiar nicknames in this game which seem to be from East Malaysia etc DotA, CS and such. It's good to be in the same guild. Hope this game will be good enough when you have nothing to click!

KuwakChai's In-game

Your stats and level bar will be placed at the top of the browser!

Since it's the Judgement Day or you could call it rumble it out, elimination sprees are ongoing as you can see on the list. When you beat your opponent or you lost to them, you'll be send to the Hospital with certain durations to be released and begin building your character again! But when the game wants to start over the round, all your characters will be defeated and no releasing from hospitals at all!

Another attack list from Kuwakchai.

I do appreciate posting my own game stuffs so that you'll know whose that! Have fun Kuwakchai's !

Here's the big list of all members that made Fu Tao Bang the greatest!
My ID is listed at 1774 under the mid-tier of FTB itself.

A pretty long list of all Kuwakchai players that contribute in the battle of the best! To enlarge the pic, just click it once. I'm inside!

Congratulation to Fu Tao Bang of Kuwakchai ! We rules this web-browser game! Again i salute my gang for being the NO.1 in this web-browser! Yeahhaaa!!!

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