Friday, July 31, 2009

OneTJ CS Tournament Day One

OneTJ Counter Strike 1.6 Poster

Yes, the imbalance! Well it's DotA mock cheque prize won by Gizmo Gamer's team mixes last time at Madnet and not CS mock cheque prizes which is for the present OneTJ's. Take for fun... Onto the next!

As OneTJ one of the " Four Marshalls xD but only RoYcE, Daos was in pre-tourney day as JiNG, MeTeoRz didn't arrived" , I was to check around the PC equipments and stuffs to initiate the famous epic FPS game Counter Strike 1.6 ! And I did perform quite good by free-playing at cs_mansion as the lead score with AWP. My usual favourite lah!

Meet one of the local's best teams 5v5 on the road!

Behind the scenes, testing and ready-to-go!

Monday, July 27, 2009

SAMS Cosvention 09

This convention is organized by Boulevard Shopping Mall, and it’s going to be on 25th July 2009 – 2nd August 2009. It will be held in the shopping mall itself.

Date: 25th July 2009 – 2nd August 2009
Venue: Boulevard Shopping Mall
Time: 11:00am – 10:30pm

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pandora Saga

Pandora Saga, set in a fantasy world of medieval Europe which designed in rich graphic texture and details. Enjoy yourself over the PvP challenge and exciting large-scale war among nations. Story based quest with cinematic upon completion of the quest and various sub quest to complete. Features: -Ultimate Fighting System Adopted in medieval warfare, players fight on the field with siege weapons and cavalry, besieging castles. -Epic Battle Pandora Saga is a large-scale PVP war between 3 nation that shows the tactics and strategies of the European Middle Ages. -Multiple Races and Classes Pandora Saga contains of 6reces with unique abilities, 4 basic class which opens the path to 28 advanced classes. -Highly optimized graphics and contents The first ever Japan-made MMORPG with sophisticated 3D graphics.
IGN : RollsRoyce
Job : Myrine

Monday, July 13, 2009

Plants VS Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies sees players placing down different types of plants, each with their own unique offensive or defensive capabilities, across the front lawn, back lawn, and roof of a house in order to stop a horde of zombies from devouring the brains of the residents living inside.

Players can also purchase items and plant upgrades with money dropped by zombies or won by playing these extra modes. The version available through Steam also features 12 achievements.

Credits to Max and IceCutter to feed this game!

RoYcE's Game Rating : 75%

Plants VS Zombies UPDATE!!!
It took me some time to revise this game's strategy. In the end, about 6 to 7 hours required to end this nice defense game.

Friday, July 10, 2009

MyGarena -ARSP DotA Season 1

The game rules from organiser :
- The bracket above will be started at 12 July and end at 17 July. Mean, if you are in the 7pm group, you are recommended to play it at 7pm everyday start from 12 July to 17 July. You get 0 score per game you missed. Check your score at after your game finished.
- The game will be continue if some players dced. The player who dced will get 0 score also. You will only get score if you stay until the throne/tree is destroyed.

It's a nice outcome assuming I have never touched TerrorBlade in 5v5 for many months as my role for competitive DotA at the moment was more focused on Ganking and Supportive role. So in terms of online tournament, I treat it as public play and fix team capability for future. The opponent just lack pretty much teamwork and that goes into our winning advantage further. I might join the online tournament again if the time fits the other day. [DoP]RollsRoyce wishes good luck to other player on different time schedule for matchup!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mcdonald © Malaysia Facebook Contest

Received two complimentary vouchers from McD. Time to start exchanging for burgers then!

The voucher's cost is about USD $ 3.99(RM12) !

Monday, July 6, 2009

Exclusive GTA IV 12" Sticker

Received my parcel containing exclusive GTA IV 12" Sticker worth
US $7.99(RM28)
! Won the particular material from PlayInteractive's caption contest.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Visit DotAZine for more informations on this new magazine published! I'm going for it as well if it's around MPH bookstore etc.