Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RollsRoyce a.k.a sniperzreborn

The 1 and only RollsRoyce/sniperzreborn/Eletrocution had spread long ago through lots of MMORPG with the very same name. I guess some of you might know me and might not ;)! So, i decided to make you witness a very few games i played and that's how i'm gonna distinguish myself as a fair gamer of Malaysia.

All the game photo or character avatar is overall Official Games!

Made a emulated NexusTK private offline server. Can be made online but i stopped this little project.

I made it with Words Art and also this is the game called PopKart online. Quitted around Year 2006 2nd quarter until 3rd quarter i guess...

My Pure Str swordsman at RAN Online. Besides that, i had another Pure Int swordsman named RollsRoyce and that's my second character and never actually took photo of it. I missed my LV130's swordman and another LV90's. And especially the LV130's id has been forgotten... but memories will be placed here!

Gunbound? Yes, had two ID's over the "Silver Battle Axe Blue Ball Rank" named as RollsRoyce89
with another which i seem to forgot.

Stopped this game eversince i reach LV35's above... I'm glad to played this game but the early start when i played, lots of hackers spoils the fun. I quit after making a history in this game. Ghost Online is the counterpart of Maple Story but add in with PvP 1v1 and of course 2D Guild Wars. I suggest you try it for a while.

Tried this game as it's new for the Year 2008. Was getting bored but anyway it's named GrandChaseSea and i just took a photo of beating 1V1 battle with a archer while I'm a swordsman.

A certified forum identification for my O2Jam. I usually checked around the e-games O2Jam forum to know lots of stuff like new songs and such... I'm not playing it very much now but still having a skills of a normal LV50s-60s. O2Jam songs i can achieved and pass or with high combos will range from Level 20-26. And also... I'm glad to meet many LV100's O2Jammers that played many cool songs from the Youtube and much!

RollsRoyce a.k.a sniperzreborn in Global Lunia! Actually i quit around LV16 and was satisfied after reaching until Story 3-10 chapter i guess.. *Reasons i quit too was also because that this MMORPG has a unique uber lag and let's just say you face it then tell the tale xD*

If you remembered which is Malaysia's official MU Online Server, then this is it! Well... my name was supposedly RollsRoyce but handed over to a friend and he changed me to a chinese nick named " Shen Hun" . But anyway , this game is quite fun around Year 2005.

In the meantime, RO PK Server which was opened around Year 2004 was quite memorable. Stopped when i'm over LV70-80s gap... Argh ok... that time all i do was PK. And also currently "of course lah" playing Prontera Server...

Also, i had ordered a Guild Wars : Prophecy package around Year 2006 and was still playing but only to be more inactive =\ Meh... Still... I'll still help whatever guilds I'm in for the moment if I'm back to play. It's a very good game but it cost you a 1 time paying price before you play for free forever! Bought at Singapore with about S$69.95.

There's more online games that i could have placed but never took photos of it. Examples : Water Margin Online with the very same name and a job of Lunatic (job transfer card from Taoist High Priest job in the game before) and also ( Quite high level when in the early stage).... Never mind all those achievements! XD!

Ahh... anyway currently I'm playing games below :

Ragnarok Online
Counter Strike 1.6
DAL Online

That's all folks. Thanks for reading and hope you get the chance to say Hi in games =)!

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