Friday, January 11, 2008

Bleach 155

The latest Bleach episodes were great in my opinion. After Year 2008, Bleach wasn't airing for at least a week! That made lots of fans including ME anticipated for this episode... So here's a few photo shrinked to size for the epic battle moment! Rukia VS Kaien Shiba + Aaruneri Aruneiro

Sword clash with Espada No.9!

Nejibana (Shikai Release Of Kaien Shiba's zanpaktoh)

Rukia releasing the her kidou " Way of Binding No.4 : Crawling Rope "

2nd incantation of Rukia's Kidou power " Way of Binding No.61 : Six Rods of Light Prison " and ended up with another new skills i guess... called " Way of Destruction No.63 : Twin Lotus of Crashing Blue Fire" !

In the end... the revealed Espada No.9 with his arrancar release " Glotoneria "

More to come on the Bleach 156's episode!

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