Friday, December 6, 2013

Trendy Me

So many things have changed. Even I myself has seen that my ways of treating my own girlfriends from the past is utterly wrong. Realized that one of them are actually the ones I would have spend my lifetime with or not, I'll have to thank them for that I am going to improve my self-image and let them know that nobody can really replace the uniqueness I have and the looks I am braced of.


Now my new mission is to hunt for a few modern style Korean shirts , jackets and stuff to fit myself. Most probably my size of L would be deem fit for any of those cool , awesome attire. I had purchased some of them recently. Not because I want to just improve my appearance, I wanted to show that I will undergo several changes. In life, the recent girl I had to get separated from left me with so many things that I have to make myself a different and better person. Whoever she is, I will not even have a negative thoughts on her anymore. She was indeed a great girl, slowly I wanted to change because of her even though it's late. I wanted myself to be the stellar of attraction.