Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gaming Bonanza

Let me re-introduce myself. I am Billy and you could call my nickname as Royce! I have been playing lots of popular game titles and I really love devoting my times to all of these. I excel in Diablo 3 , Guild Wars 2 , Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the last game I would want to purchase would be Torchlight 2 pack. I love to be skilled in all kinds of game genre like Sports , Racing , MMO , Shooter , Party , Strategy , Adult(?) and many more. This is what makes me a true gamer deriving from Sarawak.

I'm doing my best and would hope to get a media interview on respective game titles and I will explain and provide feedback to gamers and the reknown E-Sports community.

Arms Race mode at CS:GO where I whoop some spree!

Guild Wars 2 cutscenes! Going to be Level 80 Engineer PvE mode soon! An achievement will be made.

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