Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DAL Online

This week I'm gonna review on some screenshots based on the RTS online game called DAL Online which is also named as Darkness And Light Online. It's similiar to the Warcraft's DotA but with it's on uniqueness and of course it's an online game on it's own. And always remember that this game's heroes have a max level of 20 only. It's 5 levels different from DotA too XD! Yes, my In-game nick would be what is shown in few screenshots posted below. Enjoy my screenshot of DAL. Basically taken with K550i phone to show the insights of this game!

The waiting room of DAL Online

There's currently only 3 maps made for this game but it's still very fun with it's background music and cool anime-ish heroes for some.

Once the host starts the game when everyone's readied, you'll get to choose random hero or pick the one you liked.

The loading screen of DAL when your about to enter the game.

Me using Junas which looks like a matured version of Zeus in DotA XD!

I took this photo because what you saw is a moving tower dragon which basically happens like DotA's mega creep style. But in DAL, when the time's limit set are 30 minutes or 50 minutes game and if it reaches that time limit then you'll face the last minute of survival... That's the Werewolf King VS Vampire Lord. In this mega creep defend and eliminating your foes, you have to support your own mega creep by destroying the others if possible. It's best you try the game to know what i meant.

An actual footage of the Werewolf King (mega-creep of the Light side) whereas Vampire Lord (mega-creep of the Darkness Side)

That's where you started defending around your towers like the usual DotA map.

Yes!!! Assassin is one of my favourite in DAL. You need to master her skills well and to make good equipments to make her useful in ambush and pushing tactics.

This is the Light side's gunslinger Lorraine. She's a very good hero and she looks cool. You can view all your heroes in the select your hero screen. Just remind it.

Yeah this is how it'll announce you had just owned somebody in game O_O!

This is the mega creep battle after the time limit of either game set is finished. The king of both sides will come out to fight... so as you see i of course took a photo of Victory just for fun XD!

Veron's a joker and a very sneaky hero for the Darkness side. Master him if you will...

A werewolf hero from the Darkness side. His more on stealth and swift attacks.

Finally, Brood Mother!? Yes! She's different from the DotA version and now she's still a spider but with human like spider form. She's strong in the later game as example reaching max level of 20 in DAL.

I guess it's up to you guys to test this game or boost your ranks for the moment and make some history in DAL. Asiasoft's DAL is definitely one of the best games they offered Free-To-Play!


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