Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ragnarok Online EP 11.2 Veins : Thor's Volcano

Got it recently and it's RM6.80 because imported from West Malaysia. Anyway, i got myself the latest product and i'm gonna show some screenshots of it! Currently the Prontera Server of Malaysia/Singapore is a hot place for WoE battles, only hope for a better and fairer WoE... But ahh nevermind... there's always disrupters(bot defend,bot warpers and spies) in WoE in any way... but avoid all that online bad etiquettes ! Let's get straight to my RO product collection (collecting since the RO Christmas Patch) .

The box package of the latest Ragnarok EP 11.2! (Btw, i did reviewed on EP 11.1 version of RO last year o.o")

Small piece of introduction of the new MVP skills and such!

The DvD Of EP 11.2 Vein: Thor's Volcano ~!

New MvP , New Cards , New Equipment -.- Nuff said.

Another view of the instruction manual, just like above but other sides of the paper manual o.O

Ragnarok Online's version keeps on updating, so i hope every RO fan gets to cherish their moments in the game and also play fair and safe!

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