Saturday, December 29, 2007

Countdown Year 2008

Another big walk around Boulevard Shopping Mall, Sarawak Plaza and again Satok Plaza. There's also the Restaurant Venue that I've visited in this blog entry! The rest is up to you to see and lot's of cool stuffs of course and surprises! Let's begin! Countdown to Year 2008 is near!

The start of the new shopping spree?

Yea yeah.... It's opened around 23rd December and i'm here first time on the 28th! Still back in time woot!?

Jammed parking lots? Lego cars! Nah.

While window shopping around, i noticed Alan Salon has been opened around the 3rd floor of Boulevard. It's the last floor of this big shopping complex which is still at the 70% completion. There's a big 30% which is another big part of Boulevard shopping mall!

Boo! Just like ISETAN in Kuala Lumpur and such... The name "Boulevard" shines above you!

Selling Yu-gi-oh GX's cards? You want?

Gundam lovers will surely look upon this! The Sango Musou series of Gundam!

BOYZ FRENZ singer band has just entered the Boulevard Shopping Mall!

Well, i guess it's a surprise to see them here and helding their promo tour. It's free! Just walk along the crowds and stick around and see them sing! It's quite far but at least you get a glimpse of the surrounding.

Boyz Frenz performing the Boys Friend song for the entire crowd. Ulalalala... ulalala... ulala and there goes the chorus of power!

Went into Kenny Roger's Restaurant to eat. I'm tell you it's still the same menu but a new restaurant set at Boulevard! Of course la XD!

Please select your 3 sides of destiny!

1/4 Quarter Meal and with the 3 side dishes i ordered. Nice and yummy...

Clarence's meal consisting 3 types of choices is a bit different than mine.

Muffins are so-so. But definitely needs some improvement!

Before I eat, that's the real state of a full meal plate!

Ordered a cup of ice-cream for max 4 persons.

Saucy enough to make you hungry? Go to Kenny Rogers!

The meal plate with the logo imprinted. Huhuhu Kenny Roger's "Roaster"

Kenny Roger's view of muffin varieties. Before I'm back to Boyz Frenz's promo tour to spectate!

I still caught a glimpse of Boyz Fren signing up their signatures to the fans of theirs... Yes i do love their songs! Gambateh!!!

A rest at Clarence's house a while before going out again!

Tune on the DVD's MV that Clarence bought. Huhuhu, Kueh Chun (old classmate) hohoho i never stated him from the first few Boulevard... well he's there all the time and disturbing the channel I tuned into =( XD Lookie here, it's Fahrenheit's Chu Shen Ru Hua! Wu Chun!!!

His showing you the pawnage towards the haters. Be warned! =)!

Sarawak Plaza's mission.... BUY GAMES!

Meet Adrian, the gundam meister of SAMS. Haha... look at the glorified pose! Then took around some time at Sarawak Plaza buying O2Jam Vol.1 and Vol.2 pack cd that includes lots of songs to play !

Satok Plaza's the last mission!? Nah not mission but normal shopping lah!

Clarence's mom bought me, Clarence & Kueh Chun some drinks. Soya beans is what i get. Get it free! (Sponsored shhhh)

A video game station i came for 1 years half ago... brings back some memories... So bought a DVD with Chinese MP3's in it!

Fear ME!!! Owh... I battled a race in Daytona USA arcade in Satok Plaza which is a old typical arcade racing game... I never took photos of it cause I was so into it. In the end, 3 guys battled it out and i got 1st! Owh the photo above is just a motorbike racing arcade we played but all of us get 1st position. Know why? The system's spoilt! You played alone! Geez... need some repairs please!

Took photos of some old arcade games...

King Of Fighters 2003 is the win!

Shhh.. It's Adrian a.k.a Zaku second encounter! His here again! As in Sarawak Plaza, his now here at the very same store! Game Station! He told me that his dad brought him here and there... Woah... such fate!

Lastly, been to Restaurant Venue to eat crispy pork legs and vegetables...

Added with some chicken wings lah!

Then it all end up at Clarence's house installing his games and then playing Naruto Shippuuden (Narutimate series) Argh.. it's my first time touching the NS series of Narutimate so... a bit rusty as it's my first time playing it lol! I played mine Narutimate 1,2,3 though a lot back when my PS2 were ok.

The countdown of Year 2008 has just begun...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

DōngZhì Festival

Winter Solstice (one of the most important festivals celebrated by Chinese and East Asian people) That's why that until today every month of December 21st... We'll eat tangyuan...

Sweet and tasty =D Chompy feeling when you eat the glutinous rice.. ~.~

+1 Life after eating tangyuan... wakkakaka..

Have a very good Merry Christmas and a good tangyuan day for all asians! =)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hock Lee Arcade

You like arcade games? I'm sure that Sarawak's finest Hock Lee Centre provides these entertainment at the bottom ground floor. Enjoy all the photos I taken and of course played and get some pawnage! Speed car! Initial D Version 4th rocks!
SVC Vs Chaos where Kyo(me) is fighting Balrog and you can notice Kyo's head was moving so fast that you can't see him.

Soul Calibur - a great game for the PS2 on arcade is great but button keypads which is quite broken will cause gamers to face some trouble creating combos. Yeah... played this!

Initial D 3rd stage is very common in arcade places nowadays and still playing!

Takumi's AE86 arrives to sprint to the heaven! xD

House Of The Dead 4...ugh... need a PC Version plz!

Spectating gamers playing Initial D 4th Version and lots of guys are spectators too!

King Of Fighters in SVC Vs Chaos yet again...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sunday's Night Leisure

A friend of mine called Clarence brought me out to have some dinner(which i had the 2nd dinner as my first dinner was like at home? -.-) Clarence and his mom "chia" me to eat lots of quite expensive foods... Owh thanks anyway XD! And also, we did manage to play some games around 9PM till 11:30PM. Hoho... just look at the foods! =x

Fried chicken wings...You like?

The view o.o

You can't imagine how much free drinks paid by my friend's -.- (3 Orange Juice photo coming out!)

Shark Fin Soup... Ummmm yummy with vinegar =x

Fried Noodles, i think cantonese specialty

Okie... that's oyster =x i rarely eat those but still :D

Fried Creamed Crispy Yet Delicious Prawnies o.o (FCCYDP style)

Your normal vegetables on a plate =p but with sauces

Ok... final blow -.- Drank at least 3 drinks of orange juice. Ask Clarence's parent =,= Lol that's just much to take! xD! But i'm all full after that... Overkill!


Jalan Song's Cyber Cafe "Gizmo Gamers" (previous was Ultimate Gamer) is our next destination.... o.o (Lol, i rarely blog at all the time to take all these photos! Just!!! Rare! Rwarr!)
OK, what you see is me setting up some Counter Strike game settings. Yes =p RollsRoyce(my game nick) has just entered the game >_>"

I took a photo of the surroundings when i haven't played any PCs yet =D

Next to my side... DotA! End game i suppose the way you look =D

Owh finally played a old game of Starcraft... Dang! I just noticed by APM (action per minute) was approximately around 97 -102 only -.- But i'm satisfied though... it's like ZOMG 4 years no play =(...

I guess that's it =D wakaka...