Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hartz Chicken And Sushi King

Buns from Hartz...

Spaghetti is nice!

Sushi King entrance of Boulevard hypermarket!

Looks very cool when you took a photo like this. Sushi King's environment!

Waiting for sushis and so on! Yummy!

Select your plate!

The chopsticks are made in a nicely built box.

I picked up Kanikama, Egg Mayo, Kanikama Maki and some others to eat! (Same as above one photo, just stating which i'm gonna choose yea XD)

Ok, that's the few plates i took!

Notice! That's my drink! Capril Soda or whatever you can call it! It's basically a soda drink made from Japan.

All the foods are shown in the menu list!

Waitress clearing out and counting the plates i ate with friend's. The plates starts from a few color and price which means the following:

RM2 Blue Plate
RM3 Beige Plate
RM4 Pink Plate
RM5 Red Plate
RM6 Purple Plate

Another Saturday to enjoy delicious foods!

1 comment:

Faisal Admar said...

Haha I love Sushi too. Egg mayo the best.

Have you tried the set meal?
The one cost around RM16.00.
It has potato, cucumber, fish and prawn.. all in tempura version.
Try it, I bet you will smile =)