Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Perfect World Online

It's nearing February and Chinese New Year =D! Anyway, i forgot to display my Perfect World DvD. Ahhh nevermind, let the photos get your attention!
The actual DvD cover front page *.*

The instruction manual paper with the DvD Game Disc of Perfect World.

The features in Perfect World Online English Version...

That's all for today!

RollsRoyce a.k.a sniperzreborn

The 1 and only RollsRoyce/sniperzreborn/Eletrocution had spread long ago through lots of MMORPG with the very same name. I guess some of you might know me and might not ;)! So, i decided to make you witness a very few games i played and that's how i'm gonna distinguish myself as a fair gamer of Malaysia.

All the game photo or character avatar is overall Official Games!

Made a emulated NexusTK private offline server. Can be made online but i stopped this little project.

I made it with Words Art and also this is the game called PopKart online. Quitted around Year 2006 2nd quarter until 3rd quarter i guess...

My Pure Str swordsman at RAN Online. Besides that, i had another Pure Int swordsman named RollsRoyce and that's my second character and never actually took photo of it. I missed my LV130's swordman and another LV90's. And especially the LV130's id has been forgotten... but memories will be placed here!

Gunbound? Yes, had two ID's over the "Silver Battle Axe Blue Ball Rank" named as RollsRoyce89
with another which i seem to forgot.

Stopped this game eversince i reach LV35's above... I'm glad to played this game but the early start when i played, lots of hackers spoils the fun. I quit after making a history in this game. Ghost Online is the counterpart of Maple Story but add in with PvP 1v1 and of course 2D Guild Wars. I suggest you try it for a while.

Tried this game as it's new for the Year 2008. Was getting bored but anyway it's named GrandChaseSea and i just took a photo of beating 1V1 battle with a archer while I'm a swordsman.

A certified forum identification for my O2Jam. I usually checked around the e-games O2Jam forum to know lots of stuff like new songs and such... I'm not playing it very much now but still having a skills of a normal LV50s-60s. O2Jam songs i can achieved and pass or with high combos will range from Level 20-26. And also... I'm glad to meet many LV100's O2Jammers that played many cool songs from the Youtube and much!

RollsRoyce a.k.a sniperzreborn in Global Lunia! Actually i quit around LV16 and was satisfied after reaching until Story 3-10 chapter i guess.. *Reasons i quit too was also because that this MMORPG has a unique uber lag and let's just say you face it then tell the tale xD*

If you remembered which is Malaysia's official MU Online Server, then this is it! Well... my name was supposedly RollsRoyce but handed over to a friend and he changed me to a chinese nick named " Shen Hun" . But anyway , this game is quite fun around Year 2005.

In the meantime, RO PK Server which was opened around Year 2004 was quite memorable. Stopped when i'm over LV70-80s gap... Argh ok... that time all i do was PK. And also currently "of course lah" playing Prontera Server...

Also, i had ordered a Guild Wars : Prophecy package around Year 2006 and was still playing but only to be more inactive =\ Meh... Still... I'll still help whatever guilds I'm in for the moment if I'm back to play. It's a very good game but it cost you a 1 time paying price before you play for free forever! Bought at Singapore with about S$69.95.

There's more online games that i could have placed but never took photos of it. Examples : Water Margin Online with the very same name and a job of Lunatic (job transfer card from Taoist High Priest job in the game before) and also ( Quite high level when in the early stage).... Never mind all those achievements! XD!

Ahh... anyway currently I'm playing games below :

Ragnarok Online
Counter Strike 1.6
DAL Online

That's all folks. Thanks for reading and hope you get the chance to say Hi in games =)!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ragnarok Online EP 11.2 Veins : Thor's Volcano

Got it recently and it's RM6.80 because imported from West Malaysia. Anyway, i got myself the latest product and i'm gonna show some screenshots of it! Currently the Prontera Server of Malaysia/Singapore is a hot place for WoE battles, only hope for a better and fairer WoE... But ahh nevermind... there's always disrupters(bot defend,bot warpers and spies) in WoE in any way... but avoid all that online bad etiquettes ! Let's get straight to my RO product collection (collecting since the RO Christmas Patch) .

The box package of the latest Ragnarok EP 11.2! (Btw, i did reviewed on EP 11.1 version of RO last year o.o")

Small piece of introduction of the new MVP skills and such!

The DvD Of EP 11.2 Vein: Thor's Volcano ~!

New MvP , New Cards , New Equipment -.- Nuff said.

Another view of the instruction manual, just like above but other sides of the paper manual o.O

Ragnarok Online's version keeps on updating, so i hope every RO fan gets to cherish their moments in the game and also play fair and safe!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

陈记 Restaurant

Menu photos taken...

A few variety of dishes ranging from some Chinese culture foods!

The small yet cozy restaurant's cooking stall

One of my dish storage to add with rice! It's braised beancurds and some vegetables mixed...
Overall, nice foods that Chen Ji restaurant offer.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DAL Online

This week I'm gonna review on some screenshots based on the RTS online game called DAL Online which is also named as Darkness And Light Online. It's similiar to the Warcraft's DotA but with it's on uniqueness and of course it's an online game on it's own. And always remember that this game's heroes have a max level of 20 only. It's 5 levels different from DotA too XD! Yes, my In-game nick would be what is shown in few screenshots posted below. Enjoy my screenshot of DAL. Basically taken with K550i phone to show the insights of this game!

The waiting room of DAL Online

There's currently only 3 maps made for this game but it's still very fun with it's background music and cool anime-ish heroes for some.

Once the host starts the game when everyone's readied, you'll get to choose random hero or pick the one you liked.

The loading screen of DAL when your about to enter the game.

Me using Junas which looks like a matured version of Zeus in DotA XD!

I took this photo because what you saw is a moving tower dragon which basically happens like DotA's mega creep style. But in DAL, when the time's limit set are 30 minutes or 50 minutes game and if it reaches that time limit then you'll face the last minute of survival... That's the Werewolf King VS Vampire Lord. In this mega creep defend and eliminating your foes, you have to support your own mega creep by destroying the others if possible. It's best you try the game to know what i meant.

An actual footage of the Werewolf King (mega-creep of the Light side) whereas Vampire Lord (mega-creep of the Darkness Side)

That's where you started defending around your towers like the usual DotA map.

Yes!!! Assassin is one of my favourite in DAL. You need to master her skills well and to make good equipments to make her useful in ambush and pushing tactics.

This is the Light side's gunslinger Lorraine. She's a very good hero and she looks cool. You can view all your heroes in the select your hero screen. Just remind it.

Yeah this is how it'll announce you had just owned somebody in game O_O!

This is the mega creep battle after the time limit of either game set is finished. The king of both sides will come out to fight... so as you see i of course took a photo of Victory just for fun XD!

Veron's a joker and a very sneaky hero for the Darkness side. Master him if you will...

A werewolf hero from the Darkness side. His more on stealth and swift attacks.

Finally, Brood Mother!? Yes! She's different from the DotA version and now she's still a spider but with human like spider form. She's strong in the later game as example reaching max level of 20 in DAL.

I guess it's up to you guys to test this game or boost your ranks for the moment and make some history in DAL. Asiasoft's DAL is definitely one of the best games they offered Free-To-Play!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bleach 155

The latest Bleach episodes were great in my opinion. After Year 2008, Bleach wasn't airing for at least a week! That made lots of fans including ME anticipated for this episode... So here's a few photo shrinked to size for the epic battle moment! Rukia VS Kaien Shiba + Aaruneri Aruneiro

Sword clash with Espada No.9!

Nejibana (Shikai Release Of Kaien Shiba's zanpaktoh)

Rukia releasing the her kidou " Way of Binding No.4 : Crawling Rope "

2nd incantation of Rukia's Kidou power " Way of Binding No.61 : Six Rods of Light Prison " and ended up with another new skills i guess... called " Way of Destruction No.63 : Twin Lotus of Crashing Blue Fire" !

In the end... the revealed Espada No.9 with his arrancar release " Glotoneria "

More to come on the Bleach 156's episode!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Spring

The crowded roads going to The Spring supermarket. Maybe the the first ranked hypermarket in Sarawak now! >-<"
Tag along with Ember with his group of friend as we walk to The Spring!

Quite a magnificent view of The Spring isn't it?

What's this doing here in the middle of a giant hypermarket? ._. It could be digging for a new taxi stand!

The insides of The Spring...

There's a car show somewhere around the 1st floor. You should go there and have a look A.S.A.P ! Next to this exhibition, restaurants! Like Sushi King...

Another view of the car exhibition or you could call it car show? XD!

Took a fast glimpse on Kenny Roger! It's here on Boulevard and now The Spring! Sarawak is getting more franchise revolution!!!

Like KL's Isetan or Sogo, hey! Here's a good place for boys and girls alike to buy shirts and everything! There's very expensive clothings which looked like a executive wearings.

Calvin Klein, Gucci and lots of famous brands of shirts and ties or even "underwear" is displayed. Buy one!

Holy Cow! Nice price comes with a nicer executive wear. This shirt or jacket would make you feel like some tough businessmen like Trump and so on.

Too much to watch of course!

Owh man! It's quite decent in price. So buy! >3<
Shoe store ._." I took a photo of a mascot. There's 2 other mascot and one of them is a very cute animal.

The view of the 1st floor of The Spring

You could see a stand where they sell Digi Reload Cards And Maxis Or Celcom and so so...

3rd floor was still under construction and me and a few friends used the staircase to reached the 3rd floor. The 4th floor will be the photo described below...

Ever wondered how a cinema looked like? I took a view of the cinema under construction and i'm very sure this is where the cinema will be built at. The 4th floor of The Spring of course!

Back to 2nd floor (it's a quite long walk for only 4 floors of The Spring) , i saw a Apple Computer store selling Apple iMAC ! It's totally expensive if i'm not mistaken.. The price should be RM 8500 over.

There's still a lot of shops that hasn't been opened yet. So wait for more!

This is a MUST! Sushi King! Must raid the Sarawak's 2nd Sushi King restaurant someday!

Went to 3rd Mile's Yew Kook Cafe for lunch!

Adrian, a friend of mine showed his collection of Yu-Gi-Oh cards at the cafe. Hoho! He sure has a pile lots of collections!

Drinks Of SWATwolf, COLA!

Again, Adrian's drink is same as SWATwolf's!!!

Took Kimberley's apple juice photo o.o! Forgot take Serene's drink photo! Don't know what she drink already lol!

I ordered a " Orange + Banana + Milk " drink. Small sized and it just cost RM2.80!

Kung Pao chicken rice that i ate (Not Kung Fu Hustle or whatever lah!)

SWATwolf's house of games and pika-pika?

I sat and squashed a cute Pikachu!

Ragnarok Online poster! Yesh!

Pakkun wallet (which will bite you!)

SWATwolf showing his Wii's game Zelda latest series against a last boss with his saved game. The photo shown above was actually a downloaded Transformers cartoon movie at CN(Cartoon Network) . SWATwolf trying to remember the old times ;)!

The boss is actually Zelda's series most frequent and quite "fragile" one~!

Wii Zelda's photo captured again... I recorded the last boss fights but not every single photo of it!

Played Wii's Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 for the 1st time and did well with friends.

Paused game by SWATwolf cause he got a phone call!

When going back home with Ryu's car, i took a glance on The Spring again! Isn't it a nice view? Visit it as fast as u can! XD!