Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Royce's Game

As you all have heard or not, I am proudly to say a very influential gamer in the states of Sarawak. I expand my heights and reach not to be the best but to be the most contending gamer in any competitions or events alike which is why my individual skills can always pull me until semi-finals and finals in particular game titles. What makes me this way? I am a very dedicated gamer and I love all genres of games. There's not even one I ever skipped and that I focus on understanding it's game mechanics making me easy to deal with lots of games. MMO is part of the greatest genre I ever ventured but there are others such as Action , RPG , Strategy , Sports and so on forth.

There was a blog entry I created called Gaming Bonanza. Am I right? But here again, I'm going to show you what I am playing for now. I'll conclude this entry with all the following game titles I purchased through Steam and Q-Tech games store.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Pink

A Pink (Korean: 에이핑크) is a seven-member South Korean girl group under A Cube Entertainment formed in 2011. The group consists of Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jung Eun-ji, Son Na-eun, Hong Yoo-kyung, Kim Nam-joo and Oh Ha-young.

The group has released two Korean EPs and one studio album. They debuted on April 21, 2011, with "Mollayo" (몰라요; "I Don't Know") from their debut EP Seven Springs of A Pink on Mnet's M! Countdown. The group has also won numerous rookies awards at shows such as the 26th Golden Disk Awards, 21th Seoul Music Awards, and 13th Mnet Asian Music Awards. Their first music program win was on M! Countdown on January 5, 2012, for "My My" from their second EP Snow Pink.

I support A Pink! 8D

Monday, October 15, 2012

Secondary Cutie

My day was great today. There's this SMK Kuching Town girl which I thought was a college student. She seems rather nice and cute. I get to see her two months ago around the Spring's arcade section. It was by then, I try to wonder who she is?

Then it all come since August, I saw her and I was so interested. My friend and I from Swinburne saw her and we took some laugh. I was playing Wangan or Tekken but skip that.There it was, I keep wondering who is she? Where is she from? Perhaps to be a friend?

As soon this week came around October, I saw her again and she was with a school uniform. Then I assumed she is around 16 to 17 years old. I'm attracted overall. And I tried my best to find her details through some network. I finally found her! I was glad and then we were chatting.

What was the actual problem in this to get to her? I was actually Facebook banned for 30 days due to add friends spam I guess. It was impossible for me to add her. The ban duration was 21 days left but it seemed like a miracle that I was able to even put a message and add her as friend! How surprising could this be? It made me so happy. I was so glad. I would have to tell my girlfriend about this as well. This tells me my eye and talent of seeing girls have really improved since then. I was so happy and then it seems like I know how to respect girls already.

Thanks to this girl whose initial is "K". We are finally chatting and she approved me as friend. Surprisingly, she also had cousins studying in Swinburne. She is currently unavailable but as long I know, I am glad to be her friend. I was so so so happy. It was just like a feeling like you had a first love but this is more like friendships.

This is where I am so happy about today. I hope this kind of days can give me a way to bless. Royce, feels awesome!

P.S : She is also very happy with my blog post!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gaming Bonanza

Let me re-introduce myself. I am Billy and you could call my nickname as Royce! I have been playing lots of popular game titles and I really love devoting my times to all of these. I excel in Diablo 3 , Guild Wars 2 , Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the last game I would want to purchase would be Torchlight 2 pack. I love to be skilled in all kinds of game genre like Sports , Racing , MMO , Shooter , Party , Strategy , Adult(?) and many more. This is what makes me a true gamer deriving from Sarawak.

I'm doing my best and would hope to get a media interview on respective game titles and I will explain and provide feedback to gamers and the reknown E-Sports community.

Arms Race mode at CS:GO where I whoop some spree!

Guild Wars 2 cutscenes! Going to be Level 80 Engineer PvE mode soon! An achievement will be made.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Swinburne's 1st Annual Sausage Eating Contest

Open to all Swinburne Students.

Contest is open to 2 categories: Women and Men. Both category accepts 10 participants. The objective is to eat as many sausages as possible within the allotted time: THREE (3) minutes. This applies to both Women and Men category.

When: 24th October 2012

Venue: Front of G Block

Time: 1.00pm

The 2 winners will get a custom made t-shirt, a medal and the title of Swinburne's Sausage King/Queen.

What are you waiting for?
Get your entry forms from SIC. RM5 entry fee due with application payable at the SIC.

Applications are due by October 19th 2012 no later than 5.30pm.

KMG.Royce will be joining!